Re-Summoned Hero Episode 156

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Inside the noisy guild
Called to the Guild Master Room again
Investigation request

「Is this fine?」

Souta checked the contents of one document and signed it. It was the contract for this request. The last time, because the true client of the request was the lord, he put his faith in him, but now that the contract would be with the guild master, a contract would be prepared.

「Yeah, that’s fine. The guild master will provide a magic tool as a reward and Souta-san’s party will go to the forest for investigation. The method of investigation is up to you. If you can find something that leads us to the reason for the outbreak of the monsters, that would be a great result.」

The conditions were quite vague regarding the result, but the guild master’s idea was 「it doesn’t matter what, I need information.」

「Well, wait a few days and you’ll get the results.」

Souta thought it was probably the same situation as when he first came to that forest, and if that was the extent of the problem, he could get the result without any problem.

「As usual, there are no high-ranking adventurers in this town, and the three brothers are in a sorry state. You’re the only one I can rely on.」

Gran’s expression was serious as he bowed his head. That was how big the problem was, and Gran didn’t hesitate to bow his head toward Souta who was thirty years his junior.

「I’ll come to report if I get any results. You get the reward ready.」

「I leave it to you.」


Souta and Dina stood up and left the room. Milfa and Gran bowed while seeing off their backs.

When they went down the stairs back to the first floor, all eyes were gathered on them, they became the focus of attention.

「Souta-san, is everything alright?」

Airi called out to Souta. As it was her who reported to Milfa of Souta’s appearance, she was wandering around behind the counter, restless, after Souta summoned upstairs.

「Oh, I’ve been away from the town for a while, so they just asked me some questions.」

The talk about the request must be kept confidential, so Souta decided to lie and answered so.

「Eh? That’s it?」

Airi felt disappointed by Souta’s answer. The guild master and Milfa had instructed her to report back as soon as Souta returned to the town, so she had been wondering if there was something wrong.

「That’s it. What the hell were you imagining?」

Souta words made Airi feel ashamed of herself for making a fuss all by herself, her cheeks turned red from it.

「Geez, Souta-san! You can’t talk to women that way! She was just worried.」

Dina chided Souta for the way he answered and tried to protect Airi.

「Ahh, my bad. Really, it’s nothing, so don’t worry. Thank you for your concern.」

Souta felt a little awkward after Dina pointed that out, he then apologized and thanked Airi. He was actually thankful that she was worried, but he failed to choose his words properly because he was set on trying to deceive her in his mind.

「N-No no, it’s fine, please don’t worry about it.」

This time, Airi’s face turned red from gratitude, she was so embarrassed she looked down and waved her hands wildly in front of her. The other staff members were smiling as they watched Airi, while the adventurer fans of her were getting worked up.

「Well then, it’s about time we go. I already told Gran this, but I will leave the town again for a bit. It’s not that far, though, this time, so I’ll be back soon.」

Airi looked surprised when she heard Souta would go out of the town again, but once she heard everything Souta had to say, she regained her composure.

「Please be careful, you two. I pray for your safety.」

Having regained her composure, she bowed to them and sent them off.

「Yeah, sorry I make you anxious.」

「Thank you very much. Please excuse us.」

They thanked the bowing Airi and left the Adventurer Guild.

After leaving the guild, they went back home to fetch Ed.

The first time he went to that forest, it took Souta a few days to run there with his entire might. He expected it would take a week or two if they went leisurely with a carriage. Since it was not very practical to go that distance on foot, they decided to take a horse-drawn carriage.

「I’ll leave it to you, Ed. This time, our destination is a forest not that far away. We will need to leave you alone near the forest, will you be alright?」

Ed shook his head to answer Souta’s question and appealed with his eyes not to worry.

「I see, should we go then?」



Dina and Ed replied almost simultaneously to Souta’s words. They exchanged glances with each other and smiled.

The journey was as peaceful as when Souta ran there, making it the most laid-back journey they ever had. At night, they enjoyed the food taken ut from dimensional storage and slept in the Tent of the Sanctuary. This allowed them to travel without straining their body.

A few days over a week, they arrived at the forest.

「It should be here…」

「It looks kinda terrible.」

At the first glance, that forest was clearly disquieting.

When Souta came before, there was only a magic power build-up in one part of the forest. But now, the entire forest seemed to be wrapped in magic essence.

「It looks like the forest on the way to the elven country…」

「Was it like this before?」

Souta answered Dina by shaking his head.

「No, it was a more normal forest. There was a part where it was covered with magic essence, but not this much. What the hell happened?」

Souta couldn’t hide his surprise at the transformation.

「For the time being…… should we enter the forest?」

「It can’t be helped…… Ed, I’ll store the carriage, you can hide nearby.」

Ed nodded and moved away from Souta and Dina and headed toward the grassland beside the road.

「Dina, be prepared to fight at any time.」


Dina took out Undine and Souta also prepared Yazuki.

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