Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 37

Goddess-sama, Negotiate It was one thing after another. While I could still call my life to be comparatively peaceful, the last few months, I have been bothered by the existences that were far above my expectations. I had had enough with only the useless goddess, Amaletta and the rotten clown, Listy; but recently, the yuri … Continue reading Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 37

Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 31

Goddess-sama, Get a Helper Now, explaining the situation in my apartment objectively, surrounding the low table at the center of the room is a gathering of mismatched people. There is me, an ordinary office worker, then two Goddesses of Reincarnation with wings on their back, lastly, a pretty boy dressed like a clown. --------- What's … Continue reading Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 31