Re-Summoned Hero Episode 24

「I got it, however…」

Souta takes the medicine out of his bag.
「I could not get the liver, but with Carena’s cooperation, I got the medicine ready.」
「Wha-What do you mean? I’m thankful for the medicine, but you say you could not get the liver? Then, how did you get the medicine? 」
Elvas is surprised at the medicine Souta brought and the fact that he made it without the liver.

「Elvas, do you know the materials for making ambrosia?」
Carena asks slowly.
「Of course I know. Isn’t it dragon liver, basilisk claw, and holy water? The claw and holy water are already…」
Carena nods and says he’s correct.
「You remember it well. That’s right. But there is another recipe for that medicine. You do not need dragon liver for it.」

Elvas is surprised by her statement.
「……Wha-What. It’s nothing but surprises today. So that means Souta-dono prepared the medicine with that recipe? 」
「That’s right. With that recipe, you need the claw, holy water, and instead of liver, you use a dragon tear. But you need to add 3 leaves from an Iyashi Tree as well.」
Elvas’ jaw drops. He looks shaken.

「It was easier for me to get the tears instead of liver. So for my own convenience, I changed the material and then asked Carena to help me create the medicine.」
「I-If I’m not hearing it wrong, did you say leaves from an Iyashi Tree?」
Elvas turns his head, trying to listen clearly, and asks.

「That’s right. This recipe was commonly used hundreds of years ago. At that time, Iyashi Trees’ leaves were something that you could easily get. It was even more common than the medicinal herb you can find in the forest. After the leaf became difficult to obtain, the recipe changed to the new one.」
「Ahh, is that so… … No, even so, it’s not that … … How did Souta-dono, how … did you get the leaves? 」
Because Carena’s reply is different from what he was looking for, Elvas rephrases his question.
「I can’t say how I obtained it, only that it was done so legally.」

「Is that so? … No, I see. It’s not something that’s obtained easily.」
「Well, that’s the case. I also won’t ask about it. So, this is the proper medicine for stone fever. It has already been confirmed with appraisal. I came today as a guarantor.」
Elvas nods as he strokes his beard.
「I see, so that’s the reason …. But if that’s the case, I have to reconsider Souta-dono’s rewards.」
Souta sighs.
「Haahh~ like I thought, it comes to this. I brought something different from the request. It’s not an official guild request, but it’s still against the rules.」
Says Souta weakly while gazing at the ceiling.

「No, no, there is no way I will cancel Souta-done’s rewards. My goal is to make the medicine to cure my granddaughter. Certainly, my request was for dragon liver, but it was a request that ignored rank. What I’m trying to say is that if my granddaughter gets healed by this medicine, then I need to give you an extra reward.」
「Ahh, that’s what you mean. That’s good, then. I thought the request would be deemed a failure.」
「If he condemns a man who created the medicine and even used Iyashi Tree leaves for it, he wouldn’t have been a lord for this long. Elvas is known as an honest person, and thanks to that, he will not wrong a benefactor.」
Adds Carena.

「Since I only came here to explain about the material, I’m not concerned about other things. Leaving that aside … wouldn’t it be better to let your granddaughter drink the medicine? I know that people who contract Stone Fever also suffer from high fever.」
「That’s right, it’s just as Carena said. Let’s go quickly. Both of you can come as well.」
Worried about Elina, Elvas takes the medicine and hurries out of the room.
Dan, Souta and Carena follow him.

Elvas gradually hastens until he enters a dash.
He runs without bothering to check whether or not the three can follow. The maids that see Elvas running all watch with round eyes.

After going up the stairs, Elvas stops his feet in front of one of the rooms.
Elvas, who is out of breath, inhales deeply to adjust his breathing.
「Hahh hahh, fuhhhh~ hahhh~.」
He knocks and then brings his face close to the door before speaking.
「Eline, it’s Grandpa. I brought some medicine today. It’s my friends who made it, and they are nice people. Can they also come in? 」
「It’s fine, Grandpa’s friends can also enter.」
After getting a reply, Elvas slowly opens the door and enters the room.

On a large bed with a canopy, a girl with blue hair lays with only her face facing the entrance.
Beads of sweat are on her forehead.
「Sorry for stay lying down, Grandpa, Dan-san and Carena-san … … Is the onii-san there Grandpa’s friend? 」
Her voice also sounds weak.
「Ahh that’s right. He’s Souta-dono, an adventurer. He brought me a medicine to cure Elina.」
「Hmmm… medicine? The medicine for this illness should be very precious … … I’m sorry, sorry to bother you.」

Elvas is dismayed by Elina’s words.
「Wha-What are you talking about? Elina doesn’t need to worry. This is what Grandpa did without permission. The one that need to apologize to everyone is me.」
「No, I wanted to apologize. I bothered Grandpa … … the medicine is very hard to create, isn’t it? 」
「If it’s for Elina, nothing is hard!」
「But …」
Looking at them arguing back and forth without end, Souta interrupts them.

「Hey, regardless if you apologize or don’t apologize, why don’t you take the medicine now? Isn’t it painful to talk in your condition? 」
「It’s as Souta said. It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or who needs to apologize. You need to take the medicine soon. Otherwise it would be wasting our effort.」
Dan nods many times behind the two.

「Y-You’re right. Here, this is the medicine. It might be bitter, but please endure it.」
Elvas opens the lid of the bottle and brings it to Elina’s mouth.
Elina drinks the medicine without saying anything this time.
She closes her eyes tightly from the strong bitterness. She drinks all the contents of the bottle while furrowing her brows.

Right after she finishes drinking the medicine, her feet start to emit light.
Her reddish cheeks and her fever gradually recover.
When the light disappears, Elina opens her eyes.

「H-How is it? Is your body alright? 」
Still lying down, Elina tries to move her hands and legs.
「Grandpa … healed, it’s healed! My body is not painful and my legs can move!!」
「Really?! That’s great, that’s great, Elina ……」
Elvas embracing Elina while shedding tears. Tears flow down from Elina’s eyes.

After hugging for a while, Elina loosens her embrace.
「Grandpa, I want to walk alone. It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve been bedridden.」
「O-Oh, is that so? Be careful, you are just recovering.」
Elvas leaves the bed.
「Un, I know.」
After replying so, Elina sits on the bed and tries to get up.

She moves her body forward and then lifts her waist. The next moment, her knees give out when she tries to stand.
「Oi-oi, be careful.」
Souta moves to catch Elina before she falls.
Then he puts her on the bed again.

「I was told it’s been two weeks since you became bedridden. No matter how young you are, your muscles still get weaker if you lie down for that long. For now, you should rehabilitate your muscles without rushing.」
「Y-Yes. I’m sorry.」
Because she doesn’t have that much contact with men other than her grandfather and the people in her house, Elina’s body tenses up.

「Jii-san, it can’t be helped if she wants to move around, but you should stop her as an adult, since she’s still recovering just like you said before.」
「S-Sorry. Also, thank you very much, especially for the medicine.」
Elvas deeply lowers his head. Seeing at that, Elina and Dan also lower their heads.

「Now then, it is great that Elina is healed, so about the reward … How about we talk about it at around noon tomorrow? Will Carena come too? Today, I’d like to spend time alone with Elina. 」
「I only came along to make sure the medicine works. I won’t come tomorrow. I don’t need a separate fee. It’s been awhile since I made something interesting, so that’s enough.」
Souta shrugs.
「So unselfish. Then I’ll come alone tomorrow. Well then.」

Souta turns his back without waiting for a reply and heads out of the room.

「Umm, thank you very much!」
Says Elina in a loud voice. Souta answers by only raising his right hand without looking back.

t/n: so, the proofreader is KIA, or not, pony got some technical difficulty (read: no internet) so this one is not proofreaded, granted honey put more effort on this one,

also this one is longer and i don’t realize it, it feels like i’m in never ending tunnel when i translating it, then i check the word count,

Editor’s Note – Our proofreader is having troubles with his Internet connection, so I’ll be doing both editing and proofreading for an indeterminate period of time. Wish me luck ;D

ps: honey prevent me from posting one of my team exclusive t/n, i decide i will post it on next chapter regardless if nobody comment on it in this one

pps: if you found any mistake, post it in the comment, with only 2 people who check it’s easier for mistake to pass through,

ppps: if you play chrono clock VN, tell me your opinion on the translation, imo, it’s bad localization, can’t really say if it’s a good translation or not, after all most of the english text doesn’t follow the japanese meaning at all

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25 thoughts on “Re-Summoned Hero Episode 24

  1. For now, my opinion is that Souta is a Satou that is not a loli magnet. (Well, close to the loli magnet, but the ”victims” are a bit too old for that category, and he does not act either)

    Absurd existence that gods are interested in, but said existence does not give a damn about it and just want to have fun ^^


  2. This is progressing really slow. What makes this situations so boring is that the MC doesn’t really feel a hard impulse that drives his actions and you add that there is no tension or urgency then all this feels like big chunks of boring events that would lead to… Getting a house… the cherry on top XD all this boring development for an even more boring reward. I think it could have been better if the house wasn’t mentioned from the start and the mc had an encounter with the sick girl at the start that made him want to complete that quest out of kindness more than just for a house. That at least would explain Edwards behavior because as it is Edward just likes this guy out of nowhere because he is not the kindest in the town XD

    Nevertheless thanks for the chapter.


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