Re-Summoned Hero Short Story 04

Souta and Touko

Library after school.

Other than the sound of students who did club activity outside, there was no other sound other than the sound of flipped pages.

She, 『Kitagawa Touko』, came to the library all the time when she had some free times. The library of this school was vast, it was about the size of a small municipal library, so the amount of book collection was more than other schools.
Flip, flip, such is the sound of the flipped page.

The reason she made such voice was because she saw the student that frequently came to the library like her.
「You’re here too huh.」
That remark comes from her classmate, 『Konoe Souta』.

Although they didn’t have a special feeling for each other, he was still a classmate that frequent the library, so they still had a basic amount of conversation like a small greeting.
「Yep, Konoe-kun too right.」
She returned the words to him with a small voice without any intonation.

「Ahh, that’s right.」
Only this, the words exchanged were only one or two at the time, but being a classmate with the same hobby, the exchange felt pleasant.

Always two people, reading the book they like in a separated seat.

For example, Touko liked reading books about romance and great men. She also read various books such as quotation collection like ○○ wordbook.

For example, Souta frequently read exciting stories such as adventure stories and detective stories.

Although no genre they liked match with each other, one day, Touko made a plan. Let’s read the book Souta read.

It was just a whim, she always thought that it was not bad to read a book with the genre she never read before, She thought it was better to read from the book her classmate interested in for a start.

Let’s hit one series and start reading from there. She was originally omnivorous reader who read any genre of books, so she could enter the story with ease and read the series all at once.
The books she was reading today was also a book she saw Souta borrowed before, and that book also interesting just like other books he read.

Someday I want to talk with him about the contents of the book. While holding such a feeling, she -who almost never had the opportunity to communicate with boys other than Daiki who was frequently with her- could not start a conversation with him. That’s why…….

「Ohh, you also read that? I read it too, and it’s interesting, I recommend the sequel from that author so please read it if you haven’t read it yet.」
Touko secretly smiles when she listened to Souta’s remark.

t/n: the last chapter posted is sweet, too sweet for some people maybe

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15 thoughts on “Re-Summoned Hero Short Story 04

  1. Stealth harem engage! Let’s see which one of them turns Yandere and attempts to go chasing the MC after trying to rally the others while only getting the 3 other girls interested in the MC

    It’s going to be a bloodbath when they see him with a beautiful elf…


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