Re-Summoned Hero Episode 22

「Yeah, it’s okay. Also, I have a carriage. Do you have stables or something? 」
「In that case, I will guide you because it’s behind the inn.」
Without waiting for a reply, Miri takes Souta’s hand and goes out.

「Wahhh! Is this Souta’s horse-drawn carriage? Horse-san is so big! 」
Miri tries to stroke Edward. She went out of the inn with Souta and holds no hostility, so Edward doesn’t resist and obediently stays still.
Souta notices that and also strokes Edward.

「Now then, can you guide me?」
「Aahh, yes, I’m sorry. Come this way.」
Remembering she was in the middle of guiding Souta, she stops and heads toward the back of the inn.

「There is a carriage storage inside, may I ask you to leave it there? Now, I will open the lock.」
She takes out the stable key from her pocket and then opens the door. There are already a few carriages there.
「Please put your carriage next to the one there. Once placed, horse-san can go to the stall over there.」
Souta moves the carriage to the place instructed by Miri and removes the carriage from Edward.

There are several other animals in the stalls. Edward is taken to one of the vacant stalls.
「Ahh, we charge one silver coin per day per horse. The foods are common one, but we offer three meals a day unless otherwise specified.」
「He already ate in the morning and afternoon. I’ll leave the evening meal to you. Should I pay the fee to the receptionist? 」
「From evening, then. I understand. Please give the money to my mother.」

「Well then, Edward, I’m going to the inn, so don’t make a racket.」
Edward snorts, appearing vexed.
「Fine, fine, see you tomorrow then.」
Edward obediently nods.
「Ed-kun is it … Amazing, it’s like Souta-san and Ed-kun are having a proper conversation.」

Edward, who seems to like having his name abbreviated, approaches Miri.
「Awawa, do you feel happy somehow? Ed-kun, I’m Miri, best regards! 」
Miri says that while stroking Ed’s head.
「It’s great that you’re able to get along. Since I have something to do, I’ll go ahead.」
「Ah, yes. I will return after I see the conditions of other horses.」

Souta goes around the inn, back to the entrance. Milfana welcomes him when he goes to the reception table.
「Souta-san, welcome back. Have you put away your carriage? 」
「Yeah, it’ll be for two days, same as how long I’m staying. Is it two silver coins? 」
Souta takes out the silver coins while confirming the amount.
「…… It’s the right amount. If it seems that it will be extended, it will be fine if you say it by the day after tomorrow morning.」
「Well then, I’m going out for now. Please take care of my carriage.」
「Yes, be careful.」
Milfana bows and sees Souta out with a smile.

Upon leaving the inn, Souta walks toward the alchemist shop.
In the store, there are various physical strength recovery potions and magical recovery potions on display to set the atmosphere.
To prevent the medicines from deteriorating due to sunlight, most of the potions have their content replaced with water to just be decorations.
When Souta goes inside, the bell on the door rings.

「Welcome. If there’s anything you need, we will prepare it.」
Says the clerk behind the counter. She has pink hair and small pointed ears.
「No, I don’t want any goods. I want to borrow your equipment. There’s something I want to make.」
「Ehh? Umm … I need to ask my grandmother for that. By the way, what do you want to make?」
She asks while tilting her head.

「That is… … I’ll tell your grandma if I can borrow it. Try asking her for the time being.」
「… I understand, please wait a moment.」
She doesn’t look convinced, but still enters the store to ask.

Souta waits while looking at the genuine potions that are showcased, the ones that didn’t have their content replaced with water. After a while, a woman comes from the back.
She wears a robe and has blonde hair that’s tied behind her. Her face is one that would have 10 out of 10 people say it’s beautiful.
「So it’s you? The one who wants to borrow our equipment.」
「Yes, but … who are you?」
From behind the woman, the previous clerk appears.
「This is my grandmother I mentioned before.」

Souta is stunned. Normally the word grandmother is associated with old women.
「G-Grandmother? You look so young to me, but … … those ears, an elf? 」
It’s obvious when looking at her ears, but it takes Souta a while to notice because he was perplexed by the discrepancy between words, imagination and reality.

「I am Carenalien, the grandmother of this girl. Call me Carena.」
「I am Elmia, please treat me well.」
Elves are long-lived. Their aging drastically slows after reaching adulthood. They need to be quite old to look like Carena.

「I’m Souta, an adventurer. I already said this to Elmia before, but I want to borrow your alchemy equipment because there’s something I want to create.」
「I will decide to let you borrow it or not after I hear your story. I will refuse if you just want to make a potion.」
Souta hesitates to say it.
「…… Can you promise me you won’t tell anyone? It’ll be troublesome if the information spreads.」
「Be relieved, I am tight-lipped. Of course, this girl is too.」
Elves don’t disclose secrets and keep their promise by nature, so Souta believes her words.
Most elves he has met so far have a sense of obligation to keep secrets.

「I can’t say the reason, but I want to make ambrosia for Stone Fever.」
The two who heard that are surprised, and the store turns quiet. The sound of the hustle and bustle outside of the store could be heard inside.
「…That surprised me. You mean that ambrosia that you need materials from a dragon to create? It may sound rude, but you don’t look like you have such a thing.」
Elmia also nods many times.
「Now, now, don’t judge people just by their appearance. For now, the materials are complete … I think. I also know how to make it … probably.」
Carena is amazed.
「What’s with that, so unreliable… I understand, we will lend you the equipment and even the wisdom you lack.」
「Is it okay?」

Carena pushes out her chest and strikes it. Those breasts that are not of the size of what elven breasts should be shake greatly.
「Leave it up to me, this medicine is for the lord’s granddaughter, Elina-jou’s Stone Fever, isn’t it? I also want her to recover. I will lend you the equipment free of charge, of course. Follow me.」
Uttering reliable words, Carena heads to the back of the store with Souta.

They enter a large room with various instruments installed.

t/n: first female character with big boobs? carena is probably the blonde woman on volume 1 cover, also where is our heroine, don’t tell me it’s going to be like legend, heroine enter after 50 chapter in, even though there are plenty of women interested with the MC,

also sorry it’s late, mainly because i finish this late, i still give enough time for editor and proofreader to finish, but sadly it’s not perfect world where everything is according to my schedule

e/n: Real life and business struck, so I started editing this project late. Throw all the blame on meeeeee.

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22 thoughts on “Re-Summoned Hero Episode 22

  1. I thought the heroine was the silver/white dragon from the before?
    since there is a white dragon on the cover page with the heroine with white hair at the back I thought that the dragon will transform into the white haired heroine


    1. considering there are some different between LN and WN, that blue haired woman is definitely an elf (and souta is close to elves for some reason) and maybe just a coincidence that dragon have same color with her, well we are close to the end of volume 1 story wise, and most character on LN not showed up yet, so either volume 1 is far from finish (this entire dragon killing is just 2 chapter for example), or there are that big difference between them


    1. oh this is interesting, I was talking with a friend about who that blue-haired girl is today.

      —Highest to lowest, left to right

      Souta, Dinarius, Carenalien
      Daiki, Haruna, Aki, Touko (The four summoned heroes)
      Soredia, Bareze

      Potentially inaccurate romanization of Dinarius, Soredia, and Bareze, but ey, close enough I guess


    2. So that’s what the four heroes look like.

      On the contrary, Carena looks like a woman in her mid-twenties. Yep. Tap.

      And three yet to appear characters.

      thanks for the image.


  2. Oh 😮 didn’t thought that Carena would be a gilf. Well i knew by the look she has on the cover that she would most likely be old since she is an elf but didn’t thought that she would have a grand daughter. Wonder if it change in the ln or not.


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