Re-Summoned Hero Episode 25

The next day, as promised, Souta goes to the lord’s house at noon.
After Souta waits awhile, Elvas comes. Following him today is not Dan, but a man in butler clothing.

「I am sorry to keep you waiting. I am helping Elina rehabilitate.」
「No, I don’t mind since the sweets are delicious.」
Souta says so while reaching for the sweets that are served.

「If you say so.」
Elvas smiles knowing Souta said that because he is trying to mind the atmosphere.
「Now then, although you said we’ll be talking about the rewards, it’ll be fine if I get enough gold for the house…….so it’s 200 gold coins, I think.」
Elvas leans forward from surprise.
「That’s unthinkable! You saved the life of my granddaughter, Elina. You even used the precious Iyashi Tree leaves for this. 200 gold coins are not enough!」
Overpowered by Elvas’ intensity, Souta stops eating sweets.

「I-Is that so. I don’t mind, but … … I might not able to receive what you give. What do you want to give me?」
「… That’s why I’m troubled with what I should give to you.」
Elvas folds his arms and shows a troubled face.
「By the way, I won’t accept peerage or employment from you. I’ll also refuse if you try to give me a servant.」
「…… Ummu, on the contrary, is there something you want to ask for? Other than the house.」

「Let’s see…」
Now it’s Souta who folds his arms to think about it.
「For now, you can say anything. I will tell you later whether or not I can prepare it.」
「Ummu… it’s not an object, but it’d be good if you protect me within your sphere of influence. I will likely get into trouble from other adventurers or nobles.」
「Fumu, that’s an easy task. Hmmm…… let’s add an additional 1,000 gold coins of the discounted house price to the 200 gold coin reward. Even then, it is far from the price of Iyashi Tree leaves, so I will make sure to come to your aid no matter what kind of mess you get into. I’ll be saved if I can get pardoned for the time being.」

Souta scratches his head.
「No, I originally said that 200 gold coins are good, but … I’ll take what I can get. Ah, also, don’t divulge the information to other people. Not only you, but also your granddaughter, every servant in this house, Dan and the knight, basically everyone.」
「It will be fine if it’s only that. We will never leak the information of Elina’s life saver.」
Elvas says that with a stern expression, but Souta takes the promise with a grain of salt. He recalls the proverb that the door can’t stand in a person’s mouth.

The greater the number of people that know the information, the easier it is to leak. Optimistically saying 「Since it’s Elvas, everything will be fine」 will lead to the information spreading before they know it.
However, there is the promise 「Please protect me」 from before that will take effect if there is an information leak.

When leaked as a rumor, some will try to confirm the credibility. There are many ways to handle this if it’s adventurers, but with nobles, it will be troublesome.
At that time, it will be easier if they are only able to get the story from the earl to avoid having inconsistencies.
Even if by chance everything fails, the aim is still to increase the possibility of avoiding it, even if it’s only by a little.

「I’ll leave it to you, then. I don’t know what’ll happen if you break it … Now then, can you give me the gold now?」
「Ahh~ it’s already prepared. I thought that I would give this amount of gold coin no matter what condition I was given. If you told me that it’s not enough, that amount would have been prepared for a later date.」
Following Elvas’s eyes, the butler who stands behind him puts gold coins on the table.
「Souta-sama, this is 1,200 gold coins … also, I would like to give my thanks too. For saving Ojou-sama, thank you very much.」
The butler bows deeply.

「This gratitude, although one might say it’s inexcusable, please receive it.」
After saying that and lowering his head once again, the butler puts the gold coins in a bag.
「Now then, the talk about the reward is over. I’m going back now, or can I?」
Souta raises his waist but Elvas stops him.

「Before that, I think that Elina wants to see you to thank you again. Can you meet her first?」
「Fuu, there’s no choice. Then I’ll go to her room before I leave.」
Souta who remembers the way to her room heads to reception room entrance to go to Elina’s room.
The double doors swing backward before Souta tries to open them.

「Good day, Souta-sama, yesterday thank you for bringing the medicine for Elina.」
There is Elina who bows while pinching the ends of her skirt.
「You can walk already? It’s possible if the original muscle strength is high … but, don’t push yourself.」
Souta puts his hand on Elina’s head while saying that, Elina looks a little ticklish.

When Souta’s hand separate from her head, she responds with a bright smile.
「Yes, I’m still practicing inside the house. I will go out once I get better.」
「Ahh, do your best. Then I’ll go, let’s meet again if I have the opportunity.」
After saying that, Souta passes through Elina side, leaves the room and heads out of the lord’s house.

Elvas, Elina, and the butler go to the entrance, hurrying after Souta. They bow deeply and watch him leave.

t/n: the door can’t stand in a person’s mouth: it’s a direct translation from japanese, it basically means you can’t restrict what people say. both me and honey doesn’t have any alternative for this

yesterday thank you for bringing the medicine for Elina.: elina talking here, she refer herself in 3rd person

ps: here is the t/n that should be released yesterday but honey forbid it, because nobody mention it in previous chapter, here we go (re-read chapter 24 if you want to know where this t/n should go)

[t/n: of course, if something is hard then i will call you sick bastard]

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20 thoughts on “Re-Summoned Hero Episode 25

  1. Elina is a child or teenager ? 🤔

    Depending on the age, the girl’s reaction to a head patting, will vary from love to “oni-chan” 🤓

    Thanks for doing this chapter! 😁


  2. lol it’s rather weird? i dunno but at the later half when he’s gone to elina’s room, it just seems not right..the flow is awkward?


    1. I mean yeah it’s totally fine for this guy to just barge into a young girl’s room by himself. /s

      He might be her savior, but that’s just . . . nope. lol


  3. The story became trash after seeing MC’s attitude so far!


    Good ideas which have awesome potential but…


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