Re-Summoned Hero Episode 21

Saying farewell to the ancient dragon, Souta goes to the forest where Edward had been left.
Although there’s quite a distance to the watering hole where Edward is supposed to wait, Souta feels his presence and is relieved.

When the watering hole becomes visible Edward, who was resting there, raises his head as he notices Souta’s presence. He runs over to welcome Souta once he sees him.
Souta pats Edward’s head while Edward snuggles his face to Souta’s head.
「Nothing unusual happened, right?」
Edward nods while snorting.
「You must be hungry. For now, you can have this.」
From the dimensional storage, Souta takes out the orange like fruit called tangi and radi and feed it to Edward.

Edward is so hungry that he flattens the two in no time.

Souta headed to the mountain early in the morning and came back past noon.
Since Edward ate in the morning, it’s natural that he was hungry considering he could only drink water.

There are few monsters in the woods, but since there are many animals, Souta thought they wouldn’t be able to have their meal in peace, so he takes Edward to an open space outside the forest.
Before, Souta was able to eat in the shade because he tried to rest on the side of the tree on this journey, but this time he chooses a place without trees a little away from the forest.
Souta takes out a simple roof-only tent from the dimensional storage and decides to rest beneath it.

Because Souta also hasn’t eaten, they eat the prepared meal vigorously.
The food prepared for Edward is already gone.
The additional meal that’s just taken from the dimensional storage also vanishes not long after.

After finishing the meal, Souta rubs his stomach with his left hand, and Edward with his right hand, and decides to take a break while viewing the landscape.
Rubbed by Souta, Edward narrows his eyes pleasantly.

After his stomach settles, Souta rises and starts tidying up the tent.
「Edward, we need to go back soon.」
Edward also gets up and gives a neigh of affirmation.

When Souta takes out the carriage from the dimensional storage, Edward moves to a position where it is easy to install the harness on his own.
After the carriage is installed, Souta takes the reins and sits at the coachman seat.
「Now then, shall we go back to the city?」
Edward gives another neigh and departs.

When heading to the mountain they do so at a relaxed speed watching the scenery and talking with Edward, ….but on the way back, they hurry because they need to make the medicine.
Souta creates a barrier of wind to reduce the burden of wind pressure to him and Edward. Although there is no strong wind, it is possible to reduce the burden on the body because of moving for a long time.
In order to raise the moving speed further, Souta cast body strengthening magic on Edward.

It takes Souta and Edward three days to get into the mountain, but only one-and-a-half days on the way back to the town.
The guard here doesn’t check anything for people who depart, but always confirms the identity card for people who want to come in.
「Do you have something that can prove your identity? If you do not have it … it seems you do.」
Souta takes out the guild card from his bag even before the guard’s words finish, Souta shows it to the guard who comes while still riding the coach.
「Is this fine?」
「Guild card huhh… Yes, I confirmed it. Rank D … please do your best!」

The young man, who seems to have just become a guard, cheers on Souta with a frank way of speaking.
Souta receives the encouragement that means 『Please aim for the top』 and thinks about the fact that he doesn’t feels like aiming for the top or something like that. He ends up giving a vague response.
「Unn, yeah. So, is there anything else?」
「Ahh, one more thing, can you touch this crystal?」
Souta is presented with a crystal that was the same as the one he touched when he first entered the city.

Since it’s hard to touch while still riding the coach, Souta gets down and touches the crystal.
Like last time, it glows for a moment, it also end quickly and the crystal returns to its transparent state.
「Unn, that’s fine. You can go through.」
After saying that, he gives a salute from a bit away.

「Ahh, thanks for your hard work.」
After that, Souta returns to the coachman seat and proceeds into the city.
In the initial plan Souta needed to get the liver and deliver it to the guild to finish the request and get the house, but after thinking about the time, effort and problems that might occur when making the medicine, he heads towards the inn.
Because the meal in the previous inn was delicious, he chooses the same inn as last time.

Because Souta choose the inn on the spot before, he didn’t see the name of the inn. This time, he stops to check and confirms that the name is 『Hinadori no Yasuragi Inn』.
Souta gets off from the carriage that’s parked in front of the inn, and he enters the inn after stroking Edward’s head.

Upon entering the inn, Miri welcomes him just like the last time.
「Oh, it’s Souta-san, welcome home!」
She confirms Souta comes back and runs over immediately. Her tail is swinging to the right and left to show her joy.
「Miri, I’m home… Is it okay to say that? Didn’t the room deadline pass a while ago.」

Miri pouts from Souta’s remark.
「Mouu, it’s fine! Please just obediently say I’m home.」
「Hmm, I understand. I’m home.」
Souta answers, putting on an expression that says it can’t be helped
「Yes, welcome home.」
Miri smiles, feeling satisfied despite the apathetic answer from Souta.

「Ara, welcome back, Souta-san. Your room is vacant without anyone using it.」
Noticing the voices of two people, Milfana speaks to Souta.
「I see, if that’s the case, I’d like to stay for two nights for the time being.」
「Yes, I understand. Fufu, it looks like Miri is delighted as well.」
Milfana says that while looking at those two, Miri becomes flustered and blushes from that.

「I-It’s not like that. I’m just a little happy because the person who left the inn is returning safely, that’s it! 」
「Yes, yes, I understand. More importantly, can you get me the key for Souta-san’s room? Also, please do not be so loud.」
「Although you are the one who makes me make such a loud voice.」
Despite grumbling, she still properly retrieves the key.
Meanwhile, Souta pays the fee to Milfana.

「Here, Souta-san. It’s the same room key just like my mother said, is this room fine? 」
Upon receiving the key, Souta nods.
「Yeah, it’s okay. Also, I have a carriage. Do you have stables or something? 」
「In that case, I’ll guide you, since it’s behind the inn.」
Without waiting for a reply, Miri takes Souta’s hand and heads out.

t/n: Hinadori no Yasuragi Inn: lit. mean tranquil chick, or tranquil young bird, google translate give me peace of young bird, bing give me piece bird, if you have suggestion for the translation, just comment below, until i found the good one, i will keep it in japanese

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  1. I also plugged it into google translate and got Relax with Sunrise as a translation after fiddling… I don’t know I kinda like ‘The Sleeping Chick Inn’

    Thanks for the Chapter!


  2. Hinadori no Yasuragi Inn:
    Young Birds Rest

    Just leave out the inn part, and it sounds quite good, no?
    “This time, he stops to check and confirms that the name og the inn is 『Young Birds Rest』.”


    1. Spelling error:
      “This time, he stops to check and confirms that the name of the inn is 『Young Birds Rest』.”


  3. I’m not too fond of the cliche of the girls falling in love at light speed with a random guy they just met last week XD At least in other works like the demon lord from another world Diablo goes around showing those op abilities and even though for most people that is a cheap way to make a lady fall in love… I mean… at least it’s some kind of courtship and it’s not like that doesn’t happen in real life. I’m more comfortable with that than an inexplicable attraction that make me feel pity for whoever that dreams about love without effort.

    Nevertheless thanks for the chapter


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