Re-Summoned Hero Episode 29

After confirming that, Souta unlocks the door and goes into the house.

Souta concentrates his magic powers to start cleaning before putting in the furniture.

He plans to clean the entire house using magic in one fell swoop.
Considering the magic power consumption, it is easier to clean it normally, but Souta pushes through with his magical power.

He puts his hand on the floor of the entrance lobby, accumulates magic power, strongly holds the image where the house is clean and releases magic.
Having been regularly maintained, it’s clean enough, but Souta’s magic also cleans all the fine dirt, dust and other things not normally cleaned.

Compared to using the spell on a single person, using it on a building, especially a large mansion like this, require dozens of times more magic to makes it clean, and if the user is unskillful, it can even require hundreds of time of magic to cast it.
In addition to that, Souta’s image of clean is too strong, making the magic power consumption far exceed the amount normally consumed. Feeling the magic power draining out of him, Souta wobbles.
The stains on the wall due to age, which did not disappear when the real estate agent cleaned them, also disappear. At this point, one might wonder whether or not this is a new building.
「Ahh, I overdid it. So tired, but it made it easier to live here … Guess I’ll rearrange the furniture after resting for a bit.」

Souta enters the house and puts the sofa from the dimensional storage on the right side of the living room and sit there.
He closes his eyes and looks up at the sky and rests. His magic power gradually recovers.

After resting for a while and after his fatigue disappears, Souta puts out table and tableware and arranges the skewers he bought on top of it.
Souta wants to have a thick-flavored meat dish with white rice, but since it’s not in dimensional storage and there isn’t a stall that sells it, he starts eating noodle dishes that he bought at stalls for his main course.

The noodles are somewhat wider and have shapes similar to udon rather than ramen or soba.
The soup is thick of animal stock and the toppings is grilled meat and condiments, it’s a menu with somewhat strong tastes.
The richness of the soup spreads in Souta’s mouth when he drinks it. According to the stall owner, it has that taste because the stock is boiled all day.
Also, thanks to many kinds of vegetables in it, the odor is suppressed, moreover, the use of the skimmer gives it a thick but refreshing taste.

Souta sips the udon(tentative) all at once and finish eating.
「It feels like udon in ramen soup, but it was delicious.」
At first, Souta was planning to eat skewers while sipping the udon but he finished all of it already, so he ate the skewers by themselves.
Both foods can be eaten while hot due to the the dimensional storage’s effect of time suspension.

After he finished eating and having a break, Souta goes to arrange the furniture in each room.
He puts a sofa and a big table in the living room and the big room on the first floor, and a cupboard is placed in the kitchen.
In the left and right bedrooms on the second floor, Souta places a large bed, a chair and a working desk, and in each individual room he places a chair, a working desk and a bookshelf.
Considering the size of the building, the amount of furniture isn’t enough, but taking into account that Souta lives alone, it more than suffices.

After he finished placing the furniture, Souta returns to the first floor and heads towards the bathroom.

The faucet is connected to the well on the back and is designed to pump the water up with a magic tool.
After pumping the water, firewood is burned outside to generate the heat for boiling the water by transmitting the heat through the underfloor passage. The firewood is already piled up outside.
However, Souta makes a small fireball with magic and puts it in the water.
Because Souta is adjusting the power, it doesn’t boil the water straight away, instead he puts his hand in the water often to check the temperature, increasing it gradually.

After confirming that it’s a little hot, Souta undresses and takes a bath.
Although he can clean dirt or other things with magic, by getting into the bath, blood flow is improved, loosens muscles, also removes exhaustion.
「Ah, as I thought, bathes are great. I’m getting tired … ….」

Just like that, Souta falls asleep.

「Cough! Cough! Crap! I’m drowning … ….」
The pleasantness of the bath made Souta falls asleep, and as his body slowly slips down, hot water enters his mouth and nose, waking him up.
「Hahhh, I was more tired than I thought. I should probably get out soon.」
After getting out of the bath, Souta wipes his body with a towel he takes out from dimensional storage and puts on clothes. Then he heads to the second floor bedroom.
There’s a plug in the lower part of the bath, and pulling it out will drain the water, as it’s a mechanism that drains the water outside via a pipe from the floor. Souta goes to the bedroom after pulling the plug.

He enters the bedroom on the left side of the second floor and dives onto the bed just like that.
And now, despite his drowsiness, Souta analyzes his current situation just like what he had at the inn.

All the immediate goals have been achieved, ranking up, money earning and base securing.
His guild rank is D, and for gold there are 1000 gold coins from the lord.
Speaking of his base, although there were some twists and turns, the mansion has been secured safely.

「Since the foundation has been made, the next thing I need is information … Firstly, the situation of other countries, there will be lost towns and newly created places. The elf race in particular seems to be complicated.」
Souta is looking for information in the territory of the human races, information on the territory of the other races, the lore and legend of the countries, all to try to find out the past.

Also, because there are long-lived species, the possibility of meeting those who have met Souta in the past is not zero.
It’s possible to find out the information that was not recorded in a document if he can meet people like that.

「First, books. So I guess I need to go to the library … … I’m gonna ask the guild for the library’s location tomorrow.」
Souta remembers the words of the dwarf elders during the previous journey.
『The books continue to store information unchanged for months and years. There will be malicious modifications, but I still think that the information from books is correct in many cases. Human memory can be unreliable.』

Souta goes to sleep after concluding that gathering information with books is the best way to get reliable information.

t/n: so i just realize in this chapter that the Clean is a spell name, so let me ask you guys, Clean, or seiketsu? seiketsu is the romaji, i’m fine with either, while honey prefer in english for consistency, i’m going to ask your opinion about this

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