Banished Healer Volume 2 Chapter 21

The Beginning



Zieg-san reacted with visible surprise on his face, he blinked several times in disbelief.

His reaction was the best proof that he didn’t believe me when I said I wanted to become a world-class adventurer.
Despite his reaction, I didn’t feel annoyed by that.

Because I knew his reaction was a matter of course.

If, instead, someone else told me they wanted to become a world-class adventurer, then I probably would have the same reaction as Zieg-san.
The period I trained under Master and Ronaldo-san was a couple of months.
The experience I had in that short period of time was enough for me to know about their inhumane ability.
For Zieg-san who had spent far more time under those inhumane masters, he knew better of their abilities that he knew I wouldn’t be able to reach them.
Knowing that, I couldn’t blame Zieg-san for reacting like that.

However, he had a big misunderstanding.

「…Zieg-san, I don’t want to be like masters.」

After hearing the words I said to clear the misunderstanding, Zieg-san looked at me with dubiously.
Like he was thinking the hell are you talking about?

「What are you talking about? World-class adventurers are like Raia-san and Master……-!」

But his reaction was only for a moment.
He asked one question after another for my confirmation, but then he stopped abruptly as if he remembered something.
Judging that he noticed his mistake from his expression, I nodded and opened my mouth.

「That’s true, masters are the only one that holds the title of the world-class adventurer, but, the condition to become one is not being as strong as masters.」

Zieg-san’s misunderstanding derived from how the title of world-class adventurer being seen as.
Certainly, there are no other world-class adventurers besides masters, and the title itself is unofficial in the guild.
Because of that, the title of world-class adventurers is now regarded as an alias for masters
That is why the title is equated with masters, and many people think that the condition to become world-class adventurers is to have strength rivaling masters.

「To become a world-class adventurer, no, to be recognized as a world-class adventurer like masters, there is only one exact condition.」

But I knew it was a mistake.
After all, I heard the condition directly from masters.
Recalling the memory of that time, I opened my mouth.

「「Defeat a mutated super-high difficulty monster with only one party.」」

The next moment, our words overlapped.
Yes, that was the minimum requirement to be recognized as a world-class adventurer I directly heard from masters.

「…Ahh, I think the talk about this with Master had come up before, the condition to be recognized as a world-class adventurer.」

Zieg-san closed his eyes as if looking for a distant memory while saying so.
Apparently, unlike Master, Ronaldo-san didn’t make it clear for Zieg-san.
If so, it was natural that he didn’t remember it right away.

「Right, you have defeated a super-high difficulty monster.」

After a while, Zieg-san raised his head and said so while staring at me.
Yes, as a result of good fortune, Narsena and I had passed the line that our Masters called the minimum requirement to become a world-class adventurer.

「Well, I know we won’t become world-class adventurers right away.」

Naturally, even if we meet that requirement, we won’t be immediately recognized as one.
No matter how much masters approve, the general recognition for world-class adventurers is to be on the same level as masters.

「If we can gather achievements by defeating super-high difficulty monsters from here on out, it won’t be difficult to be recognized as world-class adventurers. And then we will gain the achievement of being the fastest adventurer in the Labyrinth City that become world-class adventurers.」

That’s why I want to stay in this Labyrinth City that’s said to have the largest labyrinth.
All are so Narsena’s parents will accept me.
Finally, with me as an intermediary, I wanted Narsena to be accepted by her parents.

「You have thought his far…」

Zieg-san’s eyes widen in astonishment from hearing the enthusiasm in my words.
His gaze on me was filled with no small amount of admiration.
I gazed back at him and opened my mouth.

「It’s not a big deal…… All of this, is just me forcing my selfishness.」

I knew that trying to mend Narsena’s relationship with her parent was just my selfishness.
After all, Narsena never said she wanted to make up with her parents.
And for my plan to succeed, I need to continue as an adventurer.
Adventurers whose life always at risk.

Normally, after saving some amount of money, adventurers would open a shop or went back to the countryside and left the dangerous job that was an adventurer.
That was the ideal of many adventurers, yet I have no plan to stop being an adventurer yet.
It wasn’t that the idea to stop adventuring never crossed my head.
Even now, even if we divided our saving half-and-half, each of us would still have more than what an adventurer could earn in a lifetime.
I probably could play around for the rest of my life.

Despite knowing that, I still decided to spend my time with Narsena as an adventurer.
I knew the way to leave the dangerous life of adventuring and yet I still prioritize my own feeling.
That wasn’t a compliment by any means.

Even so, I still couldn’t control myself.

「Maybe it’s just an illusion from an orphan like me. But, parents are something I’ve always admired.」

I said so while the image of a parent and child I saw in the city from the orphanage floated in my mind.
The director of the orphanage was by no means a good person.
As a reaction to that, I might harbor an illusion about the existence of parents and children. I was aware of it now.
Still, I couldn’t get rid of the ideal image of parents.

「I don’t want Narsena to have a regret regarding her parents. I’m not going to let myself to be the reason for that ever.」

That was why this was done out of my selfishness as this might not be a problem I could step into.
Nevertheless, I decided to keep being an adventurer because I strongly wanted Narsena who had saved me to be happy.

「…It’s just a boring reason, and I just pushing my ideal.」

This was not something I could be proud of.
It was just a matter of revealing my pathetic self who couldn’t control myself.
That was how I saw it.

「…If you already prepared to go that far, then me saying anything would be boorish.」

However, Zieg-san saw my story differently.
With a ferocious smile, he opened his mouth.

「That’s true, normally, I can’t control the authority of the branch manager of this Labyrinth City with my authority. But if I intend to abandon the status of Guild’s Agent, then it’s a different matter.」


After hearing what he said, I let out a stupid-sounding voice.
After a moment, I realized what he was trying to say. I tried to tell him that he doesn’t need to do that.
However, before I could say anything, Zieg-san raised his hand to interrupt me.

「You don’t have to worry, Raust. Just like you, I also do what I want to do for personal reasons. In the first place, I’m not a fan of being in this position.」

On the contrary, Zieg-san laughed, saying that being a normal adventurer would be easier.
As far as I could see, he wasn’t acting either, I had nothing to say to him.
While I was still speechless, Zieg-san opened his mouth with a gentle face.

「Also, it’s about time for Raia-san to arrive here, there is almost no chance I would lose my position as a Guild’s Agent. Well, it’s no use worrying about that.」

He said that with a playful tone, maybe in an attempt to reassure me.
And I felt grateful for his concern.

「Zieg-san, seriously, thank……」

But then, just before my gratitude could come out from my mouth.



Suddenly, a roar and shaking ground stopped me from finishing my words.

The moment the ground shook, Zieg-san and I entered battle state.
It was purely on reflex.

At the moment the ground shook, I could feel hostility strong enough to make me reflexively preparing for battle.
I got a cold sweat on my back and a really bad feeling.

「…Shit, what just happened?」

Zieg-san’s face, who spat that out, also cramped, I knew from that he also felt the hostility.

For a short while, Zieg-san and I glared at the visible door and windows in vigilance against anything that would come attacking, but nothing came.
After deciding we couldn’t just stay here forever, we quickly put on simple equipment that was available in Zieg-san house and then opened the door with caution.

「…Nothing happened?」

However, what we could see outside was the usual scenery, it was like what we felt before was just a joke.
Certainly, people were talking about the previous shaking, but that was it.
There should be something because I felt such hostility, but from what Zieg-san and I could see, there was no threatening presence at all.

For that reason, I lowered my guard for the moment while I looked around and wondering about what happened.

「Are you kidding me……」

「This, human town?」

And it was then I noticed the group.

While they were shaped like humans, they had an atmosphere that was fundamentally different from humans.
I had seen countless of them, there was no way I was mistaken.

However, I couldn’t accept the sight of them standing before me, I was at lost for words.
Because it was something that should never happen.

「Why are there monsters outside the labyrinth!」

The next moment, I screamed.
With a voice that showed my agitation.

「Kill, them all. Massacre, everyone.」

Hearing my shout, the hobgoblin at the front sneered and ordered that.
The hobgoblins behind him started to move in response to his order.

………And then, on this day, Labyrinth City turned into a bloody battlefield.

This should have been released 2 days ago, I have grammarly opened for almost 2 days without me editing the chapter, need to do better with my time management

A couple thing:

Zieg called Ralma as Raia, I don’t know yet if the author changes her name, or it’s part of her full name, Raust always calls her Master, so until either Ralma shows up or Narsena mentioned her name, we won’t know

The hobgobs are talking with full katakana and simple sentence, I’m still unsure whether I should translate that as broken speech like what I do in this chapter, or ReTaRd SpEeCh, tell me what you think is better

The story is picking up, so I will do my best to regularly release translation for this every couple days

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