Status Update

I’ve not been translating anything since the last chapter update, currently I’m in the middle of re-learning programming (C#) because there is a mod I want to make for Rimworld, or rather, an add-on to Rimworld of Magic mod, well, I’m kinda done with the learning part and now I’m going to start working on the mod itself, it shouldn’t take long, probably 3-4 days, I will also temporarily drop the project if I can’t get it finished in a week if there is some bugs I can’t fix,

So, next chapter translation will be delayed more, I’m sorry for making you wait, and thank you for waiting (I might or might not publish the mod in steam, probably will only upload the mod to Rimworld of magic discord for testing and that’s it)

One thought on “Status Update

  1. Hello kami-sama

    First thank you for all your hard work up until now.

    Next how are things with the mod going?

    Finally I hope you can come back soon.


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