Re-Summoned Hero Episode 73

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Let’s go to the guild.
Two of the rumors.
Plan for tomorrow: going to library.

Upon entering the inn, Miri greets them with a cheerful voice. However, despite her tone, her expression is stiff.
「Miri, I’ll introduce her. She’s Dinarius, my old comrade’s little sister. Because of some circumstances, I’m going to travel with her now. Today, we came here to have some food.」
「Dinarius. Please call me Dina. Miri-san, nice to meet you.」
Although she’s shocked that Souta brought along a woman she doesn’t know, her surprise disappears before Dina’s smile.

「Errr, I’m the daughter of this inn’s owner, Miriana. You can call me Miri. Nice to meet you too.」
「Yes, I already heard the story from Souta-san, but you’re really cute.」
「Eh! C-Cute? Me? That…… For that to come from a person as beautiful as this. Moreover Souta-san also said so, hawa~」
Miri covers her face, which has turned bright red, though, because of her fidgeting, her action shows her embarrassment.

「Ufufu~, as I thought, you’re really cute.」
With that remark, Miri’s fidgeting increases.
「Let’s stop playing around already. We can’t continue like this.」
「It would be great if you do so. Hey, Miri-chan, I’ll handle the rest, so you help your father out .」
Unable to just watch any longer, Milfana pushes Miri into the dining room.

Because Miri still wants to talk with Souta and Dina, she has a dissatisfied expression when she’s pushed, but, when she starts to serve another guest, there is only the smile of the daughter of the inn on her face.

「I’m sorry Souta-san, and also, Dina-san, right? Do you want to eat today?」
「Ah, are there any vacant seats?」
「There are. However, it might be a bit noisy because there are other customers……」
Milfana is apologetic as she sends a fleeting glance at the dining room.

「You don’t mind, right?」
「Yes. I’m looking forward to the delicious food!」
Dina replies immediately.
「In that case, there are vacant seats at the back. Please, this way.」

When they set their foot on the dining room, the hustle and bustle inside instantly quiet down. This inn is affiliated with the guild, so many of the customers are adventures, and many of them know Souta. Their eyes gather on Souta, who has appeared in this city after a long time away, and especially on the silver-haired elf behind him.
Souta and Dina know they’re being watched, but they go to the table without worrying about it.

「Now then, what shall I eat I wonder.」
After taking a look at the menu which is prepared on each table, Dina is troubled, unable to choose.
「How about the chef’s recommendation. If it’s that, the chef will surely bring out something that he has confidence in, you can look forward to the taste.」
An expression of anticipation appears on Souta’s face.
「I’ll do that too!」
Looking at Souta’s expression, Dina decides to order the same.

When Miri comes near them, they call out to her and order two orders of the chef’s recommendation. Even though her face reddens when she speaks to the two, she still performs her waitressing duties.

After a while, as they converse, Miri brings their meals.
「Yes, here is today’s chef’s recommendation, 『Flying Dragon Steak』!」
There is a large serving of flying dragon steak on each plate. As the garnish, there’s a corn-like thing, as well as sauteed potatoes.

When cutting with a knife, the blade passes through the meat without resistance, and juices overflow from the meat. Then, they bring the meat to their mouths.
「「Superrr delishhh!」」
Dina’s choice of word is something unimaginable, considering her usual speech. Gordon’s food is just that wonderful, making words like that come out unconsciously. Speaking of flying dragon’s meat, it’s said that it tastes good, but its flesh is very hard to chew. However, when the meat enters their mouths, it’s as soft as marbled beef, so soft that, after chewing just a few times, the meat is gone. The sauce which was applied also compliments the meat’s qualities perfectly. It’s just a light sauce, but, because of that, it promotes the naturally strong flavor of the meat.

「N, excuse me. But, this is very tasty. Now I know why Souta-san recommended it.」
「I know, right! There’s a lot of street vendors in this city, but the food here is one, no, two or three levels higher than theirs.」
Dina wears an ecstatic expression, while Souta excitedly talks about the wonders of cooking.
Their voices grow louder over time, but they’re still drowned out by the hustle and bustle of the dining room.

However, their voices still reach Miri’s ears when she’s near them. And so she happily tells Gordon about what she heard. Hearing it, Gordon only shows the stern expression of a cook, but, looking at his restless movements when he cooks, Miri understands that he’s delighted.

「Fuu, that was delicious. I carelessly ordered dessert too, but it seems like it was the right choice.」
「Yeah, they’re all perfect, they’re far more delicious than the food I ate before.」
Even though Dina, who’d lived in the royal palace, is the child of a maid, she’s still a member of the royal family, so of course her meals were also made by the top chef in the Elven kingdom. However, Gordon’s food in comparison is still head-and-shoulders above theirs.

「Haha, that’s a great evaluation. Well, then again, I guess it can’t be helped as the meals there are more for work than enjoyment……」
As a hero, Souta was invited to the royal palace before, so he also attended dinner there, but there wasn’t much conversation. Instead of having a meal, Dina and her brother felt more like they were sitting on a bed of nails.
「The past is just the past. What’s more important now is having a meal together with Souta-san now, and that Gordon-san’s food is very delicious!」
Dina seems to have gotten over the past and is now enjoying the food here from the bottom of her heart.

Looking at her smile that comes from her heart, Souta also smiles naturally.
With their atmosphere that others can’t seem to enter no matter what, Miri looks at them with a slightly sad face.

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also, poor Miri

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