Re-Summoned Hero Episode 48

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Vast workshop.
True identity exposed.
Orange stone.

「The stone’s name is Memory Stone. Long time ago, I made this as an experiment together with the elder, this is one of the samples.」
「Is this stone by any chance, can keep someone’s memories in it!? That’s amazing!」
Souta takes it and nods.
「That’s right. But… one thing, there’s one problem with it. The condition to watch the recording inside it is if it’s activated by me or the elder’s magic power, which is pretty much the creator of this stone.」
「So, that means the recipients are limited huh?」
「To leave the record, one needs to pour their magic power into it while recording the memory…… Anyway, it was a prototype, but since that person wanted it, we decided to gave her a couple of samples.」
Looking at the stone in his hand, Souta shows a nostalgic expression.

「…… What is the content, I wonder? I want to see it alone. I’m sorry, can you lend me a vacant room? 」
Based on the timing of when this stone was given to Narasu’s father, Souta judge the content is not something light.
「Then, you can use this room, we will leave you alone.Let’s go, Arezel.」
Narasu pulls Arezel’s hand and together, they leave the room.

「What on earth will be shown I wonder……」
While muttering, Souta pours his magic power into the stone and then puts it on the table.
The stone emits light gradually and an image emerges.
What is reflected there is the image of Dinarius of the past day.
「Hnn, hmm. A- A-, I wonder if this is recording, I hope there is some sign of when it starts recording or things like that.」
While speaking lightly through the magic stone, she complains while poking it.
「Well… it will be okay, since Souta-san made it, it should be fine, should be. but for that person to go missing.」
Despite taking some time before she goes to the main topic, Souta doesn’t get angry or impatient, instead, he watches her with a smile.
「Fufufu, still the same Dina I guess.」

「Alright, let’s just start and assume everything is fine.」
With resolve, Dina switches her feeling and start talking about the main topic.
「When Souta-san watches this, I’ll probably still be sealed in the Demon Crystal. There must be various rumors going around, but don’t worry, because this is the decision I made. 」
The smile on Souta’s face from before vanishes, it replaced by a serious expression as he listens to Dina.
「I heard that you were repatriated to your original world, but I believe that Souta-san will return to this world, so I will wait for the day we meet again inside the seal.」
She decided to spend years of her time sealed only in order to meet again with Souta.
「There must be people that will try to undo the seal, so I decided to use the Memory Stone as the key to unlock it. That way the seal can only unsealed by either Souta-san or the elder.」
In her hand is another memory stone different from the one used for this record.

「Why… all this just to meet me….」
「Souta-san, you must be thinking why I do this right? Of course it’s true that I want to meet with Souta-san again, but it’s not only that, I have an information obtained by me and my brother unique skills, I want to tell it to you, no, I have to tell you. 」
The older brother she mentions is the hero of elves that went to subdue the demon king together with Souta and the other heroes.
「Dina and her brother’s skills….?」
For better cooperation, all seven heroes revealed their skills to each other, but it was up to their judgment if they want to reveal their unique skill or not.
And Dina’s older brother, Soldia, kept it secret.

「If Souta-san able to undo the seal, we will talk at that time … I mean, even if I tell you everything now, you might not undo the seal.」
She says jokingly as she stuck out her tongue.
「Ufufufu, I don’t think that Souta-san would do such a thing…… The truth is that I’m afraid that other people see this by any chance. So please, if you see this, please help me out of the seal. 」
There is a tinge of fear mixed in her expression, and the recording ends there.

Even when the stone already stops emitting the image, Souta is still standing there unmoving while staring into the space where Dinarius was projected a while ago.
After a while, knocking sounds can be heard from the room.
「Ummm, Souta-san, it’s been a while, is it fine to enter the room now?」
After making sure there is no sound comes from the room, Arezel timidly opens the door.
「Hmm? Ah, sorry, it’s over already, so it’s fine to enter.」

Following Arezel, Narasu also comes back to the room.
「So, how is it?」
「Yeah, it’s a message from Dina, it’s about the reason she’s sealed, also there is something she wanted to talk to me」
「So, that’s it. But now, Dina-sama is……」
She stops her sentence there as if it’s hard to continue.

「Anything wrong? Do I can’t meet her?」
Narasu hesitates whether she want to says it or not, but looking at Souta who looking at her with a serious expression, she decides to start talking.
「The royal family once gathered skilled magicians to undo Dina-sama seal around 700 hundred years ago, it, unfortunately, ends up in failure.」
「If it’s that, I heard it already from Carena, although it’s not as detailed as what you said just now.」
「That’s natural, the story comes from when she was not born yet, right now, there are only a few who remember it in detail.」
「So it failed, I understand that, but is that connected to why I can not meet her?」
Souta asks the question to return to the topic that almost derails.

「To undo the seal, the country was doing a large scale ceremony, so failing that destroy the reputation of the royal family. To remedy the situation, the minister at the time said 『Curse, a curse has made the seal stronger!』.」
「What a fool……」
「Yes, it was stupid, but the king at that time hopped on board with that remark, and as a result, Dina-sama was labeled as cursed, and she was sealed in the back of the cave further west from here.」

「Wha-What did you say? … Tell me the place, I will go.」

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