Re-Summoned Hero Episode 53

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

There are lots of monsters, there are also Hydra!
Souta’s amazing——
Hydra so stronk———

「Fuu~, Now then, what to do…… I won’t say it’s a stalemate, but it’s quite strong.」
After taking a distance, Souta enters a fighting stances again, brandishing his Dragon Decapitation Sword, but the Hydra doesn’t pursue him.
「This thing only attacks the one that approaches the Demon Crystal…… Then.」
Souta turns his back to the Hydra, and heads toward Narasu.

「Narasu, that big thing won’t do anything unless you get close. First, let’s clean up the small fry!」
Souta casts magic to defeat the far off enemies, while using his sword to cut down the ones nearby.
On the other hand, Narasu sweats profusely, her face is filled with fatigue, she can’t afford to reply to Souta now.

Although not long has passed since the start of the battle, the place is overflowing with the corpse of monsters.
「They’re starting to get in the way.」
To secure his foothold, Souta puts away the body of the monsters in the dimensional storage.

By the time Narasu reaches Souta, the monsters have been reduced to about a fifth of their original number.
「Are you okay?」
「Hahh hahh, somehow.」
Narasu answers while wielding her sword, on her body, there is no trace of significant damage, only minor scratches here and there.

Souta spills the recovery medicine he takes out on Narasu.
「What are you doing !?」
She is surprised from suddenly spilled by liquid, but as the small pains that eating her disappear, she notices that it’s a recovery medicine.
「I appreciate that, but say something beforehand next time!」
Surprisingly, the wounds actually hindered Narasu’s movement more than she thought, as her attacks become sharper than before.

「Your movement recovered, drink this too, by the way.」
While giving the small bottle to Narasu, Souta swings his sword to attack enemies behind her.
「This is?」
「Physical recovery medicine. It’s probably also not created now.」
The medicine is purple, Narasu hesitates for a moment and then swallow it all in one gulp.
The taste is so terrible that she unexpectedly raises such a voice, but the medicine work as the feeling of exhaustion disappears from her body.

「Interesting voice you made there.」
「…… Tell nobody about it.」
When that back and forth exchange happen, they confront the monsters once again.
Although countless monsters have been defeated so far, Souta still hasn’t even received a scratch from them, in addition, he also stores the defeated monsters in his dimensional storage to secure their footing.

Among the monsters that’s being defeated one after another, there is a monster that stops Souta’s Izayoi before, but as the Dragon Decapitation sword is sharper, the blade goes through the monster’s body and cuts it in two.
The movement of Narasu also become sharper as she pierces monsters one after another.
When aligning their back, Souta applies body strengthening magic from enchant magic to Narasu.

「Almost time, I guess. Narasu, pull back for now!」
「!? Yes!!」
Narasu is surprised by Souta’s voice for a moment. Souta looks at the movement of the monsters and sees what he wants to do and then pull back.
The monsters are gathering in one place chasing Souta and Narasu.

Souta confirms that most monsters other than the hydra are gathered and turns his back.
「Let’s go!」
Narasu creates a fire storm, an intermediate fire magic, while Souta makes twenty fireballs and simultaneously releases them at the group of monsters.

The monsters are getting caught by the fire storm, some monsters are able to escape in the nick of time, but they get struck down by Souta’s fireball instead.
Swallowed in the blast, most of the monsters in the area are defeated.

「With this, this place is cleared.」
「Eeee~ There are so many things doesn’t make sense now…… But I guess we still have things to do.」
Compared to Narasu’s fire storm, the strength of the fireballs Souta fired to the monsters is clearly stronger.

「Leave the things you’re worrying about until we finish that big thing.」
「I know right.」
They move their line of sight to the Hydra.
「I’ll tell you what I found out about it while fighting. Naturally, each of the three head moves freely, and the magic resistances of the left and right heads are high, while the center head has powerful breath attack.」
You understand so far? Receiving Souta’s glance that seems to ask that, Narasu nods.
「Next is his range of action, it seems it’s restricted to the area around the Demon Crystal, as it didn’t chase after me when I was blown away.」
「That Hydra is protecting it……. is that what you mean?」
「Either that, or it’s trying to prevent the seal from getting unsealed, I wonder which it is.」

「I don’t think a monster has such a will…….」
Narasu shows a dubious expression.
「That’s not a far of a stretch that it instinctively protects the object which let it grows so far considering the magic power that leaks out from the Demon Crystal. The other possibility is someone is manipulating it… but it doesn’t seem like it.」
There is no abnormality from Souta’s appraisal result.

「For the time being, I’ll fight the two heads, can I leave the last one to you?」
「Understand, let’s do it somehow.」
「I leave it to you then.」
Souta puts his hand Narasu’s shoulder and then reapplies the body strengthening magic.

Once she feels that her body become lighter, she runs toward the Hydra.
「Here I go.」
In the right hand of Souta who is chasing Narasu one step behind is Dragon Decapitation sword, while in the other hand is his mithril sword.
Narasu heads toward the right head, Souta shots magic at the left head to direct its attention while he himself goes toward the center head.

Going through the blast, the left head tries to bite Souta, but Souta keeps avoiding it while trying to slash at the center head.
However, the breath is already stored in the center head’s mouth, and it’s about to get released now.
「I’m not going to receive that many times.」
Souta throws a mithril sword imbued with ice magic at the Hydra’s open mouth.
The Hydra tries to break it, which is achieved in a sense, the sword crushed to piece in its mouth.

「Guess so, but.」
Souta snaps his fingers, and not long after that, the ice magic in the sword releases, locking the mouth closed with ice.
By not letting it open, the breath which has gathered in its mouth explodes, burning the soft inner side of its mouth.
「If attacked from inside, the damage will be great too.」

With this, one of the three heads withdraws from the front.

While Souta and Narasu are each fighting one head, Narasu in particular is having a hard time.
Narasu’s strategy is to avoid an attack and strike the enemy on the weak point using the gap it makes when attacking.
However, the hydra’s skin is hard enough that Narasu’s attack is unable to pierce it and only leaves a small scratch on the skin surface.

Souta throws another sword at the left head hoping to do the same thing as he did with the center neck, but as the three head share information with each other, the left head avoids the sword instead.
「As expected, it wouldn’t try to eat it more than once.」
Souta thought it would be easier if it could be defeated the same way as the center head, but in the end, he decides to fight it head on this time.
He keeps avoiding the Hydra’s attack while looking for a chance, by the time the attacks exceed ten, it releases a powerful attack, stronger than every attack it did until now.
Souta sets his sword, aiming for a counter in accordance to the bite attack.

Knowing for sure there is no magic power in the sword, the Hydra ignores it thinking that it can break the sword with its teeth like before.
However, against the hardness of Dragon Decapitation sword, Hydra’s teeth are the ones that are crushed instead.
Although it bends its head backward from the pain, Souta jumps, chasing after the mouth and tears the mouth from the sky as it is.

「This is the second one.」

Souta pierces the second head, giving it a finishing blow, after that he looks at the last head that is fighting Narasu.

t/n: this is a bit late, the job is harsher than i thought (time wise, not effort wise)

in any case, enjoy

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