Re-Summoned Hero Episode 125

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Making a chance for the attack
Antgar was blown away
Stopped by Sota

「Now, I absolutely need to make a katana, huh……」
Murmured Souta while thinking about Izayoi that had turned into dust. After storing the Dragon Executioner into the dimensional storage, Souta moved toward Dina.
「Dina, are you okay?」
「Yeah, I’m okay. Antgar-san looks fine too. It looks like he’s wearing a good armor, his injury doesn’t seem worse than I expected.」
She said that but Antgar was actually in a state that couldn’t be underestimated, and, despite her injury, she was still prioritizing to heal Antgar first. She got cold sweat on her forehead.

「That’s a relief, but Dina, is your wound okay?」
Although she stood up immediately, she had scratches on her arms and legs from when she was blown away, it bled too.
「Yes, if it’s only this much, I can heal this later… Antgar-san injury is more serious, so I will treat him first.」
Since Antgar was wearing good armor, he avoided fatal injury, but still, his arm was broken and his injury was by no means minor.

「Dina, I’m going to use this on him, back away a little.」
Souta took out a high-grade healing potion and, while he only had a few of this potion, Antgar’s complexion looked bad, so he sprinkled it on him. Normally, oral intake was better as it would spread the potion to the entire body and increased the recovery speed, but since Antgar fainted, he chose to sprinkle the potion on the wound.
The wound was healed within minutes and his complexion became better. After sprinkling the potion, Dina resumed her treatment on Antgar. Since the potion healed the injury on the surface, she focused on treating the non-visible one.

Then, Dina continued the treatment for a while.
「Dina, you can stop now. His condition is stable, on the contrary, it will be a problem if you collapse.」
Only after Souta said that Dina realized that her magic power had run low and she felt unsteady. Souta who had judged she would collapse if she kept going stopped the treatment. She couldn’t afford to notice because she was concentrating on the magic, but when she calmly looked at Antgar’s complexion, she could see he was indeed already stabilized like Souta said.
「Here, I’ve laid down a pelt, so take a break. There is still walking back, in this state, you will quickly collapse just from walking a bit. Also, drink these.」
Souta handed healing and magic potion while urging Dina to take a break.

「Thank you. I’ll take your advice.」
Dina looked really fatigued, as soon as she laid down after drinking the potions, she fell into a peaceful sleep.
「…Already asleep, huh? There seems to be nothing near this area other than those two we just defeat, this place should be safe for a while.」
When Souta put a blanket on Dina, he also put a blanket on Antgar who was also lying down.

While the two were sleeping, Souta stay awoke and kept watch, he also installed barrier stone at the doorway just in case. Hence, there was no sign of monsters that would come into the clearing. Souta began to prepare meals while still keeping his guard up for the surrounding.
He made a fireplace, lit it with fire magic, and then put a pot full of soup on top of it. Sylvan prepared a hearty soup together with a large amount of food.

Souta served the soup in a bowl. The taste was, of course, satisfactory, it also contained a lot of vegetables, so it was nutritious. Maybe it was because of the smell, but Antgar woke up first.
「Ughhh…… Here is…… Hmm? Yo, Souta, good morning. What happened to me?」
The impact from the dragon’s attack and that he had been unconscious until now seemed to put his memories to disorder. He tried to remember it somehow, but even his memory of the battle was vague, he became increasingly more confused because of all the stuff he couldn’t recall.

「Calm down and drink this soup first. Your injury has been healed, but if you don’t take any nutrition, your body won’t last.」
After receiving the soup presented by Souta, Antgar’s stomach rumbled from the nice smell of the soup, only then he realized he was hungry.
「Ohh, thank you for the food. You will tell me what happened, won’t you?」
「Of course, but first, eat and calm yourself down.」
Antgar nodded at Souta’s words and then started sipping the soup.

「Deliciousssssssssss!! The hell is this soup!! This is too good!!」
Immediately after he took a sip, he started screaming.
「Shut up, Dina is still sleeping, so be quiet.」
Souta, while frowning from the loudness of Antgar’s voice, dropped his fist on top of his head and told him to be silent.
「Ughh, m-my bad. But, you don’t need to hit me, your fist is…… wait, Dina is sleeping too, huh? No, more importantly, this soup. What is this? I’ve never eaten something this delicious.」
Antgar let out an apology, complaint, and question one after another in his excitement.

「Hahh, calm down. First of all, the hitting part is inevitable, give it up. Then, Dina, she exhausted her magic to treat you and fell asleep from the fatigue. Say your gratitude to her later okay?」
Listening to that, Antgar looked at Dina’s sleeping face with an apologetic look. However, he didn’t stop drinking the soup while doing this.
「I will thank her later. And then, who made this soup? Is it you, Souta?」
「Really, you…… well, I guess I understand your feeling. This soup is delicious. It was made at the shop I found in the beastkin country I stopped by before coming to this country. My magic bag also has a time stop function, so you can eat it in a fresh state just with a little warming.」
Souta told him the rough answer.

「Heee, beastkin country… So I guess we can’t eat it in this country, huh…… Ahh, second please!」
Antgar cleaned up her bowl in a flash and pushed it out at Souta.
「Yes yes, don’t eat too quickly alright? You just fainted after all.」
Whether he was listening to Souta’s advice, or he listened but just couldn’t hold himself back, but he devoured the soup Souta passed greedily.

「U—nnn. Hmm?…… A-Antgar-san? You look fine now. Thank goodness.」
Dina finally awoke by the time Antgar had finished half of the pot of soup by himself.

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