Re-Summoned Hero Episode 71

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Have the key returned.
Roury 「Amazing key—」
Fall asleep after eating.

Dina stirs her body, after moving for a bit, she slowly raises her head.
「Oh, are you awake?」
Souta asks her while closing the book he was reading.

「Fuwaa~~, Ehh…… Did I fell asleep?」
She yawns and speaks to Souta while rubbing her tired eyes.
「Ah, both of you did right after you finished your meal.」
Dina narrows her eyes, looks around restlessly and discovers the sleeping Roury.

「Uuu, I’m still sleepy. Fuwaa~~」
She yawns again, this time with her hand covering her mouth.
「The door over there leads to the kitchen. You should wash your face, I poured water into the tub there. Use this to wipe your face, and then just discard the used water.」
Souta takes out a towel and hands it to Dina.
「Thank you.」
Her step when she heads toward the door is unsteady because she just woke up, but she manages to get to the kitchen somehow.

By the time Dina returns after washing her face, Roury wakes up, and just like Dina, she also washes her face.

Although the two who already finished washing their face look drowsy, they still have a more refreshed look compared to when they just woke up.
「It’s almost time for the sun to set now.」
After Souta says so, the two look out the window. The color of the sunlight coming through the window also shows that Souta is saying the truth.
「S-Sorry, I unintentionally …」
「I’m sorry……」
Following Dina, Roury bows her head apologetically.

「No, that’s fine. I just want to reconfirm how much time we have now. It’s this time of the day, but let’s discuss what to do now.」
Listening to that, Dina nods, while Roury stiffens.
「Roury, what do you want to do? Are you going to Carena’s place, no, rather, do you want to go to Elmia’s place now? Or are you going there tomorrow afternoon?」
「Errr, ummm, unnnn…….. What should I do, I wonder.」
Roury, who’s scared to meet her daughter, can’t answer immediately, and her eyes are wandering aimlessly.

「Roury-san, you should go today. Once you postpone it to tomorrow, you’re going to have to suffer until tomorrow right? Perhaps, when tomorrow comes, you will again postpone it to the day after that, and postpone it again, and again, and keep going without end.」
Roury silently listens to Dina’s words.
「Beside……. Isn’t the one suffering the most here Elmia-san, who has never met her mother since birth? Isn’t it a mother’s responsibility to reduce her suffering even if it’s only by one day?」
After saying that much, she stops spinning her words and just quietly stares at Roury.

Although her heart is touched from Dina’s remarks, there is still hesitance in it. The daughter who was entrusted to Carena right after she was born while Roury went back to her home country, what kind of face will she show her mother? What kind of abusive words will she receive? Now that her distance from her daughter is so small, those kind of thoughts are circling around in her head.

「Roury, if you go today, Dina and I will go as well. But if you do it tomorrow, I will only take you to the front of the shop, and from there, you’ll have to go by yourself.」
As Roury thought that he would accompany her to the end, she’s shocked by his words.
「We also have something we must do, we can’t keep you company forever.」
The way Souta words it is just like he’s throwing her out, while it’s actually more like him trying to make her act now. He knows Elmia, and while he doesn’t know the contents of the letter Elmia’s gave to her, Roury’s expression when he handed her the letter was very serious. Considering that, he wants this parent-child pair to meet face-to-face as soon as possible.

「Uuu… Souta-san is unfair. If you say it like that, then I have no choice but to go today.」
Souta and Dina smile at her words.
「Alright, let’s leave immediately. Your stomach is filled, you also already got to sleep, so all preparations are complete.」
After saying that, Souta immediately goes to the entrance.
「Eh, right now?」
Roury looks at Souta’s face in amazement.
「That’s right, it’ll just get darker, so the sooner we go, the better.」
Dina also stands and follows Souta.

「W-Wait for mee~」
Roury hurriedly chases the two in panic. The two who succeeded in getting Roury out of the house look at each other and laugh.

On the way to Carena’s shop, at Roury’s proposal, they decide to buy a souvenir. At first, they think that Roury just wants to stall for the time so they will end up going tomorrow, however, after looking at how serious Roury’s face is, the two who suspect her reflect on the inside.
After a couple of rounds and the shopping is done, they head straight to the alchemist shop.

When they arrive at the front of the store, Roury’s legs stop.
「What’s wrong? Let’s go in.」
Souta tries to put his hand on the door, but Roury runs toward Souta to stop him.
「W-Wait! Please wait!」

Souta opens the door while avoiding Roury. Roury’s outstretched hands end up pushing empty air, making her lose balance and stumble and roll into the shop.
「Waaaaaa~~~~ Ouch ouch ouch ouch.」
「A-Are you okay?」
「What’s with the commotion!?」
Elmia and Carena both rush to see the source of the sound.

「S-Sorry, it’s because Souta-san avoided it…… Wait, what!」
Roury turns her head, intending to glare at Souta, however, all she can see is a closed door.
「You…… You’re Roury aren’t you!」
Hearing Carena, Elmia is surprised.
「O-Okaa-san? Are you Okaa-san?」

Roury notices that there is no way to escape and decides to steel her nerves.
「Un, I’m your mother. Elmia, Kaa-san…… I’m sorry.」
Roury lowers her head to the two while still in a sitting posture.

「Okaa-san, Ogaa-swann~~~~」
Elmia hugs Roury and starts crying loudly.
「E-Elmia-chan…… I’m sorry for leaving you alone all this time.」
Embracing Elmia, tears also spill from Roury’s eyes as she pats her head.

「Seriously both of you…… Fuhh~ don’t sit on a place like that and come over here. Let’s talk about it over a cup of tea or something.」
Carena thought about yelling at her daughter who just showed her face for the first time in a long while. But her anger has scattered, as Elmia already stole her timing.
「Un! Let’s go Elmia-chan. Even after this, we will be together forever.」
「Okaa-san……. I’m happy.」
The two wipe their tears, and then they head back to the room.

The two who are listening to them from the outside feel their cheeks loosen after knowing that the matter is settled amicably, and they flip the store’s sign to say “closed.”

t/n: I was sick, I’m fine now, but I can’t translate anything, not to mention I can’t check the editing progress for this chapter too so it released this late despite originally should be for last sunday

on a more serious note, I’m looking for extra editor, I want to increase my translation pace while keeping my old release pace, as of right now, both seem impossible (mainly from editor side), and after reading certain chapters from the certain translator of magicraft meister, I don’t feel like letting you guys reading my english, this editor will also be the one who responsible for headless dullahan if I want to move the hosting to this site (which I most likely will do not far into the future)

if you’re interested, you can contact me on discord

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