Re-Summoned Hero Episode 30

When the sun rises and brightens the room, Souta wakes.
He goes straight to the bathroom to wash his face with water drawn from a magic tool and then changes his clothes.
Not to mention modern tools like washing machines, this world also doesn’t have a magic tool for laundry or primitive laundry tools such as Tarai and washing board. Magic is used instead.


Among all convenient magic from Life Magic, this one is especially useful, so Souta uses it the most.

After dressing, Souta goes out and went to Edward.
Edward is already awake, when he feels Souta’s presence, he gets up and comes closer.
「Ed, good morning. Did you sleep well? 」
Edward nods and brings his face closer. Souta pats Ed as a form of communication in the morning.

Souta casts Clean on Ed and his bedding, and then puts new food and water in the buckets.
「Ed, I’ll go to the library today to investigate something, can you watch the house?」
Ed nods while eating.

Souta sits next to Ed and watches for a while, but when Ed’s finished eating half of the meal, Souta gets up and strokes Ed’s head.
「Just eat slowly, I’ll go out soon.」
When Souta heads to the gate, Ed follows.
And when Souta goes out of the gate, Ed stops.

「Thank you for seeing me off」
Ed gives a neigh and raises his right foreleg as if saying “Have a nice day.”
Souta also raises his right hand to Ed.

After closing the gates, Souta locks the gate with magic.
It’s possible to unlock this lock with magic, but the one unlocking it needs a higher level of magic than Souta.

From his bag, Souta takes out the remaining skewers from yesterday and has them for breakfast. He heads to the adventurer guild while eating.
On the way, he considers going to Carena to ask about the library. But since the guild is at the center of the city, he chooses to go there instead, as it will be easier to go to the library wherever it is.

Because it’s early in the morning, the adventurer guild is crowded.
Requests from guilds sometimes make adventurers travel far away. Depending on the location, they might need careful preparation, so adventurers come early to confirm the request location.
Also, many come early in order to aim for a good request.
And there are adventurers that return to an inn straight away because of fatigue after requests, so they sell their materials in the morning next day. That’s why there are some people at the purchase counter too.

Souta came in the morning so he could read books as soon as he knows the location of the library, but he’s getting fed up by the crowdedness.
Souta looks around for a vacant receptionist counter, but he still needs to wait for a while because there are people everywhere.

After a while, the wave that can be called the first wave ends.
When Souta heads toward a vacant counter, Airi is the receptionist.
「Ahh, Souta-san, taking a request?」
「Ah no, I have something I want to ask. Sorry, even though this place busy at this time.」
Airi shakes her head and responds with a smile.

「No no no, it’s fine, the crowd has already lessened anyway! And so, what kind of appointment do you have? 」
「I’d like to know if there’s a library in this city. There’s a little something I want to investigate.」
「Investigate……. If it’s about monster materials and peculiar materials that are known till date for requests, you can find them in the reference room at the back. As long as you request for it, you can see them as an adventurer.」
「Fumu, that is interesting, but what I’m looking for now is the situation in other countries. I want to see books of that kind.」
Airi hits her palm with her fist.

「I see, in that case, you should go to the big library. It’s the big building northeast from here. You should be able to find many books there.」
「Oh, that’s great. By the way … If there’s the big one, does that mean there’s the small one too? 」
Airi nods vigorously.
「It’s good that you noticed. While the numbers of books are not great and the buildings are small, there are small libraries in several places in the city. There are books that are not in the big library, so it might be good to go after you go to the big library. 」

「Airi, thank you. It was helpful.」
「It’s fine, you are welcome anytime.」
Since Souta heard what he wanted, he wanted to thank her with a gift later.

When he turns his back to Airi, there’s someone shouting at him.
「Oy, you!!」
There is a muscular man wearing leather armor and carrying a large axe on his back.
The scalp is shaved, and a bandana is around his head.

Souta tries to pass through, ignoring the man.
「Oy, you bastard, how dare you ignore me!!!」
He tries to grab Souta’s shoulder, but his hand cuts through the air and the man stumbled as his balance breaks.
「What the!」

When the man put out his hand, Souta is a few steps beyond that.
「Hahh, this’ll be troublesome…. So, what is it? 」
The adventurers in the hall are watching the two from afar.

「Tch, it seems that your movement alone is quick … That’s fine, leaving that aside, you, how dare you have such a friendly talk with Airi-san! 」
Souta tilts his head when he hears that.
「Don’t feign innocence! Even with a request, it’s not easy to line up just to speak with Airi-san! Moreover, to call her without an honorific, shit, don’t be cheeky! Even though I’m telling you … 」
His voice gradually gets smaller, and the last part can’t be heard at all.

「I don’t really get it. I waited until there was a vacant receptionist. It’s just by chance the free one was Airi’s. And I don’t really care about honorifics in the first place.」
「You’re supposed to use honorific …… If I’m not mistaken, you also lined up with Airi when you registered. By chance, you say? Don’t lie to me! Don’t be cheeky you newbie! 」
That man is a C-rank adventurer and is usually a nice guy, but he’s falling in love with Airi and often ends up being unable to keep calm when she’s involved.
Also, although Airi usually shows businesslike smiles, he dislikes that she shows a natural smile to Souta.

「Eat this!!」
The man swings his fist at Souta as he lets out his anger.
Souta avoids the man’s hand before touching him before, but this time he doesn’t dodge and take the punch.

Airi who’s watching cries out, and the surrounding adventurers who are also watching exclaim “Ohhh!” seeing the punch.

t/n: sorry for the late release, i’m dragged to friend wedding and just got back now, the chapter already finished and edited since some hours ago, but i’m not here to post it, also this new guy is hard to translate

tarai: wooden washing tub, just google ‘tarai japan’ or something like that for images

After a while, the wave that can be called the first wave ends.: you know, imagine apple product release, that’s how crowded it’s

ohhh i’m sure some of the readers will ship souta with maybe-will-transform-into-human edward if he is a she,

Editor’s Note: Wow, chapter 30. I’ve been editing this series for a little over a month now, but it feels like it’s been way longer. It’s been fun working on this with Rhea so far, and I hope to keep doing so for many months to come. Wish me luck~!

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    1. Have any JP MC became an adventurer without getting in trouble with some muscle-brains adventurer during all the history? I think it’s became part of the Adventurer Guild trope.

      I mean, if there’s adventurer guild, then there’s beautiful non-human girls working there and muscle brain troublemakers in the waiting.


      1. think about this, being an adventurer mean they need to be strong, they live in medieval age where school is only for the rich, it’s obvious there will be many muscle head in place like this


  2. *diring~* [Event thug-like adventurer-san is activated~]
    Rank Req: None
    Requirment: Must be average/handsome faced,dense, a hidden master and a huge crowd(has a higher chance when first registering, a newbie, morning rush,too much booze and especially if you look like a push-over)
    As a person who came/reincarnated to another world it is mostly an event that can be considered baptism of the MC and is considered normal if the receptionist has big a**/b**bs,cute(priority if a nekomimi)/beautiful and is one of the major paths to the Harem(Riajuu *beep*) Route and can be compared to the Himekishi/Noble/Erofu Crisis Event.
    What to do: Decide if to block,escape,beat the guy up before his attack reaches.(Note: If the attack is angled that will hit the receptionist an option of “take the punch apears”)
    Rewards & Penalties:
    If blocked-looks like a b*da** gains admiration from the crowd slight notice by the GM and small affection from the grill
    Escape- avoids Harem(Riajuu) route called a coward resentment of the receptionist and avoids the purge & resentment of the observers(readers)
    Beat the c*ap out of him- admiration of the crowd moderate admiration & slight affection of the receptionist, moderate notice of the GM.
    Takes the punch-Concern of the crowd(some disdain and admiration in both narrow-minded and attentive audience) panick-attacked receptionist with guilty concience(that later will develop to “huge amount of affection later” chance),GM acts and will opens the forced event of “Revenge of the Fa**en” , resigned expression,killing intent, jelousy & purge of the observers(readers)


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  5. Pretty sure Ed’s gonna just stay as a miracle horse. His name’s Edward after all, and he was described as being really big, so he’s probably a stallion. Maybe something amusing and unreasonable like Souta teaching him magic will happen though.

    Thanks for the chapter, though I’m sad they’re so short… I should really read them two at a time, but I don’t have such discipline.


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