Banished Healer Volume 2 Chapter 43

Monsters’ Bait


Seeing the change in complexion on the face of the warrior and the healer of War God’s Greatsword, I knew they finally realized their mistake.
Ronaldo-san shouldn’t have been considered the same as any other adventurer.
Ronaldo-san continued with the same calm attitude without addressing the two’s shift in behavior.

「By the way, I forgot to mention, now that a labyrinth runaway is happening, though only temporarily, I have the same authority as the guild’s branch chief.」


Hearing that, the face of the War God’s Greatsword’s members turned even paler.
From the perspective of the healer, he might think now that the branch chief was not around, all he needed to do was persuade the people around for them to be saved.
However, with Ronaldo-san in command, that plan was made under a false premise to begin with.
Though in reality, if Branch Chief Mist showed up, Ronaldo-san position as a temporary commander might change.
However, that had nothing to do with the punishment of the two at present.

「No, I-…」

Deciding he couldn’t let the situation keep progressing as is, the healer tried to say some excuse, but he stopped halfway.
It seemed he couldn’t think of what to say.

Ronaldo-san continued while looking at the healer and warrior duo, now unable to say anything, with his slit eyes.

「In the event of labyrinth runaway, the order of the person in command must be followed. Despite being an adventurer, you broke the mandatory arrangement and disadvantaged the labyrinth city. Are you aware of this?」

「kh-! But, that’s, the branch chief also ran away…」

Ronaldo-san indifferently asked a question to the warrior who tried to make an excuse.

「And so, you abandoned everyone here? Just because the branch chief ran away?」


At that moment, the gaze directed at War God’s Greatsword’s members became colder.
Even the people who until now thought that it would be better to spare them so they could help in the fight glared at them.
Meanwhile, the warrior, finally realized that no matter what he said, he would only add more enemies, shut his mouth, face distorted.
However, that silence only made the situation worse.

「Then, prepare yourself.」

Maybe deciding it was no longer necessary to talk with them who fell silent, Ronaldo-san said that, still with the same expression, and raised his magic sword high up.
Seeing him raising his sword like that, a clear fear appeared on the healer and the warrior’s face
It seemed that they finally understood it now.
That Ronaldo-san pulled out his sword not as a threat, but to kill them.

「W-Wait! Execution of all thing…」

At that moment, for the first time, Ronaldo-san showed a different, ruthless smile and opened his mouth.

「What are you trying to say now after trying to run away to the neighboring town? It’s the rule that it is forbidden to try to flee to a neighboring town when a labyrinth runaway occurs. If you’re going to blame someone, blame yourself for making that stupid decision.」

No matter how they behaved, their death was inevitable.

「But, that…」

The faces of the warrior and the healer who comprehended what Ronaldo-san implied went beyond blue into white.
Even so, unable to accept the fate that awaited him, the warrior shouted in desperation.

「A-Are you really going to kill me!? We are first-class adventurers! The force against the labyrinth runaway will be decreased significantly!」

Answering the desperate shout of the warrior that failed to resonate with anyone, Ronaldo-san just spat quietly.

「With that level of ability?」

It was at that moment Ronaldo-san released intimidation that even surpassed that of super high difficulty monsters despite the same calm expression on his face.

It was only for a moment.
However, that was enough to tell the difference in ability between Ronaldo-san and the War God’s Greatsword.

「In the next life, you’d do well to think things through before acting.」

The next moment, Ronaldo-san swung down his magic sword at the warrior and the healers whose faces were distorted in despair.
At the same time, a blaze erupted from the magic sword, turning the body of the warrior and the healer into ash in an instant.

After that scene, silence prevailed in front of the guild.
Regardless of the adventurers or the ordinary citizens, everyone was overwhelmed by Ronaldo-san’s ability and how strong the magic sword he held was.
The silence that made it seem like the time had stopped was broken by Ronaldo-san who turned toward the bound adventurers.
Toward the tense adventurers, Ronaldo-san asked with a calm face like everything that just happened was a lie.

「All of you too, you’re aware that you have done the same thing as those two, right?」

That question spread despair among those adventurers.
What the captive adventurers held against Ronaldo-san, who easily executed the two members of War God Greatsword, was unmistakably fear.
From the words Ronaldo-san said to those two, the captive adventurers understood that they had done things that they couldn’t complain about even if they were killed.
After carefully checking the adventurers’ expression, Ronaldo-san continued,

「That’s correct, I have the authority to kill all of you. However, the two ringleaders seem to have their way with words, more than I imagined, so you guys may be a victim too— So, let’s give you one more chance.」

The words changed the expression of the adventurers who were trembling in despair.
Ronaldo-san smiled provocatively and shouted at those adventurers.

「Redeem yourselves of your crime in this labyrinth runaway.」

Ronaldo-san’s voice was by no means loud.
However, I noticed it resounded loudly in front of the guild.
Before I knew it, most of the people in front of the guild were holding their tongues and listening to what Ronaldo-san had to say.

「Turn the evaluation of your crime from the people in this labyrinth city with the achievement from the labyrinth runaway, and rise up the rank!」

Ronaldo-san added with a somewhat joyful demeanor.
Those words were no longer directed only at the captive adventurers.
Toward the adventurers in the square who lost their words listening to Ronaldo-san, he continued provocatively.

「Let me tell you one thing. We, world-class adventurers, began from labyrinth runaway.」

In response to his words, was not a cheer from the adventurers.
Instead, their eyes were filled with feverish passion.
There was only one thing in their mind, hope for their future.
There was no doubt they were imagining their own heroic tale that would be bornt from this labyrinth runaway.
After confirming that, Ronaldo-san nodded with satisfaction.
Next, Ronaldo-san turned toward the common people whose faces were red from excitement, probably from getting affected by the adventurers’ heated enthusiasm.
Ronaldo-san bowed to them.

「First of all, I apologize for the reckless behavior of the guild’s branch chief and some of the adventurers.」

The people were shaken, they never thought they would receive an apology from world-class adventurers, whose names were renowned even in the labyrinth city.
Without worrying about their reaction, Ronaldo-san raised his head and continued his words with a smile.

「But there is no need to worry anymore. As long as we, world-class adventurers, are here, I promise that the labyrinth city will be safe.」

From Master, when talking about the danger of labyrinth runaway, I was told that labyrinth runaway was dangerous even to the like of them.
And yet, Ronaldo-san’s bold laugh made me almost believe his words.
Thanks to Ronaldo-san’s attitude, I could feel relief spreading among the city folks who must have felt a little uneasy.
After bowing, the city folks open their mouths in excitement while looking at Ronaldo-san’s back as he began to give instructions to the adventurers.

「I’m really glad that a world-class adventurer came!」

「I know, right? With this, maybe the labyrinth runaway will be…」

Their faces showed a joyful color that was unthinkable a moment ago.

However, in contrast to them, anxiety filled my heart.
Certainly, what Ronaldo-san said sounded good the first you heard it.
Giving a chance to the troublemaker adventurers, sounded like he was showing mercy.

……But in reality, I knew it was the current condition that made even the troublemaker adventurers need to lend their hands like that.

Naturally, adventurers were more likely to flee when a labyrinth runaway occurred, so harsher punishment was expected.
That was the reason for the great authority given to the commander.
The inability to do so spoke more eloquently than anything else about the current labor shortage.
Our fighting forces were so lacking that even adventurers who had committed obvious crimes had to be counted for their combat power.

「If only I notice…」

Being able to make that judgment based on the knowledge I gained from books, I couldn’t help but feel regret.
At least, if I were a little bit more cautious about War God’s Greatsword…
What interrupted my thought was Master’s displeased voice.

「Raust, Narsena, come to the room inside the guild.」

After saying that, Master turned to enter the guild without waiting for our answer.
Before I noticed, Ronaldo-san, who had instructed the other adventurers to untie the captive adventurers, was also entering the guild.
Seeing that, I opened my mouth toward Narsena who was by my side.

「Will we discuss our next move, I wonder?」

「Come to think of it, we haven’t heard anything about the branch chief yet.」

「…Ohh, that’s right.」

Remembering the disappeared elf branch chief, Mist, made me feel even more depressed.
Now that she mention it, because of the commotion caused by the fleeing adventurers, I haven’t been able to explain about that branch chief.
How the heck should I explain it…… While worrying about that, we proceeded deeper into the guild.

「I already mention it before, right? I don’t like that way of doing it.」

It was then that I heard Master’s displeased voice from the guest room where everyone seemed to be.
Wondering what was wrong, we hurriedly entered the room and were greeted by the sight of Master questioning Ronaldo-san, suspicion in her eyes.
Zieg-san and the others seemed to not be aware of the situation as they looked taken aback.
In the middle of all that, Master continued,

「Ronaldo, did you use the fleeing adventurers? ……Using them as decoys for the monsters?」

……What came out of her mouth was something we never could ever imagine.

Long time has passed, so many things happened in between, I was busy until the start of august for the most part, as for why it takes me this long to release any chapter at all, I don’t know why either, translating this feels really slow somehow, think there were a couple of days where I spend a couple hours only to end up getting 5 lines done, started at 10th of august and only done now, maybe it’s a slump, I don’t know, and maybe I’m out of it, I got like 30 lines done just today and that’s like, the most I have done in a day since I started translating this chapter

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  1. Hmm, both times I read the chapter (41?) with the shielded/force-fielded town… it felt a little incongruous that such a strong shield had been prepared (in a short time, too).

    I guess the closing lines here could easily mean that, that shield makes a lot more sense.

    Thank you for the chapters.


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