Re-Summoned Hero Episode 36

Souta checks the magic lock once he reaches his house. It’s still locked.
Souta touches the gate and releases the magic, and the lock opens with a ‘click’.

When Souta steps into the garden, Ed rushes over to Souta.
「Oh, Ed. Thank you for watching the house, did someone come? 」
Asks Souta to Ed while stroking his back.
Ed thinks a little, and then shakes his head.

Of course, there is no one who can pass through Souta’s magic and enter, but besides that, there was also no one that came before the gate.
「Is that so? Well, it doesn’t look like there is anyone in the first place, and nobody will know if they don’t peek inside or see people going in and out.」
Souta stops stroking Ed, closes the gate and locks it again.
After confirm that the gate is properly locked, Souta heads towards Ed’s bed and casts magic to clean everything around him.

Souta sits down on the fur and is followed by Ed, who sits next to him.
He takes out the fruit from dimensional storage and lightly throws it to Ed who skillfully catches it with his mouth.
「Ed, we just moved here and have only lived here for a day, but we need to leave again tomorrow.」
Ed listens to Souta’s words while eating the fruit.
「This time it’ll be a long trip unlike when we went to the mountain. Will you come with me?」
Ed quickly swallows the fruit and gives a loud neigh to express his joy to travel with Souta again.

Noticing the feeling behind the neigh, Souta smiles as well.
「Is that so? That’s good then. We’ll leave before lunchtime tomorrow so please have a nice rest tonight.」
Souta puts Ed’s dinner and drinking water in the clean buckets.
Ed begins to eat again, and after stroking his head, Souta goes into the house.

In the living room, Souta takes out the remaining stall food and eats it as dinner.
Yesterday, Souta ate udon in ramen soup. Today, he’ll eat curry-like sauce on something that’s like baked bread.
The impression is like naan with curry, however, the curry-like sauce has a unique taste. The sweetness is strong, but it also has a somewhat sour taste.
Although the taste is satisfactory, the amount isn’t. To compensate, Souta takes out the meat skewers, sandwiches it between the bread then eats it.
The taste of the meat and the sauce mix together perfectly.
「I tried it because I ate something similar in Japan, but …. this is seriously good.」
Long ago, there was a limited time offer at the neighborhood curry shop and Souta liked them.
Souta still has some breads stored inside the dimensional storage, and he smiles when he realizes he can make this again.

Souta makes another one then heads to the bath after finishing his meal.
He boils the bath using magic just like yesterday, he then enters it and thinks about tomorrow’s schedule while immersing himself in the water.
「First, I’ll receive a letter of introduction tomorrow morning, and then I’ll get a letter of introduction from Carena. I also need to procure food and water for the trip, and probably some books for killing time during travel. Should I also get a blanket? Since I might not able to take out the tent every time.」
As it’s getting late, Souta gets out of the bath and goes to his bedroom to sleep.

In the morning, Souta wakes up before the sun rises. He goes outside to check on the gate and unlock it for when the lord’s messenger arrives.
「I should exercise my body once in a while.」
Ed is still sleeping, so after Souta puts new food and water in the buckets, he moves away and takes out an iron sword from the dimensional storage.
He prepares his body by closing his eyes and taking a deep breath once.
Once Souta opens his eyes, he starts doing practice swings without making any voice.

While Souta keeps swinging, Ed wakes up and eats the newly prepared meal, but his eyes are following Souta.

By the time Ed finishes his meal, Souta also stops his practice. The sun has already completely risen.
As he takes out the towel and wipes his sweat, he notices that a carriage came.
The man gets down from the carriage and talks to Souta.
「Excuse me, is this the house of adventurer Souta-sama?」
「That’s right, you are?」
Souta already made a guess, but he still asks for confirmation.

「My name is Barth, I’m Elvas-sama’s, the lord of this town’s, messenger. I’d like to have a meeting with Souta-sama.」
Barth knows that Elina was saved thanks to Souta, but he’d never seen Souta.
「Is that so? Well, I’m that Souta you’re looking for….」
「Hahh? Ehhh, no, that…… I apologize for being rude!!!」
Barth quickly lowers his head to the ground.

He just by chance happened to have morning duty, so the lord ordered him to send the message, but he doesn’t know the face of the one who saved the lord’s granddaughter. Realizing he’s been rude, his face turns pale.

Souta scratches his head and then speaks to Barth.
「For now, raise your head. I’m not angry…… In the first place, you’ve never seen me in person, so it’s not strange if you make a mistake.」
「No, but to have that attitude to Elvas-sama’s important friend … …」
Barth replies with his head still down.

「Like I said, raise your head.」
Souta holds his side and forces him to stands up.
「Even if I’m a friend, I’m just a mere adventurer. You don’t need to take it that far.」
「No, but」
「That. is. fine! Fulfill your duty first before that. Elvas entrusted something to you, didn’t he? 」
He looks relieved for a while, then he rushes back to the carriage and pulls out his bag. From there, he takes out a single envelope.

「I-I apologize for my mistake. Here is the letter of introduction Elvas-sama told me to give you.」
He lowers his head again as he holds out the letter in front of Souta.
「Oh, thank you. Please give my thanks to Elvas.」
Souta turns his back and tries to return to the house, but Barth hurriedly speaks.
「Umm! That, there is still something else … … I was told to ask the specific time of your departure…….」
「Ah, that’s right. I haven’t decide the specific time yet, but I’ll depart as soon as I ready. Well, maybe around noon? It’s not really specific, but that’s the closest.」

Barth lowers his head again.
「Thank you very much! I will tell Elvas-sama that. I’m sorry for stopping you.」
After saying that, he goes back to the carriage again and heads back to the lord’s mansion.

「How can I say this, he seems easy to get carried away…….」
Mutters Souta while putting the letter of introduction in the dimensional storage.
Ed who came near Souta unnoticed snorts, agreeing with him.

t/n: believe it or not, the posture barth use to give the letter is the posture of shy school girl use to give love letter in anime or manga

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  1. .     ∧_∧ Thanks!!
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  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    It’s been bothering me for a while now why a horse named Ed was so familiar. Turns out there’s a series about a talking horse named Mr. Ed that I used to watch when I was a kid.

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  3. how should I say this… Souta sure is taking his sweet time narrating every little action.

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  4. It’s a trap! In the military you never give out your departure time to anyone, especially some stranger who claims he’s from the lord.


  5. and his horse is really something… I want one. I would be more surprised if the horse was named James Baxter xD


  6. and his horse is really something… I want one. I would be more surprised if the horse was named James Baxter xD


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