Re-Summoned Hero Episode 47

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

You’re one to talk.
Sacred tree.
Welcome to the capital of the elven kingdom, 『Girnol』.

The three who are able to enter the country safely decide to follow Narasu’s suggestion to go straight to her workshop.
The workshop is located in the west part of the city.

On the way to the workshop, the number of houses and shops gradually decrease until they reach a wide open space.
There, a vertical shed stands alone in the middle of a vast plot of land.

「This is my workshop. You can go in with the carriage as is. The door should be big enough for it.」
Narasu and Arezel get off the carriage and go to the shed’s doors, unlocking them.
The doors open to the side, the two open the doors to the left and right respectively.

Even if a carriage can enter, with the size of this shed, won’t it be cramped?
Souta thinks so, but still enters as instructed by the two.
Once inside, there is a slope leading to the basement. He keeps going and reaches a vast space that can’t be imagined it’s there from outside.

「Can you park the carriage in the spot over there? I’m sorry, Horse-kun should also stay there.」
「We are going to the room on the other side first.」

Souta parks the carriage in the corner where there is nothing placed, and then lays down fur for Ed and tells him to wait.
In addition, other than the usual bucket filled with meals, Souta also put a bucket for excretion purpose.
「Ed, sorry, but wait here for now.」
Ed nods once, and Souta goes to the other room after he strokes Ed’s head once.

Inside the room is a living space, the lived-in feeling overflows from it.
This room is isolated from the interior of the workshop. There is no atmosphere of an alchemist living here at all.

「Souta-dono, can you go over there first? Arezel, you can go rest, I will make the tea.」
「No, it’s okay, because I’m only good at making tea, I will do it! Master, please talk to Souta-san in the meantime.」
Saying that, Arezel pushes Narasu’s back who is trying to head to the kitchen back outside.

「Ohh dear, she’s a good girl, but it is a fault that she never yields once she sets her heart to something.」
The tone she uses makes her sound troubled, but she shows a smile.
「She was saved by chance this time, you should keep her reins better so it doesn’t happen again in the future.」
「That’s true, I think that it turned out to be a good lesson for her…… but I have to be more careful from here on.」
「That’s good … So about the thing you said to me in the guard’s room, what do you mean?」
The atmosphere changes once Souta sends a stern gaze at Narasu.

「It’s about Dinarius-sama. From Carena’s letter, it seems like you come here to meet Dina-sama.」
She stops there and then clears her throat.
「Well, before I talk about it in detail, I have a request for Souta-dono.」

Narasu points at Souta, more precisely to Souta’s arm.
「I’d like you to remove that camouflage bracelet. I will tell you more about Dina-sama if you do it.」
For a while, Souta and Narasu stare at each other.

In the middle of it, Arezel comes to serve the tea.
「Ehh? Is something happen? Why both of you staring at each other silently?… Anyway, I have prepared the tea, so please enjoy it.」
After putting the tea in front of the two people and putting sweet on the middle of the table, Arezel also sits on her chair and started to sip her tea.
「So, what happened?」
Arezel who is unable to grasp the situation, tilts her head and asks innocently.

With the state like that, Souta exhales his breath.
「Fu, I got overwhelmed. It’s not something that needs to be hidden that much, so it’s fine.」
Souta rolls his sleeve, then remove the bracelet, once removed, his body wrapped in light for a moment.
When the light dissipates, Souta’s hair and eyes are back to its original color of black.

「Is this fine? Let me hear about Dina immediately.」
「So-So-Souta-san, what happened!?」
Arezel is so surprised that her eyes go round and round.

Narasu is also surprised but for different reason than Arezel.
「Just as I thought … So it’s really you, Souta-dono.」
From the reaction, Souta showing a doubtful expression to Narasu who seems to know his true identity.
「Did you know me?」

「Yes, ah, no, not directly, I’ve just seen the pictures.」
「Picture? I don’t think there is a painting with me drawn …. or maybe there is, I certainly remember there was a painter invited to the castle…」
Narasu nods.
「Yes, the painting went to Dina-sama’s hands afterward. Just some days before Dina-sama was sealed, the painting was handed to my father.」
「So that’s how you know me.」

「Hm? What do you mean? Did Souta-san appear in an old picture? 」
「Yeah, can you be quiet for a bit by the way, the story will be complicated if you join the conversation it seems.」
Narasu tells that to Arezel with a smile.
「Ehhh, but … ….」
「Be. Quiet.」
This time Narasu said that with a bit of force while putting her hand on Arezel’s head.
Arezel gives a small scream while nodding over and over from the pressure, she nods while putting her hands on her mouth.

After confirming that Arezel stays silent, Narasu takes a piece of paper in a locked cabinet and sits back across of Souta.
「Well then, shall we continue as there is no more disruption now.」
「Hn, ahh, yeah that’s fine.」
Souta is also a bit overwhelmed by Narasu’s pressure.
「Firstly, about Souta-dono, you are the hero drawn in this picture, are you not?」
In the paper she spreads over the table, there is a picture of Souta and his companion.
Souta remembers that one time he was asked to pose for the picture.

After a brief silent, he opens his mouth.
「…… That’s right, I’ll admit since I can’t hide it anymore. I’m the hero who was summoned a thousand years ago.」
Arezel is desperately suppressing her voice from the surprise.

「So it’s true after all. The number of people who knows your name is limited now, it’s the name that I only heard of before, and I only see your face from the picture. No way, what Dina-sama said really came true.」
「Dina said something about me?」
She nods deeply.
「It’s just something I heard from my father, but Dina-sama said there will be a day Souta-dono will return to this world.」
「She predicted this would happen… I don’t remember she has some sort of future sight ability.」
Narasu once again stands up and goes to take something like a stone from another cupboard.
「And to give this to Souta-dono if you came here.」

The stone placed on the table is an orange stone filled with magic power.
Souta knows what kind of object this stone is.

t/n: sudden plot out of nowhere, and its name is…….

btw pressure here use katakana, it’s not a skill like what Souta uses

the bit about dinarius has future sight or not need to wait until next chapter, i’m not 100% sure i got it right in this chapter, but who know

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  2. > When the light dissipates, Souta’s hair and eyes are back to its original color of black.

    > 「…… That’s right, I’ll admit since I can’t hide it anymore. I’m the hero who was summoned a thousand years ago.」
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