Banished Healer Volume 2 Chater 38

Monsters vs Adventurers

—Leader of Wargod’s Greatsword—

「Shit! This is too early!」

A group of monsters could be seen far ahead.
I had to let out a swear as I stared at it coming towards us at an unusual speed.

I hadn’t measured exactly how much time had passed since we left the labyrinth city.
However, considering the distance, it should have been only about 2 hours.

Because of this, there was no way I could imagine that monsters would show up.

「Isn’t the monsters just appeared a short while ago!」

A lich was trying to shoot tactical-class magic toward the labyrinth city, the words Raust said to us were still fresh in my memory.
About the tactical-class magic, I thought he was just exaggerating, but I didn’t think it was a lie when he said a lich appeared.
Our reasoning for running away from the labyrinth city at this timing also with consideration to the information Raust said.
If the monsters just appeared a short while ago, then we should still have some time until the next wave appeared.

If we’re lucky, we might be inside the neighboring town before the monsters show up.

Because that was what I was hoping for, I couldn’t hide my turmoil at the earlier-than-expected appearance of the monsters.
The same was true for others, the adventurers who were preparing in a hurry had a look of impatience on their face and their work was clearly slow.

The sight made me realize.
Running away now would only make the situation worse.

「Why can’t anything go right…!」

I clenched my teeth in irritation.
The adventurers were just a decoy to me.
Still, I wanted to avoid losing them meaninglessly.
I assumed that we would be using the adventurers as bait much later.
I couldn’t afford to lose the decoy in a place like this.
Besides, there was something I couldn’t afford to lose more than the adventurers.

「M-Monsters!? You will protect us, right?」

「If I know this will happen, I should just stay in the labyrinth city…」

The guild employees, completely useless in a sudden emergency, were in an uproar.
They were irritating to look at, but they were absolutely necessary to escape the city.
I made a decision that would create a situation where I could escape with the guild employees.

「Everyone, ready your weapons! We will fight while protecting the one that’s not ready for battle yet!」

Some of the adventurers who had finished preparing grimaced from the order.
However, the adventurers eventually readied up their weapons without saying anything.
Their attitude annoyed me, but this is not the time, I thought as I looked in the direction the monsters coming from.

……It wasn’t long before the monsters became apparent.

Hobgoblins, who were well over a hundred, running this way while raising their warcry.

「Isn’t that too much…!」

At the sight, my face naturally tensed.
We got five hundred adventurers, there was no way we would lose this.
Still, in this situation, where we never know when monsters would appear from the labyrinth, the time wasted could become fatal.
And how much time would it take to deal with this number of monsters in a relaxed manner?

……Worst case, should I leave the adventurers and book it with only my party and the guild employees?

That idea came to my mind, but the approaching monsters interrupted my thought.

The first one to jump at me was the hobgoblin at the head of the group of monsters.


The hobgoblin leaped at me empty-handed with an inhuman voice oozed with murderous intent.
I swung down my greatsword at that hobgoblin like I was taking out my anger on them.

「Getting in my way! Every last of them!」

Instead of crushing the hobgoblin’s head, the sword cleaved its entire body vertically.


The moment I swung down my greatsword, maybe thinking it was their chance, another hobgoblin jumped at me.
However, the attack didn’t hurt my body either.
The armor I wore easily blocked the hobgoblin’s attack, who was empty-handed.


「It doesn’t work!」

I kicked the hobgoblin’s abdomen, which was surprised by the hardness of my armor, with foot protected in hard shoes, and barked at it.
Then, I cut through the hobgoblin, which had stopped moving, with my greatsword.
In response to that, more hobgoblins gathered around me, but the unarmed hobgoblins were no match for me.

A single swing of my greatsword cut through the bodies of multiple hobgoblins, while their attacks were repelled by my armor.
The hobgoblins gradually disappeared from my sight, and before I knew it, I even had time to check the status of the battle.

The adventurers who fought against the hobgoblins weren’t unharmed.
Just from the little I could confirm, there were even some casualties.
Even among the intermediate and above adventurers.

However, the battle situation was not bad at all.

「That’s what you get when you have 500 people.」

Having confirmed that, I laughed.
At the very least, I judged this would allow us to protect the guild employees and the damage to the adventurers was within expectation.


…… But the next moment, my smile froze when I spotted the orcs that appeared from behind the hobgoblins.

Inhabitant of the middle layer of the labyrinth, Orc.
As someone whose hunting ground on the Lower-layer, they weren’t something I need to pay much attention to.

「That’s an orc? Are you shitting me…!」

That common sense was destroyed the moment I saw those orcs.

They were much less numerous compared to the hobgoblins.
There must be no more than fifty people.
Despite this, I instinctively understood.

This group of orcs was much more troublesome compared to the hobgoblins.

At that moment, I reflexively yelled at Louis, the leader of Spirit of Wind and Fire, the same first-class adventurer like me.

「Louis, prioritize killing them first!」

When I shouted, Louis already started chanting to cast magic.
Noticing that, I realized Louis also reached the same judgment as me.

Yes, anyone other than us wouldn’t be a match against those orcs.

Our judgment was correct.
I could hear screams from the group of adventurers who had begun engaging the orcs before us.

「The fuck, is this orc…!」

「Nolz! Open your eyes!」

The battle situation that should have been favorable a moment ago changed in an instant.
Unless somebody stopped the flow, the guild employees could be harmed.


Understanding this clearly, I started running toward the orcs in order to change the situation even just a little.

The magic of Louis and Alex from my party, who was chanting from behind him, was completed just when I reached the orcs.

「Wind spirit!」

「Tree spirit!」

The wind ripped through the bodies of several orcs, and the trees further restricted their movement.
However, the orcs were undaunted by such a degree of magic.

The orcs who were not restricted by the trees ignored us and made their way to the other adventurers.
As for the orcs that movement was restricted, they began to peel off the tree that restricted their movement without breaking their composure.

「That’s not how orc should be!」

In a blink of an eye, more than half of the tree restraint had been stripped off, the sight made Alex scream.
Alex’s attack, which would normally be able to stop an orc for a few minutes, was not working on these orcs.

Even so, even these orcs were still full of openings when they were peeling off the trees.


I was already right in front of the orcs, there was no way I was going to miss the opportunity.
Using my greatsword, I cut off the arm of the orc who was peeling off the trees.


The orc let out a filthy scream as its arm was cut off.
It glared at me with eyes full of fury.
The next moment, the orc stopped peeling off the trees and tried to grab me with its remaining arm.

However, a one-armed attack with restrained movement would never hit me.
I cut off the arm it stretched toward me with my greatsword and laughed.

「Too slow!」


The raging orcs were frothing bubbles from its mouth, the bloodlust I could feel from such an orc was comparable to the Lower-layer’s ogre.
However, an orc who had lost both arms and had its movement restrained was not a match for me.


I slammed my greatsword at the orc’s neck.
For a moment, the momentum of my greatsword weakened from hitting the bone, but with my enhanced physical strength, I forced it through.
I smile triumphantly at the motionless, headless corpse of the orc.



……That was when the other orcs broke through their restraint.

Possibly seeing me as a threat after killing one of its friends, multiple orcs attacked me all at once.


The attack was much faster than I had imagined.
My eyes widened from the attack that was not inferior, or even better to the one from Lower-layer’s ogre.
Still, as someone who was dealing with Lower-layer ogre, it was within what I could handle.

「Don’t underestimate a warrior!」

I used my greatsword to deal with attacks that could be fatal to my body, and my armor to deal with the rest, as I faced multiple orcs.

However, I was hitting my limit.
The orcs were attacking one after another while I was forced to only defense.
The orc distorted its ugly face to mock me.


As if they were convinced of their victory.

Then, the orcs’ attack became more intense.
But even under that circumstance, there was no impatience in my heart.
I calmly dealt with the orcs’ attack.

Indeed, a warrior’s role was an attacker that deal damage to monsters.
However, that wasn’t the only role warrior had.

For a fellow magician to cast magic.
To prevent the attack from going to the ranger.

The most important role of a warrior was to take the monsters’ attack and gain time.
Therefore, I laughed at the orcs.

「Shut up. You are the ones who will lose!」

The orcs grimaced and were about to say something to me who had no leeway.

——However, before the words could be spat out of its mouth, the orc collapsed to its knees.

It was not only that one orc.
Several of the Orcs that had been concentrating on attacking me suddenly fell to the ground in front of me.

「Full of opening.」

Appearing from behind the collapsed orcs were Marsval, the martial artist of Wargod’s Greatsword.
I couldn’t help but smile at the sight of him.

Martial artists couldn’t inherently strengthen their bodies.
Nevertheless, this firepower was the reason why the adventurers favored them.
No matter how good you were as a warrior, there was no way for them to defeat these orcs with a single blow.
However, with martial artists’ skill, they could put you out of combat with a single blow.

That firepower sometimes could change the course of the battle.
Yes, like now.


The sudden collapse of their ilk and Marsval appearing from behind them.
The next moment, the orcs judged Marsval was a threat and turned around to face him.

But that was a bad move that should never be made in any conceivable way.
After all, they just exposed their back to me.

Raising my physical strength to the limit, I shouted and swung my greatsword at the necks of the orcs.


The sideways swing I made with all my strength cleaved through the neck of one orc and stopped in the middle of the second one.

After receiving an attack that should be fatal to a human, the second orc didn’t collapse.
On the contrary, that orc glared at me with angry eyes and raised its arm.


Before it swung down its arm, I let go of my greatsword and retreated far back.
I have a spare dagger, but that won’t deal that much damage to the orcs.
What to do,
hesitation dominated my head.

It was then I heard Alex chanting from behind me.

「Burn everything! Conflagration!」

The next moment, torrential flame passed right over me and clung to the orcs.
When I saw that, I inadvertently smiled.
The magic Alex cast was the strongest magic that had been effective in the past when the party had worked together to defeat a super-high difficulty monster.
No matter how much it mutated, even orcs with extraordinary power must be helpless.
As I expected, the flame burned the orcs.



The charred orcs used up all their strength and died from Alex’s magic.
I made sure none of the orcs that we hadn’t dealt with moved.
After that, I picked my greatsword with its slightly burnt handle.

「This wasn’t a quasi-magic sword, so I have to buy another one…」

For a moment, I was thinking about scolding Alex, but I pushed back that feeling as this was not the time.
Then, I looked around.

Currently, the battle situation was not good at all.
Most of the adventurers below intermediate level couldn’t handle the orcs at all, and many had died.
Still, this was not the worst situation.

「…If this keeps up, the orcs can be subdued safely.」

The fleeing adventurers were unable to put up a good fight and were being killed by the Orcs.
The damage was not small.

However, thanks to the adventurers keeping the orcs occupied, we, the first-class adventurers, were able to repel the orcs steadily.
Although the guild employees were scared, they were unharmed.

「If this is the case, we can escort the guild employees safely.」

I took a breath of relief while watching the parties like Louis and his party, Spirit of Wind and Fire, steadily repelling the orcs.

……But I should have noticed at this time.

In the current situation where so many monsters appeared, it was not strange at all for monsters stronger than orcs to appear.
No, it was stranger if they didn’t appear.

——I noticed that when it was too late.

「…-! What!?」

The ground shook incomparably harder up to now.

In response to that, I looked in the direction where the monsters came, in other words, in the direction of the labyrinth.
Running toward us from that direction was the monsters I should have known well……


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