Re-Summoned Hero Episode 149

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

The two stayed up late
Next is minihuman?
Antgar and his childhood friend

After finishing their meal, Souta and Dina headed to Antgar’s workshop. Once they were near, they could hear the sound of a hammer that resounded from outside. Having familiarized themselves with Antgar’s house, they invited themselves in and went straight to the workshop.
In there was Antgar, working intently. Souta and Dina watched him work for now, but Antgar, having reached a good stopping point, stopped working.
「Good work.」
「Oh, you came? My bad, I was too focused I didn’t notice.」
Unlike before Souta and Dina returned to the inn the other day, Antgar looked somewhat refreshed.
「Don’t worry about it, it’s our fault for coming without warning. More importantly, can we talk over there?」
「Sure, I will wash my hands and face first, you can go ahead.」

Before they went ahead, Souta took out a fifth of dragon iron ore in the bag and put it in the empty space.
「This should be more than enough, right?」
「I think so.」
Dina, who had been watching silently with a smile, was also satisfied by the amount he took out.
「Then, should we wait in the living room?」
「Yes, I will make tea.」

The two moved to the living room and Dina was immediately making tea for three people.
「I kept you waiting.」
Just as Souta was sipping the tea, Antgar came.
「No, don’t worry.」
Antgar also took a seat and drank the tea Dina made.
「It’s delicious」
「I took the liberty of using your tea leaves, is that alright?」
「Ahh, if I can drink tea this good, I’d rather ask you to make it for me from now on.」
Dina smiled at Antgar’s trusting words.

「So, we came here today to talk about our plan forward.」
Antgar noticed his body stiffen for a moment, but recalling the conversation with his childhood friend yesterday, he psyched himself.
「Ou, let me hear it.」
「Both of us were originally based in the City of Adventurer, Tuula. We have been away for a long time, so we’re thinking about returning soon.」
Antgar listened with his eyes closed so as not to miss a single word that Souta said.
「On the way, we will stop by the beastkin’s country, but for now, we will return to Tuula. After that, we plan to go to the minihuman’s settlement.」
「I would like to thank Antgar-san for all your help. The battle with the dragon was a bit of a challenge for both of us, though, fufufu~.」
There, Antgar remembered the battle with the dragon and he looked somewhat bitter.

「When we come to this country again, we will let you know. Thanks to you, Antgar, Yozuki was created. Once again, you have my gratitude, thank you.」
Souta bowed deeply even while sitting.
「No no, raise your head. It’s me who should have thanked you guys for making me able to overcome my slump. While making Yozuki, I was able to forget who I was and focused only on my work as a blacksmith.」
Antgar was honestly grateful to Souta and Dina, the creation of Yozuki gave him confidence.
「I also put aside some dragon iron in your workshop, you can use them as you like.」
「Is that alright? You want to use it too, right?」
「I have enough for myself, so don’t worry, you can use all of them.」
Souta said so then sipped his tea again.

「So, when will you leave? The fact you came to tell me this today means it will be soon, right?」
Antgar asked the question he was most curious about.
「Let’s see, I would like to say today, but……. I want to take it easy today, so maybe tomorrow morning?」
Souta decided this by himself now, so he inquired Dina. Meeting his eyes, Dina gave a spirited nod.
「I don’t mind. We’ve achieved our goal in this country, so taking it easy after we return might be fine too.」
Dina wanted to enjoy her time living in the house in Tuula since she only stayed there for a short time.

「With that said, we just decided we will leave tomorrow. The next time I come, I might need equipment again.」
「Leave it to me! I’m going to experiment with different weapons and armor, I have plans to use dragon iron to make equipment other than weapons too.」
Antgar answered Souta with pride. What Souta just said was something he himself only consider as a casual remark, but for Antgar, after he had the talk with his childhood friend and intended to hone his skills so that he could be useful in his field of expertise, it was heaven-sent.
「That’s encouraging. Well, if things calm down, I’ll drop by again. Until then, I want you to make me some amazing equipment.」
Compared to what he said before, Souta’s words were more passionate, it made Antgar’s body tremble.
「Leave it to me!!!」
His desire to repay the two who had encouraged him as a craftsman made his words even stronger than before, he thumped his chest to express it.

「Fufu~ so reliable. If possible, it would be nice if you could make some light things and accessories I could equip.」
After being told that by smiling Dina, Antgar started to go over various ideas for the equipment that would meet her needs.
「Something like keeping the hardness of dragon iron in a light plate, no, keeping it thin and hard will be difficult. Leaving that aside, accessories…… no, I don’t have the design sense…… no, maybe I can ask for the design from that person, but……」
Antgar immediately entered the craftsman mode as he mumbled. As expected, their time in this country was running short, unable to leave him alone, Dina started cooking. As for Souta, he went to the workshop and started to make some weapons that he thought would be easy to make.

It was about an hour later that Antgar returned from the whirlpool of thought and went to the workshop.
「Finally back, huh? Right now, I just finished making a knife.」
The knife Souta created had a red blade, it was clear at a glance that the knife had the attribute of fire.
「I was thinking about it for about an hour at the most… Did you make this in the meantime?」
「Well, yeah. I cheated a little, but you’re right. Here, want to try holding it?」
Souta turned the handle of the knife toward Antgar.

「This…… it’s well done. You created this in such a short time, but I can’t find any flaw.」
Souta handed over the knife and Antgar checked it over in detail. He couldn’t help but gasp at the smoothness of the knife blade.
「I will give that to you as a parting gift. The next time we meet, make sure you can make something at least on this level. It doesn’t matter how long it takes.」
It was a letter of challenge from Souta. Antgar received it firmly.
「I won’t say I’m making something as good as this, no, I will make something even better!」
Souta smiled at his declaration.

Alright, the translation for the next chapter is not even started yet, I got food poisoning 5 days ago and it was pretty bad, I just started to recover yesterday, just to make sure I’m completely alright, I will wait 2 more days before I start

Just FYI, the reason I can’t translate right now is not that I’m bedridden or anything, I just learned that for people with severe diarrhea problems, gravity is an enemy, sitting down for prolonged time risked me accidentally making a mess on my chair, in fact, that almost happen 3 days ago when I thought I was already fine and wanted to post this chapter (this was posted in Patreon just a couple of days before I got the food poisoning)

My stomach still feels a bit uncomfortable now and my appetite is not as good, but the diarrhea phase is over, so as long as I watch out for what I eat for a couple more days, I should be alright

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