Re-Summoned Hero Episode 64

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Super nervous Arezel.
Eat sweets and fruits.
Finally, the audience.

「Which one of you is called Souta?」
When the minister asks that question, Souta and the others are kneeling.
「Yes, I’m the one called Souta, an adventurer. I am extremely happy for the opportunity to have an audience with the king and the nobility this time.」
Looking at Souta who is uncharacteristically humble, Narasu and the others are surprised.

「Fumu, that’s quite an admirable attitude isn’t it. You’re permitted to raise your head.」
Souta, with the permission from the minister, raises his head and looks toward the king.
「Your Highness, what will you do?」
The minister approaches the king to ask about treatment for Souta and the others, but the king starts to lose interest in Souta.
Propped on one elbow, he sends his attention to the day after tomorrow, acting like he doesn’t care anymore.

「Hn, ahh, whatever is fine right? I called them because I wanted to hear the story just in case, but it’s not particularly important anyway.」
Usually he’s a good king with good sense, his attitude right now is caused by the disappointment he gets when he heard Souta’s answer, which was unexpectedly normal.
「Oh, Your Highness, in that case, what is the meaning of this summon! There’s the thing about Dina-sama if I take you at your word.」
After Dina’s name mentioned by the minister, the king changes his sitting position and attitude.

「Dina-sama, daughter of that inept king huh? Is it fine to release the seal of Dina-dono now?」
Dina also raises her head to answer the king’s question.
「It’s fine. I guess it’s going to be a thousand years now? The seal was safely released.」
「About that, can you tell me the reason why the unsealing ceremony failed before, as well as why it’s solved now?」

She moves her hand to her chin, thinking, as she’s not sure about the answer, and then after a while, she answers with a face covered in a bright smile.
「It’s a secret!」
「A secret huh. Hahaha, it can’t be helped then, Wahahaha~!」
Whether the king likes the answer, he lets out hearty laughter.

「No matter if Dina-sama was royalty in the past, how dare you conceal the truth from the current king!」
「That’s right, that’s extremely rude!」
The nobles in attendance raise their voices to criticize Dina. The person in question -while their words don’t hurt her feelings- only shows a bitter smile as she’s feeling troubled.

「No, wai-……」
Just when the king tries to stop them, a slander said in a remarkably loud voice resounds.
「This sinner is sure is impertinent.」
「That’s right, sinners can stay in prison!」
The moment that a shadow is cast on Dina’s face from that slander, strong wind suddenly blows in the hall. No, it’s not actually wind, the feeling comes from unleashed magic power.
Souta’s voice that’s filled with anger reaches every person’s ears in that hall.

Their attitude from some time ago vanishes as Souta glares at those men who called Dina a sinner.
Those men act just like a frog stared by a snake, they just stand there unable to move. No, the others who are in that hall are also unable to move.

「Hey, what did you say?」
Souta slowly approaches the man.
「Uu, no, I am …」
Only one capable of speaking, even if only to that extent. The other man is overwhelmed by Souta to the point that he can’t even open his mouth.

「Wa-Wait a moment, I apologize for the poor behavior of my subordinate, will you lower your weapon?」
The king who regains his composure the earliest raises his voice to stop Souta.
「It’s no use even if you apologize, isn’t it? After all, the ones who made the worst slander against my companion are them. Not to mention…… Aren’t you apologizing to the wrong person here?」
Souta sends his gazes to Dina.

「Yo-You’re right. Oi, you all, apologize to Dina-dono immediately! From me too, Dina-dono, I’m terribly sorry for the impoliteness of my subordinate.」
The fact their action has made the king lower his head makes them tremble from the fear of the person who approaches them from the side. Noticing that everyone’s eyes are gathered on them, they quickly lower their heads with pale faces.
「We’re terribly sorry. Dina-sama, please find it in your heart to forgive us!」
Down on their knees, they then ask for forgiveness while lowering their heads to the floor, it’s the so-called dogeza style apology.

「I-It’s fine, I don’t mind, please raise your heads.」
Said Dina with a slight impatience. After that, she goes to Souta’s side and raises her index finger to gain his attention.
「Souta-san too, it’s not good to be angry like that. Since you have strong magic power, if your method is like that, that will just make Souta-san evil.」
「Mu, it was my bad. Well, since Dina already forgave them, I don’t have any reason to get angry anymore.」
Souta reins in his magic power and anger and then apologizes to Dina.

Although she’s showing a bitter smile when Souta obediently apologizes, her smile changes into normal smile not long after.
「Geez, it can’t be helped then… but, to get angry for my sake, I’m happy.」
The cheeks of Dina who said so start to turn red.

As the king clears his throat, everyone’s attention gathers there.
「Ahh, was it Souta? If I understand it right, your admirable attitude before was to hide your true nature?」
「Well, something like that. It’s already found out so I’ll speak…… it’s because you seem to be interested in me who drove back Dorusu, I thought you’d lost interest if I were a meek, submissive person.」
Because of Souta’s rude attitude, the nobles want to raise their complaints, but once they remember the exchange from before, they swallow the complaints at the tip of their tongues.

「Fuhh~, I really fooled by that. However, I only want to confirm the story with you without doing that. I don’t want to trouble you all.」
「Even if you intend to do so, if my attitude from the start were like this, the noble would complain, in the end we will end up caught in trouble. 」
After thinking for a bit, the king nods,
「Certainly, you’re right. You know these people well.」
「So, what are you going to do with us? Are you just interested in the subject? Or are you want to treat Dina as a sinner just like what those people there said?」

The king quietly shakes his head.
「No, I will not do anything. If I try to do anything further, the damage will be greater for us. Even if it was just momentary, I could still see part of your ability through the exchange earlier.」
Then he nods, satisfied.

「Then, can I go back soon?」
「Ahh, no, we can’t just send you back without anything in return after we summoned you specifically. This is something that made you feel uncomfortable, and then the others who came along, to just leave without saying a single word. Well then, what to do…. 」
The minister whispers something to the king, who is putting his hand on his chin and looks troubled.
「Fumu, I see. But, then…… Hm.」

t/n: quick reminder, Arezel, Narasu, and Roury are in the room too

sorry it’s late, i have no excuse for this, though the good news is, next chapter already finished, just waiting to be edited

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