Banished Healer Volume 2 Chapter 19

Guild’s Betrayal


I couldn’t understand what was written on the poster for a moment.
Prohibiting adventurers from entering the labyrinth was the highest penalty in this labyrinth city.
But, if my memory was correct, I didn’t remember committing something that warranted such punishment.
In the first place, I had never committed unjust violence against other adventurers.

「Hahaha, what a nice feeling this is.」

…The voice I could hear from behind was one that didn’t even try to hide they were mocking me who was feeling irritated.

Maybe because I was already irritated, but I felt annoyed by the source of that voice.


However, the moment I turned around and identified the owner of that voice, my irritation vanished.

「Meet again, huh, defect healer.」

The owner of the voice was the leader of the War God’s Greatsword that I fought yesterday, and it came from the reception of the adventurer guild.
Even though he lost completely yesterday, he didn’t feel any fear toward me.

It was obviously suspicious, that was why, seeing his attitude, a certain possibility came to mind.

Normally, one wouldn’t be punished with that as a reason.
However, I couldn’t think of any other reason for this punishment, although I thought it was impossible, I still voiced that possibility.

「…No way, I was accused of doing unjust violence…」

Even when I mentioned that, I still didn’t believe that I would be punished with that as the reason.

I don’t know about other adventurer guilds, but here in the labyrinth city, the guild doesn’t interfere excessively with adventurers’ private fight.
That’s why I didn’t report to the guild that I was attacked by War God’s Greatsword.
It’s a different matter if the adventurer dies, but the adventurer guild won’t get involved otherwise.

Besides, if the adventurer guild interferes in the adventurers’ private fight, the one who should have been punished is War God’s Greatsword as the party that initiated the fight.
In that case, the punishment shouldn’t be as harsh as being banned from entering the labyrinth.

「Ohh, you finally get it? Yes, that’s us.」

However, the words that the leader of their party said with a mixture of ridicule and superiority betrayed my imagination.


Hearing that, I couldn’t hide my agitation.
For a moment, I thought the words he said was just a lie to mock me, I looked around in the hope that someone would deny the words of the man in front of me.


It was then I noticed that the guild staffs were smirking at me.

The guild staffs looking here with a mocking gaze as if their flattering attitude from a few days ago was a lie.
They instead looked at War God’s Greatsword with a flattering gaze.

「…So that’s the deal, huh?」

Seeing their attitude, I understood that the guild staffs had cast me away.

The guild staffs knew that I and Narsena had no intention to become exclusive adventurers.
So they gave up on us early.

And then, to gain the goodwill from War God’s Greatsword, the other exclusive adventurer, they perpetrated this unfairness.

In other words, the ban on entering the labyrinth, which was the highest penalty, was clearly unjustified.
Maybe, War God’s Greatsword asked the guild to take revenge on me, and the guild staff that wanted exclusive adventurers agreed to it.

「…is rotten.」

Understanding that, I no longer able to control my anger.
And so, those words leaked from my mouth.



The words filled with unbridled anger not only shook the leader of War God’s Greatsword who had a certain level of abilities, but also the guild staffs.
Especially, the leader of War God’s Greatsword who once fought me looked visibly panicked, that reaction gave me a hope that the punishment might be lifted if I tried to negotiate in a threatening manner.

「This is the guild’s decision. Needless resistance will only make the situation worse.」


But, my thought was denied from the voice that came from the back of the guild.
While feeling irritated, I turned to the voice, there was one of the guild’s staff, Hanzam, who was previously involved with the matter concerning Wolf of Calamity.
Far from just anger, I sent a gaze filled with killing intent at Hanzam.
However, unlike the other guild staffs, Hanzam didn’t react to my gaze.
I opened my mouth despite becoming more irritated from the lack of reaction from Hanzam.

「This punishment is clearly wrong. The initiator was the other party. I’m willing to write a pledge if you doubt my words.」


Hanzam’s expression changed the instant he heard my words.
That gave me a little hope.
Maybe, he’s willing to listen.

「Ahh, pardon me. Is that head of yours just decoration? That remark you just said would count as needless resistance.」


That hope was the reason I couldn’t immediately respond to what Hanzam just said.

Seconds passed, and when I finally recognized the meaning of what he said, I got an illusion that my vision turned red from the anger.
I clenched my teeth so hard it produced sounds.

However, I didn’t lash my violent emotion at Hanzam.

「…If you are dissatisfied, go to the capital.」

Hanzam couldn’t hide his tension in front of me who was angry.
Still, Hanzam stubbornly kept his eyes on me, that stubbornness made me realize that even if I resist, things would just get worse.

With nowhere to direct my anger, I could only gaze at Hanzam until the end.
As I headed out of the guild, I started to think about this.
Not being able to use the labyrinth as a hunting ground is big not only for me and Narsena but also for the people in the city.
The adventurers that had begun selling the material directly to the city are not able to get the material from Lower Layer
In other words, without me and Narsena, the material from Lower Layer can’t circulate in the city.
No, first of all, I need to tell Narsena about this.

After making that conclusion, I started moving.
However, after walking for a while after leaving the guild, I stopped in a deserted alley.

……Up until now, I’ve been keeping my mind working so I didn’t feel depressed, but I was already at my limit.

In my mind was the necklace I ordered for confessing to Narsena and the days where I sneakily check out houses without Narsena knowing.

「Why, now…」

Words from the feeling I couldn’t endure spilled from my mouth, but there was nobody there to hear it……

After returning, I explained about the labyrinth and apologized, but Narsena didn’t get angry at me.
On the contrary, she apologized for not being aware of the situation.

And it was the same for the people in the city.

They were told we couldn’t put any material in the city anymore, but none of them complained.
They thanked us for what we have done so far and said that complaining to us was barking at the wrong tree.

However, the frustration of the city folks when I told them about this wasn’t completely hidden.


On the way back to the inn, I couldn’t hold back anymore and bit my lips.
The faces of the city folks who were happy that new adventurers showing up came to my mind.
…But, no matter how much I regret it, I can’t do anything anymore.

「…If it’s Zieg-san.」

It was then the figure of the person who could overcome this situation popped in my mind.
I’ll be relying on Zieg-san who has taken care of me all this time again, but now is not the time to hesitate.

A strong light floated in my eyes when I decided to do so.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter but i will stop reading it until there is more chapters there is a lot of cliffhanger (T_T) good thing i read other series you translate i read 🙂

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  2. so they are punishing him for singlehandedly beating their best party… as if they somehow have the ability to enforce that punishment? that doesn’t make sense. especially considering the existence of others that would side with him and the fact that the capital’s guild might take exception. where did they get the balls to do this?


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