Re-Summoned Hero Episode 70

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Crying Roury.
Recollection scene.
Two tired people.

Before going home, they make a detour to the real estate agency. It’s to take the key from Fuura, who was asked to manage the house. As they enter the shop, they find Fuura dozing off on the counter.
「Fuura… Oi, Fuura, wake up.」
Since she’s not waking up even after being called, Souta decides to shake her shoulder.
「Fuura, it’s a customer. Hurry up and get up.」
With that, she opens her eyes and raises her body.

「N, Ahhh.」
She raises her face and looks at the surroundings, and after making sure Souta is there, she gradually wakes up.
「Finally, you got up. I want you to return the key, since I’ve come back…… Are you listening?」
「Fuwaa~…… Un… I’m listening.」
Yawning, she stretches her body to wake up, and at last, she grasps the current situation.

「Fuhh-, I’m finally awake. Sorry, yesterday I was up late sorting documents.」
Fuura rises from her chair and greets him from the start again.
「Souta-san, welcome back, that was quick. I never thought you would finish in one month. Your purpose…… were you able to do it?」
She asks that while sending her gaze toward Dina and Roury behind Souta.
「More or less. By the way, one of them is not my companion, but Elmia’s mother.」

「Fuee~ El-chan’s mother? I can’t tell. No matter how I look at her, there seems to be no resemblance…… Wait, do you mean it’s the golden-haired woman there who’s El-chan’s mother?」
She asks while pointing at Roury.
「Yess~ present. I’m Elmia-chan’s mother, Roury. I’m planning to live in this city for the time being, please take care of me.」
「…… Errr~, are they really parent and child?」
Fuura, whose hand is grasped by Roury for a handshake, sends a doubtful gaze to Souta. In response, Souta just deeply nods silently.

「Well, Roury will live in this town, you may meet again so you can stop at that. For the time being, I want you to return the key…」
「Oh, right. Please wait a moment.」
After that, she enters the back room and brings out the key after a while.
「Sorry, I put it in a safe so I wouldn’t need to be worried about losing a customer’s possession. I will prepare the money now. Ummm…….」
Fuura, who believes that trust in business is important, put the keys in the safe aside from when she took care of the house. In addition, the valuables and money she managed were also put in a safe, albeit a different one.

「No, just keep it for now. It’s been decided that I’ll go on a journey again after a while, that money is set aside for that time, is that okay?」
Fuura, who was going to open the safe, stops her feet, and then nods to Souta.
「Got it, please tell me if you need it.」

「Now then, the key is returned. Also when I go on a journey again, I’ll tell you. At that time, please take care of it too.」
「Yess~ I’ll definitely take care of it. Also, Roury-san and that person over there too, please come if you need to rent a room, here we also have information on property for rent.」
「Yes, I will leave it to you at that time.」
「I wonder if I should live with my mother for the time being.」
Dina and Roury answer differently, and then they leave the store.

After leaving the real estate agency, they go straight to Souta’s home.

Upon reaching his residence, Dina and Roury stare at the mansion.
「Is this your house, Souta-san?」
Dina imagined it to be an ordinary home, hence her surprise when she learns it’s the size of a mansion when they arrive.
「S-Souta-san is rich, aren’t you?」
Roury also imagined the same, so she’s also surprised at the size of the mansion.

「Ah, I wanted to use it as a base, so I wanted it to be spacious. The number of people might increase more and more, so having spacious base will prevent us from feeling cramped.」
While replying to the two, Souta opens the magic wall using the key magic tool.
「W-What did you do just now? You turn the key at empty space, didn’t you?」
「Ah, this huh. This is that sort of magic tool. I made it with my companion on the journey of the old days.」

Roury is shocked by Souta’s remark. It’s a high-level magic tool seen for the first time, moreover, he says he made it. Of course, alchemy by itself is not enough to make it, but knowing that an unknown alchemy technique was surely used surprises her.
「Well, since the development also stopped at the prototype stage, it hasn’t been circulated to the world, I think there are only two or three of these that exist.」
「Tell me the manufacturing method…… It’s impossible to do, isn’t it?」
Souta shakes his head lightly.
「I feel bad, but this is impossible. I didn’t make it alone, moreover, it’s dangerous depending on the usage. If it’s the one we made, I can track the item from the outflow of magic power one way or another. It will be troublesome if there’s an exception to this.」
「Right, sorry. I’m just saying, don’t worry about it.」
Roury apologizes to Souta with her shoulders slumped.

「Now then, it’s already open, so let’s enter.」
Upon entering the gate, they go to Ed’s resting place and remove the carriage body.
「Well then, Ed, we’ll be inside, so call me out if there is something.」
After Ed nods to him, Souta takes meals and water to Ed’s resting place.


After entering the room and escorting the two into the living room, they fall onto the sofa.
「Ah~ so tired~」
「As expected, I’m also tired……」
Fatigue from a journey over a long distance and a long period of time, on top of which is mental fatigue from coming to a place they’re not accustomed to, all of that comes at them with full force now they’ve reached a place to rest.

Only Souta doesn’t show tiredness, and he prepares a meal and cold drinks in front of the two. The smells stimulate the two’s appetites, and so they manage to wake themselves and eat the lunch vigorously. It seems like they’re quite hungry, so Souta then serves an additional meal.

After finishing the meal, the two lean on the sofa and fall asleep.
「Although we planned to go to Carena’s shop after a while…… waking them up right now would be pitiful for them.」
Souta takes out a blanket from his dimensional storage and lays it over the two people. After that, he starts washing the dishes and heating the bath water.

They wake up by the time the sun is about to set.

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  1. so, let’s talk about Headless Dullahan a bit, I put it in the comment as my gratitude for people who come to read the novel on this blog

    some of you might want to know what happens to it after all

    well basically, for some reason I can’t finish, not that I didn’t work on it, it’s just, even when I work on it, it sometimes doesn’t progress, and so I stop 1 or 2 months ago, after all, I work on chapter 9 for 1 month and only finished 80% of it

    let’s do some comparison, when translating resummoned hero, once I open notepad, sit there and start translating, I can go for at the very least 5 lines, depend on session per day and my overall motivation, 10 days is the most I need to translate a chapter,
    headless dullahan however, no matter how many session per day I do, the line sometimes doesn’t progress, it’s not that it’s hard to translate, in fact at the time I stop, I already have the rough translation for every line in my head (basically I already know the context and just need to change it to proper english), but regardless, I sit there, looking at the line for a couple of minutes, then do something else without touching anything, honestly I don’t even know why (my conjecture is it’s because it’s not hosted here, or rather, it’s not hosted in a place where I can interact with reader by myself)

    however despite all that, I’m a person who always finish what I start, though it might be late, I will still finish it, it’s not a promise for you guys, but a promise to myself, it doesn’t mean I won’t drop it, it’s just, if nobody picks it up, I will finish it myself

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    1. Don’t worry too much about it, this is a problem a lot of translators probably have. Though… I’m sure most of the time they end up dropping it. It depends on mood more than anything else.


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  3. Thanks for the chapter.

    I forgot, he originally wore it when he came to town. He might use the bracelet for other things in the future. But… I did forget about the magic key until I read this chapter.


  4. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    I feel them. A long trip takes a lot from you. I always collapse for at least half a day after one.


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