Banished Healer Volume 2 Chapter 47

Mist’s Countermeasure



In response to mist and Hanzam appearing behind me, I reflexively moved my hand close to my dagger.
The fact I didn’t notice him until he said something from behind made me strengthen my grip on my dagger.
Despite the only door into the room being in my field of vision while I was facing forward, I didn’t know when Mist and Hanzam entered the room.
It was as if they had teleported.
It wasn’t just me as the others also had stern looks on their faces.
Only Ronaldo-san had the same calm expression as usual, while Master didn’t even try to hide her displeasure and was glaring at Mist.
Even under Master’s gaze, Mist had his composure with him.

「Isn’t this treatment a bit cruel to someone who works to deal with labyrinth runaway?」

「Shut up. That’s what you get for making an appearance in such bad taste.」

After saying that, Master looked down at Mist’s feet and grimaced.
It was then I noticed that something like a magic circle was engraved there.
The talk about Elf’s installation-type sorcery we had earlier came back to my mind.
Is this installation-type sorcery?
I had such a thought for a moment but immediately denied it.
That magic circle triggered a sense of deja vu in me.
No, it’s not a simple deja vu.
I can’t have mistaken that magic circle.

Master spit out what that magic circle was like she was thrusting reality at me.

「What a shrewd fellow. How many of that magic, no, teleportation circles are there in the guild?」

……Indeed, the magic circle below Mist’s and Hanzam’s feet was a teleportation circle used to enter the labyrinth from the labyrinth city.
It was said that the teleportation circle was created with lost technology a long time ago.
Looking at Mist treating the same thing as if it was a convenient tool made me realize something all over again.
Just how abnormal is this elf?

「No way, to use lost technology so easily…!」

I could hear Laila-san’s dumbfounded voice.
While feeling the shock contained in that voice, I realized,
That teleportation circle conveyed the threat of Mist to Laila-san better than our words could do.

And my perception of Mist’s threat also became stronger.
Seeing the existence of the teleportation circle, I took this to heart once again.
We won’t be able to stay safe if we can be attacked while we’re alone using a teleportation circle.
It might be better to avoid being alone from now on.

It was then that I suddenly heard the sound of someone running closer.
For a moment, I was worried about Mist and Hanzam’s presence, but it was not a problem.
The moment he noticed those footsteps, the magic circle at Mist’s feet shone brightly and then they disappeared.
The sound of the footsteps came closer and closer to the room, then the door was opened with a bang.

The one who opened the door was Marnell.
With a panicked expression, Marnell reported,

「The escaped adventurers! They came back, the surviving members just came back! The super-high difficulty magic beast is approaching fast…」

Because he was in a hurry and losing his composure, his report was not quite coherent.
But what he had conveyed was enough to show that things had gotten worse.

「Super-high difficulty magic beast, you said!」

With a frustrated expression she rarely showed, Master commanded Marnell,

「Guide me to those adventurers. As soon as possible.」


Understanding the brevity of the situation from the expression of the world-class adventurer, Marnell started running and we followed him out of the room.
While chasing after Marnell, Master asked Ronaldo-san with a tense face.

「…Have you ever seen a super-high difficulty magic beast appear on the first day of the labyrinth runaway?」

「Never as far as I know.」

They were indifferent as they were talking.
But there was impatience they couldn’t hide in their voice……

The exhausted adventurer talked about what happened after he left the labyrinth city.

Apparently, about two hours after leaving the labyrinth city, they encountered magic beasts.
Although they put up a good fight at first, their formation was easily broken when the first-class adventurers were defeated by the ogre.
On top of that, as if to add another blow, a super-high difficulty magic beast, Fenrir, appeared.
Seeing this, the leader, Wargod’s Greatsword, ran away to the neighboring town, and the other adventurers followed to chase after them.
Thanks to the magic beast chasing after those adventurers to the neighboring town, this adventurer was able to escape back to the labyrinth city.

After we finished listening to the story, we put the escaped adventurer in jail and gathered in the room again.
However, it wasn’t just Mist who left the room and never returned, Zieg-san and the others also weren’t there.
The escaped adventurers made a fuss in front of the labyrinth city, making the other adventurers find out about the super-high difficulty magic beast.
Because of that, Zieg-san and the others were now calming the other adventurers.

This is the side effect of guild staff also running away.
There’s no one in charge of coordinating the adventurers, that’s why we asked Zieg-san and the others to take charge.
Narsena and I can’t appease the adventurers, and at this rate, Zieg-san and the others will be left in charge of the other adventurers.
Considering they are indispensable fighting forces, it would be best if we don’t waste it on something like this if possible.
We’ll need to think of a countermeasure.

It was Ronaldo-san that brought me back to my sense.

「Hey, Raust. Do you think you can stop Fenrir by yourself?」


My eyes widen at that question.
Stopping super-high difficulty magic beast alone, anyone who heard that would think it was reckless.
……I couldn’t believe Ronaldo-san said those words.
Instinctively, I tried to ask Ronaldo-san what he meant by that, but before I could, Master opened her mouth in anger.

「Don’t be silly Ronaldo. Are you trying to waste our precious fighting force?」

「If we uselessly preserve that fighting force, we’re all going to die.」

「Do you think unreasonable orders such as fighting a super-high difficulty magic beast is a meaningful use of force?」

「No, that’s certainly not the case. If he can’t do that, the labyrinth city will only last for a few days. You know that too, right, Ralma?」


As Master and Ronaldo-san exchanged words with grim expressions, it was when I realized how serious the situation was.
Even my masters couldn’t predict whether I would be able to stop the super-high difficulty magic beast as they had never seen me fight, it was akin to gambling.
Still, this situation is such that we need to bet on that possibility.
That was when I realized that.
……No, I might have understood that all along.
I just couldn’t accept that.


Seeing my unconsciously tightly clenched hand, suddenly, strong anxiety began to assert its presence in my heart.
With that anxiety, I finally realized I unconsciously felt fear.
The current situation was so bad I could accept every outcome with it can’t be helped.

And in order to stop that, I needed to stop a mutated super-high difficulty magic beast.
Understanding that, I tried to open my mouth, but as if to interrupt me, a teleportation circle appeared on the floor not far in front of me.
When I saw that and realized that Mist had returned, I was wondering where he had been until now.
Perhaps Master had the same thought, the moment he appeared, she spat out without hiding her frustration.

「Where have you been all this time? Do you know what the current situation is?」

「Mmm. A mutated Fenrir appeared, right?」

Mist answered that question in an instant, and that angered Master.
It was the same for me.
Mist was so calm it hardly felt like he knew about the current worsening situation.
Looking around at us, Mist started talking while laughing like he took us by surprise.

「Well, for now, you can follow me anyway. This can handle even mutated Fenrir.」

As if reacting to Mist’s words, the teleportation circle at Mist’s feet spread to our feet and began to shine.

「Wha-!? What the hell are you doing!」

Mist closed his eyes and answered Master who suddenly revealed her shock.

「Didn’t I tell you that I’m working to deal with labyrinth runaway?」

Even though it was too late, Master realized Mist knew something that would keep him calm even in a situation like this. She shut her mouth but didn’t even try to hide her displeasure.
Mist nodded in satisfaction to Master’s response and activated the teleportation circle.

「Then, let’s go. ——To activate the wall of the labyrinth city.」

Let me start with the important stuff, I’m pretty sure I mistranslated plenty of things since Mist showed up because I missed how Mist “magic” use different kanji than the usual magic, his is majutsu, while the normal one is mahou, in particular, chapter 46 need plenty of fixes, some simple, some big, also, after checking chapter 46, I realize I need to check chapter 32-35 as well, I might have mistaken the context on who did what, also, just in case, I need to go back from the very start and check if majutsu showed up before they meet Mist or not and fix them too, this would be time-consuming, and hopefully there is not much egregious mistake, especially near the start of the story.

I planned to fix chapter 32-35 and 46 by tomorrow, then do the other chapters check and fix by next week

Now on to the less important stuff, the escaped adventurers that return to the labyrinth city, well, I don’t know if there is only one or if there is multiple, the text never mentioned anything that can be used for clue, it makes more sense if there are multiple, so I go with that assumption, but I mention this just in case there is only one

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