Banished Healer Volume 2 Chapter 37

Escaped Adventurers

—Leader of Wargod’s Greatsword—

「Huhu, Huhahahaha!」

Grassland as far as I can see.
In the middle of that, I couldn’t help but let out a joyful laugh.

If I let my mind wander, I could still vividly remember being humiliated by that abominable defect healer.
With World-class adventurers as a shield, he impeded us, Wargod’s Greatsword, from trying to take command of the adventurers in the labyrinth city, and then kicked me in the crotch, causing me to fall unconscious.
Far from calming down, the anger from that only became strong with time.
However, that anger wasn’t in me right now.

Instead, what dominated my mind right now was my derision toward Raust and the World-class adventurers who were about to go through hell.

Looking behind, sitting on the grassland were the adventurers trying to recover their exhaustion after running from the labyrinth city until now.
The number surely exceeded 500 people.
Moreover, it included adventurers of intermediate level and above who were said to have the highest ability in the labyrinth city.
On top of that, with this amount of escaped adventurers, the strength of the labyrinth city must have been greatly reduced, not to mention the manpower.
It’s true that Raust, Narsena, Zieg, and the World-class adventurers’ abilities are on a different level than other adventurers, but in the end, they still only have one body.
There is a limit to what they can do.

Because of my anger toward Raust, I couldn’t help but feel intense joy in the current state of the labyrinth city.

Alex, a magician and member of Wargod’s Greatsword, spoke from my side.

「That defect healer surely is panicking right now! Right, leader?」

「Ahh, that’s right.」

Alex’s words made my smile even wider.
Just imagining his face turned blue and panicking made me feel happier.
That I can’t see his face is a pity.

「I never thought it would go this smoothly. I was reluctant to take those burdens along, but apparently, that was the correct answer.」

Then, I turned my eyes to the guild employees who were sitting on the ground among the adventurers.
At first, I was reluctant to run away with the guild employees who were just a hindrance.
In the current situation where running away while carrying our comrades was burdensome, bringing along non-combatant was too risky.
However, the guild employees had worked to change our minds.

They were able to persuade so many adventurers to run away without being noticed by Zieg and the others.
Also, it was their idea to make a detour to the grasslands in order to escape the overwhelming physical abilities of Narsena.

With that in mind, bringing along the guild employees was very effective.

「And with guild employees along, even if we bring the monsters to the neighboring town, they will hear our excuse.」

I also understood to some extent how bad it was to escape at this time when the labyrinth runaway was occurring.
In the first place, the labyrinth city’s adventurers, in return for being given more generous benefits compared to the guild from other cities, were obliged to help in the event of an emergency.
Especially as a high-ranking adventurer.

That was why the labyrinth city sought particularly strong adventurers.
All to secure the strength in the event of an emergency, which was when labyrinth runaway occurred.

Currently, we were ignoring the arrangement and running away.
By all right, this was not acceptable.
On the contrary, when we arrived at the neighboring city, because we violated the guild rules, we would just be directly thrown into the prison instead.
However, everything would change if it wasn’t just us who ran away, but guild employees too.
We could make an excuse for running away, which was to help the guild employees escape.

Besides, the guild employees made it a condition to support us even if we enter the neighboring city with monsters on our trail.
This way, no matter what happens, we can’t be harmed.

「Everything is going well.」

I couldn’t hide my excitement at this perfect vision of the future.
I couldn’t stop my mouth from slackening at the thought that my plan allowed me to get through this without getting caught in labyrinth runaway.

For as long as I could remember, labyrinth runaway was supposed to get worse as time went on.
In a situation like that, I had no intention to shut myself inside the labyrinth city.
I mocked Raust and his friends for choosing to stay in the labyrinth city without knowing that.

……Never realizing that my vague knowledge might be wrong.

「…Don’t get too carried away, Azuul. We’re not in the clear yet.」

The one who opened his mouth with a bitter look at me was Louis, a magician and the leader of Spirit of Wind and Fire, a first-class adventuring party like mine.
For a moment, I was peeved from being told that while I was in a good mood.
Nonetheless, Louis was right.

I once again looked at the adventurers behind me.
Considering they numbered more than 30% of the labyrinth city’s adventurers, the fact that we were able to escape with them was something to be proud of.

……Except the number I originally envisioned was closer to a thousand.

「I know. There is only half of the expected number after all.」

I muttered so, and casually looked sideways at the members of Wargod’s Greatsword right next to me.
The warrior and the healer that should’ve been there were nowhere to be seen.
Knocked out by Narsena, they were the first to leave the scene.
They weren’t the only one Narsena knocked out either.

「…At least there were more than fifty people.」

That was the number of the collapsed adventurers I saw when I looked back right before we ran into the grassland.
Remembering that, a chill ran down my spine.
Although the adventurers were devoted to escaping, it didn’t mean they didn’t resist.
Despite this, Narsena knocked out that many people in that short time.

……It was clearly abnormal.

However, the worst of them all in my mind was that World-class adventurer in glasses, the warrior, Ronaldo.

When escaping, knowing how abnormal Raust and his friends were, we never let our guard down.
After Raust and the World-class magician were gone, we also waited until Ronaldo and Armia took a break in the guild before we escaped.
As intended, Armia couldn’t use her magic as a matter of course, while the slow-footed Zieg could only stop a few dozens of escapees.
As far as Ronaldo was concerned, most of us were already away from Adventurer Guild when he appeared.

At that time, we had no doubt that the escape was a perfect success.

And yet, Ronaldo didn’t show any hint of panic.
Instead, he calmly pulled out a greatsword that gave off a strange glow then swung it down at us, despite clearly, he was out of range.

The next moment, while damaging the wall of the nearby houses, the adventurers on the back collapsed, spurting blood.
It was then that I understood that my view of World-class adventurers was still too naive.

That scene was still clearly visible in my mind.
Immediately after that, I was running looking only in front of me as if I was pushed by fear, so I didn’t know what happened after that.
However, inferring from the current situation, many of the adventurers on the back stopped out of fear toward Ronaldo.

……There was a distinct possibility our escape may have been failed if Ronaldo wasn’t taking a break.

I grimaced at the thought.
Immediately, I shook off the abominable memory from my head thinking there was nothing wrong since I was able to run away like this.

However, Louis was not.

「…Say, we shouldn’t have run away, should we?」

His voice trembled as he said that in a volume that didn’t allow other adventurers to overhear him.


I glared at him as his words reminded me of the strong irritation I felt.

Inside, the thought that my decision might have been wrong definitely existed.
Even so, I couldn’t forgive him for saying that.

「Don’t screw around! Are you trying to say I should bow my head to that defect healer!」

The number one reason I decided to get out of the labyrinth city was because I just couldn’t convince myself to be under Raust.
Ostensibly, the World-class adventurers would be in charge, but that didn’t change the fact that Raust would be standing over us.

It was absolutely unacceptable.

「Hey, Louis, you also don’t take well that that defect healer rising in rank quickly, don’t you? If so, don’t get any stupid ideas about going back now.」

And it was the same with Louis, he also wasn’t happy with the healer.
Seeing Raust defeating the mutated hydra, being the timid magician he was, he never confronted Raust openly.
However, he was the same as me in that we didn’t have a good feeling toward Raust, and I used that to persuade him.

「Also, do you think that World-class adventurer, Ronaldo, will forgive us if we come back now?」

「…I guess you’re right.」

At these words, a troubled expression appeared on Louis’s face.
If we return with this amount of fighting prowess, we probably won’t be punished, was what I thought, but I kept that to myself.

「Besides, at our pace, we will reach the next town in four hours. Then our life won’t be at risk anymore. It’s ten thousand times better to run away as it is. Am I not correct?」

And finally, I closed in on his ear and pointed to the adventurers behind.

「…And in case of emergency, we have five hundred decoys.」

At these words, a suspicious glint appeared in Louis’s eyes.
After confirming that, I moved away from him.

「Yes, whatever happens, we will be fine.」

At that time, the anxiety that I felt after talking with Louis had disappeared.
To reassure myself, I muttered to confirm.

「We are absolutely,」

……All the while ridiculing the adventurers who had no idea they weren’t included in the “we” I just said.

But my expression changed to one of worry when something strange occurred in the next moment.

「Hm? What is that?」

「Maybe it’s the guys from the labyrinth city who are after us? No, they come from the wrong direction then…」

The first ones that noticed that were some of the adventurers who were sitting around.
After overhearing the conversation that was lacking in tension, I too, also looked in the direction the adventurers looking at without putting much thought into it.


It was then that I noticed the emergency.

「Everyone, quick! Get ready to move!」

「At this time …!」

At my words, half of the intermediate and above adventurers grasped the situation and began to prepare.
The other half, however, was still stunned, not knowing what happened.

「What are you doing! Get up! Fast!」

I shouted at them.

「——It’s the labyrinth runaway! The monsters are coming!」

……My words caused the blood to drain from the adventurer’s face.

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