Re-Summoned Hero Episode 126

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Izayoi shattered
Dina’s frantic treatment
Delicious soup!

「Oh, you are also awake. For now, just take it easy and drink this.」
The just awake Dina sat there, obediently nodded as she accepted the soup and took a sip.
「…It’s delicious. It’s Sylvan-san’s soup, isn’t it?」
Knowing who made the soup from its taste, Dina slowly drank the soup with a smile.

「That’s enough for you, Antgar. You just awake, you’re eating too much.」
Antgar looked at Souta with a pleading gaze as if he hadn’t eaten enough yet, but Souta still confiscated the spoon and bowl in his hands.
He tried to reach out longingly, but Souta already magically cleaned the bowl and spoon and stored them in his bag.
「I’ll feed you again later, so be patient now. I will eat the rest with Dina.」
Souta put the soup in his bowl and began eating.

After Souta and Dina finished eating, Souta started to talk about how Antgar fainted.
「First, Dina created an opportunity to attack the dragon with her magic. You ran closer to attack. The dragon noticed, but Dina’s magic let you get there without any problem. And then you released your attack on that dragon. Do you remember so far?」
Souta described the event step by step to Antgar. As he listened to the story, his memory was gradually put in order.
「Ummm…… Ahhh, now I remember. Indeed, I successfully land my strongest attack at that dragon’s leg…… beyond that……… I don’t remember.」
「It might be natural that you can’t remember after getting hit by such a powerful blow.」
Said Dina while recalling Antgar who was blown of by the dragon’s tail.

「The dragon, after getting hit by your attack, swung its tail to blow you away. And it hit you directly.」
Listening to that, Antgar’s face turned pale.
「You were blown to the wall, but didn’t fall into the magma. And then Dina tried to heal you. Be thankful at her. She was healing you without worrying about her magic power reserve. She was on the verge of collapsing.」
Antgar vigorously turned to Dina and took her hands.
「…So I’m saved because of you? Thank you very much!!」

「Ehh, ummm, it’s not just me, Souta-san too.」
As her hands being swung by Antgar fast enough it felt like sounds coming from it, she looked at Souta to ask for help.
「Ohh right, Souta too, thank you very much!」
This time, he grabbed Souta’s and tried to shook it up and down, but Souta was stronger, so he ended up just twitching his hands with sweat on his forehead and a startled look on his face.
「Don’t make too much noise. We’re still in the mine. We haven’t completed our objective, moreover, both of you are still not fully recovered yet.」
Souta separated his grabbed hands and told him they were still in the dangerous place as he looked around the surrounding.

「Ughh, my bad. It was my first time receiving an attack that scrambled my memories, so I might feel a bit confused.」
After being warned, Antgar realized he was not in his usual tension, he shook his head around to calm himself down.
「Well, I don’t feel any presence of monsters here, so I guess it’s fine. More importantly, can we get the ore we’re looking for here?」
「Ummmm, maybe there are some…… but if you want to get it with certainty, we should go a little deeper.」
After looking over the wall in response to Souta’s question, he suggested going further.

「Let’s listen to the advice from the pro. Should we go further after we rest a little bit more?」
「Let’s see, I’ve recovered quite enough already…… How long has it been since then?」
Dina clenched and unclenched her hands to confirm her condition.
「A few hours I think? You were awake not long after Antgar awake.」
It looked like something popped into Antgar’s mind, he suddenly tapped his palm with his fist.

「By the way, what happened to the dragon in the end? The attack I landed before I got hit by its tail didn’t inflict a fatal wound right? So, which one of you defeated it?」
He remembered he hadn’t heard the outcome of the battle, so he asked the two about it.
「Ohh right…… Pretty sure after you were blown away, Dina immediately tried to run after you to heal you. The dragon tried to let out its breath attack, so I threw Izayoi, fully filled with magic power, at the dragon’s mouth.」
「Did she just tried to do that in the middle of the battle! Moreover, that dragon wanted to release a breath attack! And you stopped that! Say, what happened to that sword?」
In his surprise, he listed the part that surprised him one after another.

「…It was already cracked in the battle with the black knight. The magic inside it reacted with magic from the breath attack and it exploded, turning it into dust.」
This time, not only Antgar, but also Dina was surprised.
「Ehh? Izayoi break? No way…… even though it was something that Raugo-san and Souta-san finally able to make……」
Dina was about to cry from the fact that a memento was now broken and gone.
「It’s fine, what matters is the two of you are safe. If it’s Raugo, he also wouldn’t mind, in fact, I used it to save you, Dina. There is no way he would get angry over that. No, actually he might be angry that I cracked the sword in the previous fight.」
Souta made a joke in the end, but Dina’s expression still cast with shadow.

「Dina, don’t worry. Also, that’s not the only weapon I made with Raugo, there are dozens, hundreds if you count the badly made one.」
In fact, there were so many weapons Souta and Raugo made together, most of which were stored inside dimensional storage. However, only a couple of months passed for Dina since she parted with Souta and his comrades, so she felt sentimental about it.
In Souta’s case, he had spent a couple of years in the earth and had managed to sort out his feeling somewhat, for him, even if he needed to destroy all the weapons in his dimensional storage, as long as it was to save his comrade, this time, Dina and Antgar, he would gladly do so.

「Weapons are just tools. What matters is the one who uses it.」
Antgar muttered those words. Souta and Dina turned to look at him after hearing that.
「That… if I remember correctly…」
Antgar nodded before Dina finished talking.
「It’s phrase often said by my ancestors. No matter how great the weapons, if the user is not good, then they won’t be able to master it. That was what I originally thought the meaning of that phrase was. But I think it should be this instead. Weapons are just tools to help to fight, as long as it’s used to protect the important thing for you, then it doesn’t matter how you use it.」
By receiving another interpretation of the phrase Raugo often spoke from his descendant, before she noticed, her feeling was clearing up.

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