Re-Summoned Hero Episode 72

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

The two wake up.
The hesitant-to-meet-Elmia Roury.
Roury, Carena, and Elmia reconcile.

After confirming that Carena and Elmia accept Roury, Souta and Dina head to the adventurer’s guild.

When they enter the guild, there is a short commotion; after that, some people Souta is acquainted with talk to him.
「Oh, if it isn’t Souta. I heard that you went far away, but you unexpectedly came back early…… Oi, come here for a bit.」
After saying that, the three brothers bring Souta away from Dina.

So that Dina doesn’t hear what they say, Garu speaks to Souta in a hushed voice.
「Oioi, what’s with that woman? Isn’t she like, a friggin’ beauty.」
「Milfa-san, then Airi-san, and now this. We really can’t leave you alone.」
Geru added to his brother’s words.
「Somehow, only beautiful women gather around Souta…… someday, he’s gonna get stabbed.」
Goru, with glassy eyes, says something dangerous.

「She is… the little sister of my old comrade. I was reunited with her in the Elven country and brought her along…… for various reasons. It’d help if you don’t ask too much about it.」
The three who talk in a teasing, envious tone feel disappointed and decide not to pursue it as Souta responds to their banter with unexpected seriousness.
「Well, if that’s the case …」
「Let’s not pry too deep.」
「It can’t be helped.」
Like that, the three release Souta.

After Souta returns to Dina, the three are surrounded and questioned by other adventurers who want to know the story, but are unable to ask Souta directly. However, not only do the three not get much information, they also meet the misfortune of being surrounded by people with disgruntled faces.

「Souta-san, is it fine to just leave those three like that?」
「Ah, they’ve become good scapegoats. I’ll let them answer the questions in my place.」
Souta thought that he’d let the first curious person who questioned him become a substitute to answer the questions of others who were interested. Those three are the people who got caught in this strategy.

With the attention redirected from them to the other three, Souta and Dina head to the counter to report Souta’s return and to register Dina as an adventurer.
There is only one free counter, and, by chance, the person behind that counter is Milfa.
「…… Welcome back, Souta-san」
Milfa, who sees the two coming, gives her greeting after a moment of pause.

「Ah, I’m back. I’m here to report my return to the city and also to register her as an adventurer.」
Prompted by Souta’s remark, Dina steps forward.
「My name is Dina. Nice to meet you.」
「Eh, ahh, my name is Milfa; nice to meet you too.」
While enchanted by Dina’s appearance as she bows with a smile, Milfa returns a similar greeting.

「I can explain about the guild myself, so let’s just register for now. Can I leave it to you, Milfa?」
「A- yes, it’s fine… please fill out this form.」
The same paper from when Souta registered is handed to Dina. After looking over the paper, Dina fills it fluidly with skilfully-formed letters.

「… This should be fine right? I’ve more or less filled in all the blanks.」
Milfa takes it and checks each item, one by one.
「Yes, all good. I will transfer the contents of the form to the card then.」
When the form is set on the card, the contents are engraved.

「The transfer is complete. Next, please place a drop of your blood on this card. Here is a tool if you need it.」
「Thank you.」
With the prepared needle, Dina pricks the tip of her finger and drips her blood onto the card.
「Yes, with that, it’s done. Because the explanation about the guild is unnecessary, the registration is over with this, but are there any questions?」

「Ummm…… Nothing in particular for now, but, if I need to, I will stop by.」
After thinking for a while, Dina replies so.
「I see. Well then, thank you for registering. Please don’t hesitate to visit if there are any problems.」
Milfa feels like she has seen Dina’s face somewhere before. It bothers her, but, as she’s in the middle of the job, she ignores it and continues her work without voicing her feelings.

With their business concluded, they leave the adventurer guild.
Other than Dina’s name, and the fact that she’s the little sister of Souta’s old comrade, the adventurers who can’t get much information are noisily talking about their conjecture. Among them, Milfa ponders, trying to clear the suspicion that she gets when she looks at Dina, but, no matter what, she can’t recall what exactly it is.

「Now then, you have an identity card with this.」
「I’m relieved, even a person from a thousand years ago can make it normally.」
The latter part is said in a voice so small that only Souta can hear it.
「Well, because I could make it, I thought it would be okay, so I didn’t say anything…… Were you anxious?」
「A little, I think?」
She answers Souta while making an opening of 1 cm wide with her thumb and index finger.

「Because I believe that no matter what happens, Souta-san will definitely protect me.」
Dina says that while winking.
「…… That’s kind of, unfair.」
Being winked at by a beauty, Souta is at a loss for words.

「Ufufu~ Where are we going next?」
「Ummm, I originally planned to go to the library, but……」
It’s already dark, and the library should be closed too.
「Let’s go there tomorrow then, for now, let’s eat a meal and then head home. I think I already told you, but I’d like to say hello to the staff of the inn I stayed at before, we can eat in their dining room. How about that?」
「Yes, I will also come.」
Dina doesn’t oppose Souta’s proposal. Her smiling expression doesn’t change, but as she already heard the prowess of Gordon, the chef of that inn on the way to Toura, she feels pleased deep down.

When they arrive at the inn, they enter. Then, with a cheerful voice, Miri greets the two.

t/n: long time no see?

let’s welcome new editor to the team, Ranobesuki

hopefully I can consistently releasing 3 chapters a week with him

also in the future, i might do a full clean up to every chapter i’ve release, expect many term change (i’ll keep the name so it’s less confusing)

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