Re-Summoned Hero Short Story 03

Souta and Aki

One day three years ago, Aki was participating in the kendo tournament as a junior high school third grader.

She was in the girls’ division, but she lost on quarterfinal, this made her feel frustrated.
「Hahh~, I could only show subtle performance this time.」
Heartbroken, she separated from her teammate and hang around the venue alone. Then the announcement about the start of final of the men’s section began to flow to the venue. She went to the men’s section for no reason to watch it.

Once there, she opened her eyes wide from the surprise.
「…… !?」
It was a boy from different middle school with the same age as her.

Aki could felt the atmosphere changed when she entered the hall. It was also the same for others, and the venue that was supposed to be in high tension because of the final was quiet.

「That person, amazing.」
Everyone other than the contestants, all showed a different reaction. They were unable to express it well, but they know there was something different.

He showed overwhelming strength when the final start, and would win the tournament very easily. The opponent was completely overwhelmed by his atmosphere, and even if not, no contestant could fight him head-on.

After she enrolled in high school for a while. She met three people: 『Daiki』, 『Haruna』, and 『Touko』 who will become her friends later. However, the most shocking thing for her was that the person who won that tournament was going to the same high school as her.

The kendo in this school was not weak, but still, she thought that with the ability he had, he would go to famous private school instead. Aki looked at him and tremble in excitement. It was because she imagined she could train kendo with such a strong person for the next three years.

However, that thought didn’t come true.

He didn’t enter the kendo club. Why! What is your reason! Don’t you think that it is a waste even though you have that much ability! She had such a strong feeling, and in fact, she actually showed that emotion to the person in question.

His reply was unacceptable for Aki.
「Sorry, I’ve tasted the battle for my life, so I decided to end everything with that tournament as the last. Even if I still continue, I feel like I have nothing to gain from kendo.」

After that, he would be summoned to other world together with Aki and the other three from her group.
By experiencing a life-threatening battle in that world, Aki would then understand the true meaning of what that person said, but that story is still the story from the future.

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10 thoughts on “Re-Summoned Hero Short Story 03

  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    Damn it, we talked about the other three heroes and I was adamant about not really wanting to read about when they take over… all these are doing are changing my mind! Were these side stories next, or did you do this on purpose?


    1. of course no, i just found them when checking author activity log, and realize there are short story with entirely different title (though it’s the same title with short story added) and because i forget to bring next chapter rough draft in my outing this time, i decide to translate these 4 chapters, i already thought about translating both side together, but that’s still for when the main story reach chapter 100-150,

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  2. I have always thought that is really funny how the japanese mindset towards sports is that of obsessing themselves to death in the persecution of perfection but at the end losing against some western athlete that don’t even like the sport that much and is there because 1: she/he is talented at it and 2: she/he likes the money XD
    and it makes sense because japanese try to apply the same disciplinary mindset to all the activities they try making them unable to implement creative solutions for their training.


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