Re-Summoned Hero Episode 167

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Delicious okonomiyaki
Let’s go to the inn
Agitated Gordon, Gordon wants to hear

Souta went to the beastkin country and happened upon Sylvan’s store by chance. He told Gordon that when he first went there, the store was in a slump and it hadn’t changed much when he left beastkin country.
「Hmm, I didn’t know they had opened a store in such a place. Zofi-san must be having a hard time with Aniki’s antics.」
Gordon was 10% worried about his brother, 50% worried and concerned for Zofi, and the remaining 40% was thinking “serve him right” at Sylvan.
「Why are you so roused at Sylvan anyway?」
Souta didn’t understand why Gordon hated Sylvan that much in the first place. Sylvan, whom Souta had met in person, didn’t seem like someone with a bad personality, rather, he felt like he was treated kindly. Also, Sylvan hadn’t shown excessive reaction when Gordon became the topic of the conversation.

「I was always compared to Aniki……」
Gordon began to open up little by little.
Dina thought it would be better if Miri didn’t see her father’s weak side, so she took Miri away from their seat.
「Ever since he was little, Aniki was good at whatever he did, and I was always catching after his back. I was proud of it back then, but wherever I went or whoever I talked to, they always compared me with Aniki.」
Gordon said that as if to vent his anguish.

「Aniki became an adventurer, and so did I because I didn’t want to lose to him, but even there, my skill wasn’t as good as Aniki’s. And so I decided to try my hand at cooking, which I secretly liked. Aniki was an adventurer, and I was a chef, so I thought we wouldn’t be compared anymore.」
「But Sylvan also followed the same path?」
Gordon nodded with a difficult face at Souta’s words.
「Why did your brother follow you?」
Never mind Souta, anyone would wonder why someone who was more successful as an adventurer compared to the B-ranked Gordon, would want to go out of their way to become a less profitable chef, a job Sylvan was unfamiliar with. It was simply unnatural.

「That’s… that seems to be my fault.」
Souta frowned at Gordon’s words.
「What does it mean?」
「In order to become a chef, I was training to cook at a restaurant in the beastkin country’s royal capital. Aniki came to that restaurant to eat. He came to encourage me who was working hard in a different field. And so the head chef instructed me to cook the food and served them to Aniki.」
Gordon spoke while remembering the scene at that time.
「And then, Aniki…」
「Did he insult your cooking?」
Gordon shook his head at Souta’s words.

「He gave me rave reviews. I’ve never eaten something this delicious, he said. Aniki seemed deeply impressed, he was the type of person who doesn’t care about the taste of the food as long as it’s edible, you know? That’s why see? He suddenly stood up from his seat and declared “I’m going to be a chef too!”」
Souta was surprised at the sudden development, leaving his mouth open.
「I was surprised at how quickly Aniki grew from there. It didn’t take long for Aniki, who had never even held a kitchen knife to be able to work as a full-fledged chef.」
Gordon’s face was somewhat proud as he said this, it was clear that he did not simply dislike Sylvan for whatever reason.

「Well, from then on, Aniki and I trained in our respective restaurants and ended up owning our own restaurants.」
After hearing the story up to this point, Souta had a question in mind.
「So, Sylvan can do anything, he also showed his talent in the field of cooking, which is what you’re good at. I understand that much, but I don’t know why you hate him that much.」
This time, Gordon folded his arms at Souta’s words and tilted his head.
「Hmm? I don’t particularly hate Aniki. Rather, I even think it would be a waste to let that talent end in such a remote place.」

「Then, why were you so agitated in response to Sylvan’s name?」
Souta had this question because Gordon’s answer was different from what he expected.
「Ah, so that’s where you get the impression from. It has been a long time since I heard his name, blood rushed to my head. Nostalgia, rivalry, and a bit of jealousy from when I was little mixed together and I couldn’t help but feel excited.」
「That’s it, really?」
There didn’t seem to be the feud that Souta had thought, he was relieved.

「Then, it should be fine if I tell you about that too, right?」
Souta spoke in a way that seemed to imply something.
「After we left the beastkin country, we went to the dwarven country. When I was there, I did many things, but never mind that. Moving forward, we went back to the beastkin country. We went to visit Sylvan’s store again, but…」
Gordon urged Souta who paused there.

「There was a huge line at that time. So much so that people never stopped coming throughout the entire lunch hour.」
「What did you say!!」
Gordon stood up with a rush, the chair he sat on fell backward and made a loud noise.
「Ah, what is it? For now, go sit back on your chair. Once you do, I will serve you the food Sylvan made.」
「You have them!?」
Gordon was surprised and rushed at Souta, but Souta pushed him back with his hand.

「Yes I do, I will take it out, so sit properly.」
「M-My bad. So, what kind of food is it?」
After making sure Gordon was properly seated, Souta took out the food Sylvan made from his magic bag and served it in front of Gordon.
「This is it. It was made when I left in the beastkin country, but it should be no different than the fresh one because I put it in my magic bag.」
「C-Can I?」
Gordon asked after looking back and forth between the food and Souta’s face. Souta nodded silently and made a gesture to urge Gordon to eat.

After receiving permission, Gordon checked the appearance and smell before he brought the food to his mouth.
「…Damn it. It’s delicious.」
A smile appeared on Gordon’s face as he muttered.
From there, he gorged the food, and the plate emptied in no time.

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  1. Well, im caught up to where youve gotten to. Guess ill go away for a decade or so. Thanks for the translation.


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