Re-Summoned Hero Episode 54

The Hydra’s range of action is limited.
First head defeated.
Second head defeated.

Souta pierces the second head, giving it a finishing blow, and after that, he looks at the last head that’s fighting Narasu.
It looks like Narasu hurt her leg, as her movement lacks its previous fluidity. She uses her rapier like a cane to make up for the loss of mobility from her injury.

The Hydra spits out acidic liquid, and it’s aimed at Narasu’s leg.
She avoids it somehow, but every time she moves, the wounds slowly gets larger.
As it only has one head left, the processing speed that originally split into three now fused back into one, and the movement of Hydra is better than it was in the beginning skirmish.

Acid flies to the spot where Narasu going to land.
She tries to move right away, but the pain in her leg is preventing that.
Narasu closes her eyes as if she’s praying, ready to receive the acid attack.
However, Souta embraces Narasu, preventing the acid from hitting her with his barrier.

「You endured it well, leave the rest to me.」
After moving Narasu away from the Hydra, Souta goes back to the Hydra.
As Souta approaches the Hydra, it spews more acid.

Unlike the breath from the middle head, it seems like there is no need to accumulate the acid in its mouth first, the Hydra spits out acid at Souta one after another.
「It didn’t spit out acid in the first round, what does that mean?」
In the first round of fighting, it, together with the left head, only attacked by biting at Souta.
Of course, no answer comes from the Hydra. It only keeps attacking Souta with acid.

Hydra’s heads have different breath on each one, however, since the magic needed to produce the breath comes from the body, only one head can use the breath.
After becoming a seven-headed hydra, its magic power would also grow larger, making it possible to use the breath with two or more heads. But for a three-headed hydra, this is the limit.

「If this keeps going, I won’t have any footholds…… Should I end it soon?」
Just like when fighting the Ancient Dragon, Souta fills his sword with Ice magic power.
The swung sword hits the acid, freezing it. It then drops to the ground as a single lump without splashing other acids.

As the distance between them shrinks, Souta throws an iron sword he takes out of the Dimensional Storage.
The right head avoids it with ease, but as it evades that sword, Souta throws another iron sword.
While the Hydra also avoids this one, it gives priority to evasion, effectively stopping the rapid fire acid attack.
Souta keeps throwing weapons at the Hydra as a counter attack: swords, daggers, spears, axes, and so forth. He throws anything he can grab from his Dimensional Storage.
The throwing speed far exceeds what a normal person is capable of, not to mention each and every weapon thrown at the Hydra is imbued with magic.

The Hydra can’t avoid all the attacks from Souta, those attacks deal some damage to the Hydra.
Souta gets closer to the Hydra while throwing the weapons.

The throwing ceases, realizing that the Hydra is trying to block with the remains of its left head while the right head is trying to spit more acid, Souta jumps, bringing him to the right head’s eye level.
「It’ll be bad if it uses the breath and acid at the same time!」
Souta uses his sword to pierce the right head and then releases the magic power inside it.
Not even able to voice its death throes, the head is encased in ice, and the left head also stops moving and falls at the same time.

「Fuhh, this thing was pretty strong. That was the first time I fought a dragon with multiple heads…… That went fairly well, I guess?」
After looking at the remains of the Hydra for a while, Souta goes to check on Narasu.

Narasu just finished applying restoration medicine she got from Souta on her injured leg.
「Souta-dono, thanks for the hard work. My apologies, in the end it’s you who fought all three heads……. I’m just a burden for you.」
Saying that, Narasu’s head droops.
「I don’t mind, it was thanks to Narasu fighting the other head that I could concentrate on the rest. What matters, in the end, is the result.」
It’s the truth, but the fact that she couldn’t beat the opponent assigned to her and ended up being helped by Souta puts a weight on her mind.
「…… If you say so. Anyway, a little help please.」
However, the words squeezed out of her mouth don’t deny Souta’s words.

「Next is, Dina. I have to release her soon.」
Grasping Souta’s extended hand, Narasu stands up.
「Right, as I’ve only ever heard the story, I’m looking forward to talk to her.」
Because the crystal was originally stored in the king’s castle, it’s the first time for Narasu, who hadn’t attended the unsealing ceremony to see it directly.

Avoiding the collapsed Hydra, they both approach the crystal, and Narasu gasps in surprise as they get closer to it.
First, the size of the crystal was unclear from distance, but it’s big enough for it to be able to reach the ceiling from the floor.
Next is the sight of the sealed Dinarius, whose beauty gives off a translucent feeling. She looks fragile, but for some reason looks full of vitality.
「This is… Dina-sama.」
The impression Narasu gets from looking at her is one that contradicts itself.

「Dinarius, it’s been a long time. For you to confine yourself in this place for so long, are you stupid or what… If Soldia knows, he might destroy the country himself you know.」
On Souta’s face, various emotions such as anger from what Dinarius did, sorrow from remembering a friend he can never meet again, and joy from able to reunite, can be seen, but in the end, he reaches out to the crystal with a smile on his face.
「I’ll free you now.」
The crystal is sealed, and the key of unsealing is the Memory Stone that Dinarius holds in her hands.
Souta pours his magic into the crystal while imagining a connection for his magic power to reach the Memory Stone.

The magic power gathers on the Memory Stone and slowly spreads to the entirety of the Demon Crystal.
The number of people needed to unseal a crystal usually increases in proportion to the size of the crystal because the magic needed also increases, however, Souta provides the magic needed by himself.
Once magic power fills the entire crystal, the crystal emits a sound with the crack that appears on it.
The seal gradually disappears, and Dinarius slowly emerges from the crystal.
While waiting for that, a sound different from the sound of the crystal suddenly can be heard from behind the two.

The Hydra that should’ve been defeated earlier raises itself and roars.
Souta needs to keep adding magic to the crystal, while Narasu is still not fully recovered from her injury, and in the first place, it will hard for her to fight it herself.
The left and right heads are nowhere to be seen, they seem to have fused with the center head.

「That thing is…. This is quite a pinch.」
Souta turns his eyes to the Hydra, and sweat can be seen flowing on his forehead.

t/n: i’m back, yep definitely back, need time before i can handle the old release rate, but i’m back, which is the most important part

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  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Then Dinarius woke up and says:
    Sit boy! Stay!
    Then the Hydra sat at attention.
    I would laugh if the next chapter turns out like that.


  2. hydra, the thing where you’re basically saying, i want to fight a bunch of dragons at once but not from multiple sides


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