Re-Summoned Hero Episode 35

「Now then, I will ask you on this condition.」
Souta and Fuura both sign the contract that she creates on the spot, stuff like one hour minimum of patrol and cleaning frequency and the degree of cleaning are written in the contract.
「Yesss, leave it to me. Because it’s what I always did, there won’t be any excuses if I make a mistake.」
Fuura has the main contract, while Souta keeps a copy.

「Well then, you can start after lunch time tomorrow. As for the crime prevention, as long as you enter normally with key it shouldn’t be triggered.」
While saying that, Souta hands the gold coins to Fuura.
「I understand. But I will go to the mansion tomorrow morning just in case, and it will be great if you can explain again in detail at that time.」
「Ahh, in that case, since I won’t depart that early, you can come by without hurrying.」
Fuura jokingly gives a salute while sending out Souta.

The night is getting late, as Souta said to Fuura, and he’s going to leave the city tomorrow, so he wants to give some words of farewell to other acquaintances.
Souta takes out the skewer from his bag and goes to the inn while eating.
There are few people around and most of the stalls on the street are closed.

Souta thinks of going to the 『Sleeping Bird Pavilion』 because it’s close. But he changes his mind after realizing that he might not able to meet the lord if it gets too late, and so he heads to the lord’s mansion instead.
It’s gotten darker but because the number of people around has also decreased, Souta runs through without much effort.
When the lord’s mansion comes into view, Souta gradually slows down. He’s just walking normally by the time he reaches the front gate.

One of the guards calls out when he notices Souta.
「Oh, if it’s not Souta-dono. What kind of business might you have at a time like this? 」
As the benefactor of the family on the household he serves, he receives Souta with a favorable attitude.
「Ah, since I decided to leave this town, I want to give my farewell, but…. because it’s already late, can you just tell him that for me?」
「P-Please wait a moment. I will go inside and convey this to Elvas-sama. I humbly ask you to wait.」
After the guard says so, he runs and goes inside.

Souta looks at the other guard who’s left behind.
「I’m sure it won’t be long, please wait. We would be scolded if we were to just send Souta-dono home like this.」
「Is that so?」
Thinking that it’s unlikely that Elvas angry, Souta tilts his head.
「I think that Elvas-sama wouldn’t be enraged, but nonetheless, we still need to be cautious so we don’t get detained. 」

As they are talking about such thing, the sound of running can be heard, then the door is opened forcefully.
Elina is on the other side. Behind her is Elvas who’s out of breath and the previous guard.
Elina runs to Souta after seeing where he is.
「Souta-sama, are you going out of this city?」
Elina looks up at Souta with a sad face.
「Souta-dono, are you seriously leaving? But you just bought a house.」
Follows Elvas.

「No, I’m not moving out, just leaving temporarily. Though it might be a while before I can get back home.」
「I’m relieved to hear that you will return, but if you are going to leave for a long time, I want to hear the details. Can I ask you to come in? 」
「… … I understand, I’ll go in.」
Unable to leave Elina who still looks sad and refuse the invitation from the lord himself, Souta enters the house after the two people.

In the usual reception room, sat Elvas and Elina, and across them is Souta.
「Now then, can you tell me where you will go?」
Next to him, Elina also nods.
「This story, how many times have I told this story…. To put it briefly, I will leave for the country of the elves around noon tomorrow. Because it’s quite far, and I don’t know how many problems I’ll get to enter the country, I still don’t know when I can come back.」
Elvas furrows his brow.
「The country of the elves …… That’s far. Considering the immigration control, it’ll be some months at the earliest? May I ask what your objective going there is? 」
「More or less. I can only say that it’s a personal business, and it’s not something I’d like to talk about.」
「Is that so? Well, whatever your reason is, we can’t bind our adventurers in any way, so we won’t stop you, but be sure to come back. I still not thank you enough.」
「Yes, Souta-sama absolutely, absolutely must return. I still also need to repay Souta-sama! 」
Elina who kept her head down until some times ago says this with resolute expression.

「I see, I’m looking forward to it. It looks like you’re able to run just fine, so you’ll surely return your physical condition before I return.」
Elina’s cheeks slightly redden and she turns her head down.
「Mouu, Souta-sama is a tease.」
Elvas pleasantly looks at the two’s interaction.

「Oh, that’s right. Souta-dono, I don’t know how effective it will be, but I’ll write a letter of introduction to help you enter the country. Because this city does some trade with the elves, this might help you.」
「That’ll help. Carena is already writing me one but I can’t get a noble’s letter from anyone else.」
「Umu, I will write it today and deliver it to your mansion tomorrow morning. Please wait till then.」
Elvas starts to preparing to write.
「Well then, I need to go home, since I’m worried about my horse there.」
「Then, I will see you off.」
Following Souta, Ellina also stands up.

Elvas, Elina, and the servants of the mansion all see off Souta from the lord’s mansion.
Souta thought to stay in the inn but decides to go straight back to his house because, just as he told Elina, he’s concerned about Ed.

t/n: yup the previous question is asking how long the process Souta needs to get into elves country, travel time not included,

also, who, without checking earlier chapter, remember Souta’s full name? i just realize i forget his name when we finish this chapter

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  2. Oh, boy! Another letter of introduction! Now he has two of those! I’m so excited! Surely with such amount of dead trees the country of elves wont be able to resists his invasion.
    I bet he’ll get a third one from the guild master as well. Fuck yeah!

    Souta Kun is the full name. “Kun” is the most common surname in 日本. I learned this from anime.


  3. thanks for the chapter! personally i think he’ll follow the “rescue the princess” route and get in as soon as hes there, OOOR the country will have intense civil strife and he gets recruited yadda yadda yadda, hes in quick is what it comes down to


  4. Again with doing it in troublesome method!

    If I am not wrong, he has teleportation skills! I bet he can enter elven territory with it combined with stealth!

    Haizz, the author seems smart yet idiot in my eyes! This novel has good potential but its gone downhill into generic type which could be closer into trash category if not for some people who liked it!

    If this was original novel which was posted on the webnovel aka Qidian International then I bet 10-100 1 star review will come knocking on its door!

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