Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 2

Goddess-sama, Make an Ambush

Night of the same day.

After I finished my work today, I, with a convenience store bag on my hand, dragged my tired body back to my apartment.

Nothing different happened when I worked, but, because of what happened this morning, I was more tired than usual.

On a day like this, there is no doubt the beer will taste better.

In front of the familiar run-down apartment, imagining the golden liquid went down my throat, I unconsciously gulped.

I went up the stairs with a spring in my step. But, once I reached the second-floor aisle…… I sighed at the sight in front of me.

The cause was the girl who sat under the fluorescent light with her back on the door of my room.

Yes, that was the silver-haired girl who set the wire trap in the morning.

「…… You, what are you doing here?」

Even though I asked her tenacity with a voice full of displeasure, for some reason, the girl’s expression brightened slightly as she turned her head.

「Ah- Welcome home.」

Don’t you “Welcome home” me.

While gently staring at the girl who stood up and patted her robe to clean it from the dust, using my thumb and little finger, I made the phone gesture.

「You know what, if you don’t stop this, I will really report you to the police, you know?」

Before reporting though, I want to say my complaints to the producer and all related people.

Looking at the gesture I made, the girl, with a hint of nervousness, held her hands together as if praying.

「Umm, if it comes to that then, will you at least hear the detailed story first?」

「It’s bothersome, so I refuse.」

I refused her request without hesitation and tried to escape into the room, but she clung to my waist, stopping me.

「Please, just once, just listen to me once!」


Despite her begging, my heart was filled with skepticism.

Why should I listen to someone who set up the trap this morning?

No, I guess she’s only following the instruction from P-san, right?

But still, it doesn’t mean it’s alright to just listen to what she says obediently.

Looking for the reason I couldn’t really put my finger on, the girl corrected her posture in front of me, and then deeply bowed.

「I beg you! Please!」

Kuh-! Why, why the situation is as if I’m the bad one instead…

I don’t feel there is a particular need for me to listen to her, but her atmosphere seems like saying she will keep staying in front of my door if I refuse.

I can just call the police and let them solve it, but either way, I will still lose my precious time.

It can’t be helped. I will let her deceive me.

Just as I was going to nod my head, agreeing to listen to her,


A lovely grumble comes from the girl’s stomach.

Is she, by any chance, had stayed here since morning?

If so, even though it’s a television project, this little girl seems so pitiful.

While her cheeks stained with vermilion color, I remembered my feeling of exhaustion. With a sigh, I agreed to her.

「Well, if it’s only listening then I don’t mind. Also, I will also share some meals.」

「Thank-…… Thank you very much……」

When I entered the room, the girl, hanging her head, said so with a very small voice.

Hahh~ I want this to finish quickly so I can drink some beers.

t/n: this is short, I will see if I can get another chapter out tonight

actual note:

  • P-san – well, who don’t know P-san, the P-shaped-head producer from Idolmaster, it basically the producer of the “show” he thinks he’s in
  • But either way, I will still lose my precious time – now I’m not entirely sure about this one but assuming I translate it right, it might just mean the difference between spending time listening to her or spending time explaining things to the police (I personally choose to listen to her too btw)

you know, let’s change the title of this novel into “I seriously want to drink beer you know? ~The interruption made by the Goddess of reincarnation~”

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  2. Hey…it could be a good thing? I mean, the more she keeps busy trying to make one person reincarnate, the less time this god as well has to kill off another MC-potential Japanese person.
    …I’m just glad she hasn’t tried to contact truck-sama again.


  3. P-san might, and I mean *might*, be Yama P from a certain Japan network… I’ve seen some things on Youtube of things he’s done, and it sounds like maybe Yama P could fit loosely in that type of show-production. Not certain though, don’t quote me.


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