Re-Summoned Hero Episode 1

『Hi, it’s been a while』
The voice echoes in the wide, white room.
「If you’re here then that means it’s that matter again ?」

『Mhm, I am really sorry. I have to bother you again.』
The voice is apologetic.

「No, don’t worry about it. You’re not directly at fault.」
Despite his lighthearted answer, she’s showing a disheartened expression from being told that she was indirectly at fault.

『It is what the inhabitants of my world did. I can’t stop it without going there. However, I will try to do as much as I can from over here.』
He recalls that he had a hard time before, so he accepts the offer gratefully.
「Specifically speaking, what will you do?」
『Let’s see, I’ll return your status to the time before you were repatriated. It will be tough if you start over from the beginning. Ahhh, I will also return your money and equipment. If there is anything else that you would like, I can grant them as long as it’s within the range of my abilities.』

He thinks for at least five minutes.
「Last time, I was troubled with my repatriation, could you make it so that the repatriation can’t be done without both sides’ permission? With regards to skills, I would like you to give me concealment and appraisal raised to their highest level. And finally, could you tell me where I’m being summoned?」
『Fumufumu … is that it? Don’t you have any other desires…, And here I was ready to listen to something unreasonable. Are you sure you don’t want me to increase your stats a hundredfold?』
「If I gained such power suddenly … I wouldn’t be able to control it, and even if I could, wouldn’t it make everything become boring?」
『Would it really be such a disadvantage? Ohhh well, let’s go with your request then. The repatriation is simple enough, as for the skill …you can afford those two, but while we’re here let’s also give a skill that makes it easier to learn other skills. On top of that I will also make it possible to increase their growth rate.』

「Oi oi, to do such a thing …」

『It’s fine! I need to do this much for you at very least. Besides, if they’re easier to grow, won’t it be more interesting? 』
The word interesting wouldn’t be so effective had he not used the word boring.
「Yeah, I suppose … Actually, now that I think of it, could you please make sure that nothing like the Hero title or something in that vein for my occupation appears in my status? I want to live as an adventurer this time.」

『Okayyy~. You also asked about where you are being summoned, right? Well you are being summoned by a group centered on the princess of a certain kingdom, which is located in the central part of the continent. As for the purpose well … It’s just a hero summoning, most likely to gain some war potential against the demons. Oh, no need to worry, you have actually been summoned alongside four other people who are also supposed to be the heroes. You just got dragged into it.』

He feels momentary joy hearing that remark, bit it makes him start to think about something.
『Have you realized something ? 』
「… The summoning … Was I involved in their summoning or were they involved in mine?」
『Well, you see, you just … happened to be close by when those four were summoned, and because of your magical power, the scope of magic increased and somehow you got brought along.』
「So they were the aim of the summoning, which means that I am the irregularity. Oh well, not that it matters to me, seeing as I wanted to go back to that world again.」

『Ummmm, I’m glad you are convinced, but there is something I haven’t told you yet.』
「…What is it ?」
『Well the world you see, it has been about a thousand years since you were first summoned .』
「Haa, a thousand years … That is unexpected …. Hahaha …」
『I’m not sure whether this will console you, but seeing as there will be no one who knows you, it will be easier to live freely. Although if someone is knowledgeable, they might recognize you from your face or name.』
「Yeah … I guess … It’s convenient in that regard for living freely … Tell me, is there any notable difference in the strength of adventurers, given the amount of time that passed? 」
『There is very little difference. An A-rank adventurer from your previous summoning would have around the same strength as the A-rank of this era. With your abilities, you will soon be over rank S. 』

「If that’s the case, then I can still make a living.」
『Say … Is there anything else you would like to ask?』
「No, that’s enough, if I ask too much it won’t be interesting anymore.」
She looks at him while seemingly showing reluctance to say goodbye.
『I suppose that this is goodbye then. I hope that you will have a better experience this time.』
「You were a big help, thank you.」
As the two exchange some last words, his body gradually became thinner as the summoning restarts.

『Please enjoy the world.』
Mutters the goddess who was left alone in that empty space…….

t/n: retranslate just because

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  1. Oooh~ Am I the first to comment? Meh, maybe not. Who knows?
    Anyway, this seems pretty interesting so I’ll definitely be following this story.



  2. Ooo! Someone found this! … … … I already read the raws with him as MC though (the other summoned POV is still being written) T_T

    For anyone who is wondering if this is going to be a good read: It will be. Just be careful of the translators mistakes, like himself and her being pointer at the same person…

    Where was I… Ah yes… This will be a interesting read. He really goes and enjoys the other world. No Harem. OP MC. He never gets in touch with the other 4 after the summoning. There are some plot twists, there are some tears to be shed, but all in all, it’s a good story!

    Cheers TL for finding this.


    1. can you elaborate the herself and him part?
      also you’re welcome, yeah, i just found it while strolling around on the net, and then, “what? wtf? is this deja vu? (because wordmaster and return of the former hero)”
      well i just read 2 chapter so far, and i decide to do this one


      1. “I’m trying to say it lightheartedly, The person himself slightly collapses her facial expression because it is told indirectly that it is bad.” Either you need a slight re-write, or I’m losing it.


    2. ahhh, yeah, i leave it when i edit it because i found bigger error just below that sentence, and i forget to come back, thanks for pointing that out,
      also somehow after i reread it again i realize it still need some editing, guess i miss it because i’m to focused on the japanese phrase


  3. Hey there, I have done a rewritten / heavily edited version of your translation

    If your interested in it, PM “Naze” on NUF

    In anycase thank you for the chapter.


  4. Just found this novel, and i already love the writing style.
    Here is to having a decent read today, and for the coming months until it is fully translated!
    Thanks for the translation~ ❤


  5. 2019? Guys? Been looking for a novel with adventure, transported/reincarnated, sword and magic theme. The most important one is the mc is free. Not some lord building a country or an adventurer that always return to the same town in every other chapter. Well, hope this one would be good


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