Re-Summoned Hero Episode 2

The dazzling light which filled the room gradually weakened, revealing at it’s center, a magic formation on which five individuals, still dressed in their school uniforms, stood.

「What the heck happened ! 」 Exclaimed 『Minamiyama Daiki』,

「Why are we in such a place? Where is this place…U~u?」 asked 『Kasai Haruna』 sheepishly.

「I was in the classroom, wh-wha…?」 『Kitagawa Touko』 was still stuned by what had just transpired.

「Who are you?! Where is this place?!」 Asked 『Shinonome Aki』 with clear anger in her voice.

Minamiya Daiki, was one of the two males of the group, he was tall and well built for his age, on top of that he was blessed with a featured face and long light brown hair.

Kitagawa Touko, also had long hair, hers was black however. The only other noteworthy thing about her was the fact that she had a paperback book in her left hand.

As for Kasai Haruna, she was a girl whose childish face did not suit her body, which wasn’t helped by the fact that her brown hair was held up with a ribbon.

Shinonome Aki, to put it simply was a short haired, and sporty featured girl, she did have a sharp gaze though.

The four of them, were displaying signs of hostility mainly due to the fact that they were still confused.
No confusion could be seen from the fifth individual, who instead was trying to initiate the conversation quickly by sending glances to the girl wearing a dress who was situated on the other side of magic formation.

Surrounding the girl in the dress, there was several other girls,who wore robes, and behind them stood knights cladded in armor. None of them could hide their surprise.

「Hime-sama, it’s a success! As expected of Hime-sama!」
「It really succeeded ….」
「As expected of Hime-sama!」
「Not only that, look there are 5 people!」

The reason why so many people were either rejoicing or were simply dumbfounded was due to the fact that the probability of a succesful summoning was low, and a group summoning even lower.

Feeling that the situation wasn’t going anywhere, the fifth person decided to speak up.
「I apologise for disturbing your happy moment, but could you people explain what happened? We were swallowed by a light, and now we find ourselves here, I for one do not know where this place is.」said 『Konoe Souta』

Amongst the five people, Souta was the one who had the most grown up face, his hair was short and black. His frame slender but at the same time muscled.

Souta’s remark took them by surprise. The other four, who were still confused by the events turned towards the one’s who were startled by the interruption.
「I-i apologize, dear heroes-sama, I am the second princess of the Kingdom of the Addinal, Elizabeth Von Addinal.」
Having said that, Elizabeth gave a refined bow. 『Minamiyama Daiki』 was entranced by her appearance and was poked by the three females for gawking.

「This world is different from the world that you come from. It is called 『Halderia』. You all have been brought to this world, in this time of need, because of the hero summoning magic that I used. I ask this of you, please save us.」

「Wait just a moment, you called us heroes a little while ago, but we are just ordinary people, just students who do not have special powers.」
The girls nodded in agreement with Daiki’s statement.
「You’re asking us to save you, but we’re not able to do that!」
「Yeah yeah!」

Don, Sharan!

A staff hit the floor loudly. There stood a man dressed in priest robes next to Elizabeth. The four began to tremble in fear and stopped stalking.
「Please be quiet, you are in the presence of the princess.」
「It’s fine, I summoned them for the sake of our convenience, it’s only natural that they would be confused by being brought here all of a sudden.」
The blood no longer rushing to their heads, those four quickly regained their composure thanks to the kindness shown by the princess.
「I understand you not feeling at ease, but please, please listen to our story.」

They look at each other and nod to these words, Daiki urged them to resume on behalf of his company.
「Sorry to have interrupted you. Please tell us the whole story.」
She finished smiling and showed a more tight expression as she began talking.
「It may actually be faster for you to see it rather than have me give you an explanation, could you recite 『status open』 while picturing your own strength?」

「「「「「Status Open」」」」」

The five of them recited in unision and before them appeared plates filled with letters and numbers.
「Please check the contents written on there first.」
And so they did, but they still tilted their heads not knowing what was written implied.

「For reference, normally a knight would have one skill, at most two. Skill level are only about 3 on average seing that it is rather difficult to raise it beyond. Level four is known as advanced level, which seldom a few S ranked adventurers or state knights and magicians possess.」

Having listened to the princess’s explanation, they start to review the contents of their plates again.

「is this……」
「Did you mean …?」
「No way … …」
「this is……」

The four then said in unison
「「「「It’s awfully strong !!」」」」
Name: Minamiyama Daiki
Status: Normal
Gender: Male
Title: Hero, Summoned Person
Occupation: Holy Knight
Level: 1
Magic: Light Magic 5
Skills: One Handed Sword 6, Body Technique 5, Skill Growth Rate UP
Unique Skill: Evil Severing Sword
Divine Protection: Light God’s Protection
Name: Kasai Haruna
Status: Normal
Gender: Female
Title: Hero, Summoned Person
Occupation: Saint
Level: 1
Magic: Healing Magic 7, Spirit Magic 4, Strengthening Magic 5
Skills: Body Technique 2, Skill Growth Rate UP
Unique Skill: Sacred Barrier
Divine Protection: Light God’s Protection
Name: Kitagawa Touko
Status: Normal
Gender: Female
Title: Hero, Summoned Person, Loved by Spirits
Occupation: Sage
Level: 1
Magic: Fire Magic 6, Water Magic 6, Wind Magic 6, Earth Magic 6, Light Magic 6, Dark Magic 6, Thunder Magic 6
Skill: Body Technique 3, MP Consumption Reduction 4, Skill Growth Rate UP
Unique skill: Evil Destroying Magic
Divine Protection: Fire Spirit Protection, Water Spirit Protection, Wind Spirit Protection, Earth Spirit Protection
Name: Shinonome Aki
Status: Normal
Gender: Female
Title: Hero, Summoned Person
Occupation: Magic Swordsman
Level: 1
Magic: Fire Magic 3, Water Magic 3, Wind Magic 3, Earth Magic 3, Thunder Magic 4
Skills: Magic Sword 7, One Handed Sword 5, Body Technique 5, Skill Growth Up
Unique skill: Magic Sword Creation
Divine Protection: Sword God Protection
Name: Konoe Souta
Status: Optimizing
Gender: Male
Title: Person Dragged in a Summon 【Limit Breaker, One Who Reach Extrimity, One Who Loved by a God】
Occupation: Swordsman [Samurai, Blacksmith, Alchemist, Great Mage]
Level: 1 【150】
Magic: None 【Attribute Magic 8, Life Magic 8, Dragon Magic 8, Space Magic 7, Enchant Magic 8】
Skill: Swords Technique 3 【Sword Art 9, Body Technique 9, Appraisal EX, Concealment EX, Smithing 10, Alchemy 10, Skill Acquisition Rate UP Large, Skill Growth Rate UP Large, MP Consumption Reduction 8
Unique skill: None 【****】
Divine Protection: None 【Goddess Ishrina’s Protection, Dragon God’s Protection, Smithing God’s Protection, Magic God’s protection, War God’s protection, Katana God’s Protection]

A/n: What is displayed with 【】 is hidden by the concealment skill
(Oi oi, you said that my status would be returned to that before I was sent back, but why do I not recognize some parts of it! Besides, What do you mean by Optimizing!?)

「It is said that summoned hero have extraordinary power without exception.」
It could be seen from their faces that they were satisfied.
「We clearly seem to have the ability to fight, but what on earth are we going to fight?」
「The one who will explain that is my father, the King, he is in the hall, so please follow us.」

Without waiting for any objection, she turned around and left the room. The fear that the four had shown with regards to the possibility of battle had long dissapeared and was replaced by excitement and curiosity about their new abilities and special powers.

While the group of four people were excitedly talking about their new powers as they walked down the coridoor, Souta on the otherhand was lost in thought.

· Those four people were puzzled by the summoning, did they not meet with the goddess?
· My status has been being strengthened far too much
· How to get out of here

(These three things are bothering me. The first one isn’t a problem worth worrying about. But looking at their reactions, I wonder if their memories regarding that has been erased or not.)

(As for status change, it’s a physical body modification that is either due to summoning magic itself, it could also be the handiwork of the goddess I suppose ; maybe the status I remember having is wrong. What really is frustrating about this is the uncertainity, especially regarding the “optimization” of my status.)

The third dilemna however was the priority for Souta.
Already the life of a hero is often a strict one, which leaves the hero feeling imprisoned and constantly watched. But during his previous summoning, some people had sought to use Souta to futher their own agendas and he had already felt similar signs coming from those around the princess.

(That is why I have to get out soon.)

While he was thinking, they finally arrived at the hall where the king was waiting.
Elizabeth glanced with the guard at the entrance, and the door opened with a voice calling out to them.

「Second Princess Elizabeth, as well as the heroes!」

A red carpet was laid across the center of the room with the knights standing side by side on the left and right of it, the carpet also covered the steps leading towards to throne. On the steps stood a priest and further back stood people dressed in noble attire. On the throne itself was sat the King.
When asked about their image of a king, many would describe an elderly man, often wise with long grey beards. This king was nothing like those, not only was he full of youth, but his eyes were filled with incredible vitality. He did have a long beard, but his was the same golden colour as Elizabeth’s hair ,which he was stroking waiting for the arrivals to come before him.

Elizabeth proceed to the center, stopped walking and then knelt down. As did the five others
「Elizabeth von Addinal, and five heros have come before you.」

「Fumu, so you are the heros who were summoned by oneself, rise and be at ease, the same for you princess.」
With those words Elizabeth looked up and then stood up, the five heroes mimicked her mouvement.

「Minister, the usual if you please.」
A somewhat wide male who was stood the closest to the king walked towards the heroes with his servants, and gave each heroes a sort of stone board.
「I believe that the princess already told how to view your status, please do so again while holding these boards」

As they were instructed, the five people recited 「「「「「Status Open」」」」」.
This time, instead of the status plate appearing infront of them, the content of the status plate was projected onto the lithograph.
The minister confirmed that the status’ were inscribed, then he took the stone tablets from the heroes and gave them to the king.

「Fumu, as I expected, no it’s more than I expected.」
The king smiled.

「Oneself is named Gauss Von Addinal, the king of this Kingdom, Addinal, and who is the one whom ordered the summoning, bringing you here to lend me your strength.」
「Well, Elizabeth has already told us a bit, but I would like you to explain something to us…. What on earth are we supposed to do?」

The nobles were enraged by Daiki’s statement.
「How dare you, use that manner of speech when addressing the king! You do not even have permission to speak !!」

Gauss silenced the nobles with his gaze.
「Good, the heroes, our hope against the demonic forces, have come from far away, to cause a scene from such trivialities is blasphemous.」
Having said that, he returned his focus to the five people.

「My people were rude to you, please forgive them on my behalf. As for what you are supposed to do, in this world there are demons, and they threaten the existence of humankind. In the past, the Demon King was killed, but now a new one has been born and is currently strengthening itself. Our kingdom has survived up till now by sacrificing many, but the strength of the Demon King is formidable as is that of his kind.」

「So that means you want me to kill that Demon King.」
The king nodded to Aki’s remark.
「Umu, that said you won’t be doing it alone, we will be assisting you in improving your strength, on top of that, we will give you a reward once the Demon King is subdued.」
「Is there any way to go back to our original world?」
The question was answered by the Minister.

「Allow me to explain, it is said that the method of repatriation is in the Demon Kingdom’s library. If you are able to subdue the Demon King, you will then be able to investigate their archives, and have your wish granted. It can be seen as if the heroes have to grant their own wish instead of us rewarding them.」

「Either way, I guess I have to defeat the Demon King, … everyone, I think I will do it, I can help those in trouble, and we can return to the original world. More than anything, we have the power to fight. Two birds with one stone, because we also get the rewards, it is one stone three birds!」
Haruna, Touko, and Aki wore amazed expression and resigned themselves having heard what Daiki had said.

「If Dai-kun says so, then I guess that there is no choice.」
「 As if the Hero of Justice Daiki could be stopped to begin with.」
「I would like to try this power out, I hope I can make use of it.」

The princesses who saw their eagerness gave a broad smile.
「Thank you! With this our country can be saved.」
「Is that so, then Let’s do it! Please minister, give us the detailed story. 」

Swiftly everyone became engrossed in the conversation, becoming more and more excited, but all of the sudden some words were uttered that could be compared to throwing cold water on them.




「err~, can I pass? I’m not a hero.」

T/n : Souta and aki both have sword god protection, but aki using kanji for sword as in dual edged sword, while souta using kanji for single edged one, i choose katana god for souta because he have samurai occupation.

for body technique, it’s actually taijutsu, i prefer body technique, but let me hear your opinion

also i will start next chapter in 24 hours, expect next chapter finish in 3 days,

please help me by comment if you find any typo or grammar mistake, or you just want to suggest better flowing sentences

ohh yeah, no spoiler please for raw reader, not if it doesn’t concern future chapter translation, as i just read ahead 2-3 chapters

Ps : imo hero(lol) here is better than hero(lol) from wordmaster,  and, the thing in status might change in the future

Credit to Naze from novelupdate

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