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Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 10

Goddess-sama, Doing Housework

A week passed since then.

At present, I spent day after day being a corporate warrior in a good health, this time, I whipped my tired body to return to my apartment.

Living with Amaletta, a self-proclaimed Goddess of Reincarnation, which was started in an unexpected manner, was surprisingly peaceful.

Excluding being wary of morning attack and rolling her in a bamboo mat every day… Well, I think that much is not so bad, Living with Amaletta is quite pleasant.

I, who was tricking her to do housework in return of her malicious scheme that was blurted out by herself, surprised that contrary to her look, she did housework well: my suit was crisp every day, the room was clean, and her cooking was not bad.

While she appeared to be my daughter in front of Sunaho, but in reality, she was more like a very young bride.

However, it was naive of me to think like that.

My suits were burned in the shape of the iron, breaking the curtain while cleaning, increased expense because of the broken lamp, feeling full of spirit and shouting 「Flambe!」 while cooking, almost burning the apartment down. I don’t know what else she does while I didn’t have my eyes on her, but it suits her appearance that is a child.

Actually, I was thinking that she would plan to kill me while she pretending to do housework, but looking at her, apologizing half crying every time, I didn’t feel any ill-will.

While I thought those kinds of thing at deeply, I arrived at my apartment. From the ventilator fan, I could smell nice fragrant……. Is today pork miso soup? I thought.

「I’m home.」

「Oh, welcome home. Do you want dinner? Or, will you take a bath?」

When I was back, Amaletta, clad in apron stopped preparing foods and came pitter-pattering to the door. Although her line was a line that would make any lolicon trying to push her down, I’m sorry, but I’m not a lolicon.

With her appearance that looked like a loyal dog waiting for her master’s order, it made me want to stroke her head. Naturally, she complained as her hair became a mess.

「Gaahhh!! Why are you always making my hair a mess!」

「Because your head is in the right position or something like that.」

「Please stop it! I, compared to you, am still older you know?!」

「Yes yes, Ama-chan is a lolibaba yes, yeah I understand.」

「Don’t say lolibaba! Also, calling me Ama-chan is forbidden.」

While holding off Amaletta’s head with both of my hand, I was having fun by angering her. This is fine. Illicit intercourse is forbidden.

After enjoying that for a while, I loosened my tie and passed my briefcase to Amaletta.

「I will take a bath, dinner is after that.」

「Cer-Certainly. I already prepare the hot water. Please put the lid on after you’re done.」


While Amaletta doing housework with her cheeks inflated, I took off my clothes in the bathroom and then tossed them out to the main room. Like this, when I took a bath, my suits are tidied up and my pajamas are prepared.

Often the boss of my company who was already quite aged said 「Get married soon. Live is more comfortable with the wife around.」 or some other old-fashioned story like that, though, certainly, it was easier with Amaletta doing housework like a wife.

Well, I did this to her because she’s a freeloader, I don’t need to thank her for doing housework seriously.

While sinking in the small bathtub, healing today fatigue, I watched Amaletta pitter-pattering from beyond the polished glass. While exhaling a small breath, I think,

I don’t know how long this will last, but well, I guess sooner or later, I need to thank her for all that.

———— Not long after I thought that, I found that.

t/n: Did I said 2-3 days…. whoops. Well to be fair, I did somewhat finish this in 2 days, I just got stuck on a couple of lines I was unable to connect properly, in fact, after rereading this chapter a couple of time, I’m actually hesitating whether to release this or not, as I can only guarantee around 50% of this translated correctly, not saying that everything else is wrong, just I’m not sure whether they’re correct or not, you can say this chapter might change drastically in the future, or maybe not at all, we will see.

While I’m stuck on this, I start the translation of resummoned hero, and already on line 38/85 (including line break and all, I passed the hard part already though)

Also, notice the theme change? unfortunately, this theme for some reason doesn’t have excerpt function on the main page, so I need to make a new front page

p.s next three chapters of goddess’s suffering need to be released at a rapid pace, or even better, all at once to prevent some misunderstanding, so next goddess’s suffering chapters update will be  delayed

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Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 9

Goddess-sama, Job Change

Thanks to Amaletta precious sacrifice, we avoided being reported to the police. As a way to pay my respect, I undid her restraint knowing full well of the danger. Well, as expected I feel tortured by the pangs of conscience if I kept her like that.

However, Amaletta who was sublimed from the self-proclaimed Goddess into a bondage-loving pervert didn’t budge after she obtained her long-awaited freedom, she was just lying there on the tatami as if she was a mollusk. My condolences.

「…… Sorry, I guess.」

「…… Fufufu, it’s fine. All is well as long as the outcome is as expected.」

Even though I apologized obediently, Amaletta looked like she was still out there. Is the maniac label too heavy for a girl this young?

When I showed her a compassionated gaze, Amaletta suddenly gasped as her consciousness returned to her. She slowly woke up and then turned to face me.

「By the way Tanaka-san, in this world, there is a saying “Give and Take”, do you know about it?」

What a topic to start conversation…… I thought so as I nodded to answer her while having a bad feeling from looking at her eyes.

「Hou? So releasing you isn’t enough?」

Amaletta shook her head. She put her hands together in front of her meager breasts before she was trying to negotiate.

「Do you think that is enough? After I was recognized as a perverted girl who asks for bondage play from her father? I demand a suitable return for this.」

「Yes, that’s definitely a NO!」

Amaletta’s eyes turned into dots hearing my refusal.

「Even though I have yet to say my request?」

Even without saying it, it’s self-evident that the request won’t be a simple one considering the previous example. I mean, she’s a person who regularly asked me to die, a psycho girl if I have to name it.

「You just want to ask me to die again right? Sorry to say, but no matter what, if that’s your request then my answer will still be the same. Definitely, absolutely, NO.」

Amaletta was a bit overpowered by my refusal, however, she still kept trying.

「I-It’s not that you know? Maybe my request is just something like asking for sleeping together for example?」

「Yes, that really is definitely a NO!!」

「Ehhh!? Again with straight refusal!?」

Because I was cutting her down with another immediate answer, Amaletta was on the verge of tears.

「Look, you were trying to kill me the last time you sleep here remember? If I need to sleep with someone like that, then it’s obvious I will refuse right?」

「Then, what kind of request can you accept?」

Apparently, this girl really wants me to compensate her for the pervert label that was tacked on her. Well, it’s true that she was sacrificed for the sake of my livelihood as a working adult if we only see the result, it’s unfair if I don’t accept any request.

I tried to figure out what to do and came upon a certain idea.

「…… Fine. In the end, I still don’t know who you are or what purpose do you have to keep following me, but for a while, I will go out with it.」

Considering she doesn’t want the police involved, she’s probably a runaway girl. I can protect her for a while. Although she’s a bit dangerous, she seems like an idiot, as long as I’m a little more careful, I should be fine.

Besides, if I don’t, I don’t know what the manager of this place, Sunaho, will say. After all, for the time being, Amaletta is supposed to be my daughter.

「By going out, do you mean THAT going out?」

While I sighed at her bad understanding, I rephrased my remark in an easier to understand way.

「In short, I’m letting you live here for a little while.」

Amaletta who understood what my generous proposal offer hit her palm with her fist. She showed an angelic smile and,

「No thank you. I don’t really want to stay here. I really don’t want to. Please do tell me what’s good is it for me to freeloading with a brute such as you, please explain so I can understand.」

She refused me with a disrespecting manner. With my twitching temple, I explained to Ama-chan who didn’t understand her position well.

「Fine. Based on your story, you won’t be able to come back to the Realm of Soul unless you reincarnate me, but unfortunately, I don’t have any shred of intention to be reincarnated. In other words, you who can’t reincarnate me will be thrown to the cold street of this world.」

「Uu~… that…….」

Even though I could feel begrudging gaze because I refused to be reincarnated, Amaletta who fully understood her situation now was only silently bitting her lip. Looking at her, I smiled and gave her a final blow.

「But, to you who have become a bondage-loving pervert from this turmoil, a kindhearted me had decided to provide you with food, clothing, and shelter for a while as a return, but…….. if it’s not necessary then I won’t force you. Please enjoy your life unprotected from wind and rain in a cardboard where you need to compete with stray cats for food.」

「No, ummm, that kind of thing is…」

「Hmm? What’s wrong?」

Amaleta who looked completely disheartened curled up to escape from my line of sight. Oh my, maybe I bullied her too hard? Though, that’s just a needless anxiety in the end.

『…… I don’t want to become homeless just because of this…… But then Tanaka-san won’t die…… No, I see, I can just aim for opportunities while I live with him! Moreover, I’m guaranteed of food, clothing, and shelter. It’s better if I just accept it obediently here….』

—— Errr- I can hear your pitch black thought loud and clear.

I already saw it from when she set the wire trap, but it seems like she’s the type who thinks out loud. Listening to Amaletta’s self-interest ridden decision, my face cramped. She energetically raised her head and begged,

「Ummm, can you let me freeload here?」

Do you have no shame? However, I have no reason to let her stay here for free. That’s right … at least, let me have some fun.

「You said yourself I’m a brute right? You really want to live here?」

When I asked her with a face full of smile, she nodded as if in fear.

「I-I want… I want to.」

「Good. However, as I’m a brute, I will roll you in a bamboo mat when I’m going to sleep.」


「Also, as I work in the daytime, you will do the housekeeping such as cleaning, washing, and cooking every day.」

Amaletta showed a grim look on her face. Well, never did I say I will let you live here for free.

「Tha-That kind of… Cruel.」

「I’m a brute, so what?」

I who knew her real motive, showing a ridiculing smile. Amaletta who was not in the position to refuse, drop her head.

Thus, the curtain to the story of the strange cohabiting life of Amaletta and me was raised.

t/n: it’s been a while, sorry for the delay, procrastination is a bitch, and so is my luck with new novel title (which is so great that I barely even play game lately, just reading marathon all day, which in fact, is still not finished now, but I decide to put it off for a bit to start the translation again)

to the actual note

  • Amaletta motive of asking to sleep together is to repeat the case of the previous chapter where she tried to kill him when he was asleep, that’s why the refusal at first, this takes me quite a while to figure out, so I think you guys might be confused too
  • “I will go out with it.” and “do you mean THAT going out?” – untranslated unless I make it this way, basically Amaletta mistaken him asking her to date him, which is not
  • “live here” and “freeload here” – this is a bit hard to translate, in fact, they use the same kanji for both, but after checking around, she’s not freeloading if she does all those chore, hence the change where Tanaka said live here, while Letta said freeload here just for a difference nuance
  • 「Tha-That kind of… Cruel.」- it’s not a pause, but a jump in the sentence
  • 「I’m a brute, so what?」- I don’t know if it’s intended or not, but it’s the same sentence structure as “Kumo Desuga, Nani Ka?”, which might or might not a coincidence

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Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 8

Goddess-sama, Coming Out

Looking at the spectacle: a girl – with her limbs tied – deprived of her freedom, and me in the middle of pulling a spoon out of her mouth. For people who didn’t know anything, this spectacle must look like abnormal, more so that the one that saw this was Sunaho, the substitute manager of this apartment.

——— I-I need to deceive her!!

Taking advantage of the gap when Sunaho – a person who grasped the fate of whether I was killed socially and reported to police or not – tried to process the sight she saw, I thrust the spoon into Amaletta mouth and whispered to her,

『Oi, you don’t want the police involved in this, aren’t you? If you don’t want Sunaho to report to the police, then just agree with my story, understand?』


『Just nod to whatever I say, okay? Do you understand?』


I remembered that before, when I was trying to report to the police, she was trying so hard to stop me. And so after listening to me, she nodded and agreed. Great, in the spirit of the enemy of my enemy is my ally, I will cooperate with Amaletta now.

I quietly took a deep breath and looked at Sunaho as calm as possible to make it looked entirely natural.

「Sunaho, please calmly listen to me. Actually, this has a deep reason deeper than even Mariana Trench.」


In order to not let Sunaho became suspicious, I quickly spun a lie on the spot while she was still trying to catch up with the situation.

「Let’s go with this… Actually, Amaletta seems to have been awakened to the feeling of being tied up before she came here, she now feels extreme pleasure from being deprived of her freedom by being tied up like this.」

「Ha?」 「N-!?」

Listening to the reason I made that was simply too extreme, Sunaho and Amaletta’s eyes were both looked as if they want to come out from its socket. Regardless, I continued.

「Tha-That’s why, as I can’t refuse my daughter wish, despite reluctantly, I do this to her. Hey, isn’t it right?」


If she nods here, she will surely be labeled as a pervert, but if she doesn’t, then Sunaho will immediately report this to the police.

「Isn’t. It. Right?」

For the future of both of us, I turned my heart into demon’s and urged Amaletta to nod. Before long, Amaletta nodded despite her flushed cheeks and teary eyes.


Looking at the droplet of tears running down on her cheek really hurt my conscience. I suppose, I really am a brute.

However, contrary to her determination, the kind Sunaho who looked at Amaletta’s expression felt something tugging her heart. She instead moved her line of sight toward me and looked at me as if she was seeing filth.

「No, umm, isn’t there like an extremely negative atmosphere coming from her…… In the first place, didn’t you said something before you start your explanation?」

「It’s just your imagination. Just believe me.」

「I will report you for the time being.」

———No~! I need to say something!!

「Wait wait wait-! C-Certainly, this might sound unbelievable, but it’s true! Even I was taken aback when I heard about it! But, you see, you can ask the person herself if you’re still not convinced.」

I held out Amaletta as I desperately tried to stop Sunaho who was operating her smartphone. I guess I really really am a brute, doesn’t I… But I have no choice other than this now.

「Letta, is it true?」

I felt really anxious as I looked at Amaletta. After I whispered to her to eagerly admit whatever I was saying so that Sunaho didn’t involve the police, I pulled out the spoon blocking her mouth.

「… R-Re-Re-Re-Really, it’s true.」

After regaining her freedom of speech, with trembling lips, she said so as she looked straight at Sunaho. Well said.

「Is that really what you think? Didn’t you feel like crying before?」

「That’s not it, she was just smothered with pleasure as her fetish revealed.」

In order to stop Sunaho from kept pressing for an answer, I kept increasing Amaletta pervert level. I will not yield for the sake of my future.

「Letta? If you’re being forced by Tanaka-san , you can just deny it you know? I will immediately report him, so don’t be scared, okay?」

Although Sunaho tried to appease her with a gentle voice, she denied her by shaking her head.

「Sunaho-san, I’m sorry…… I-I like to be tied, so much that tears of joy dropped from my eyes.」


At Amaletta’s reveal, finally, Sunaho’s face turned pale. And then, Amaletta smiled bashfully as she voluntarily explained her pervertness to Sunaho.

「In this world, in this society, there are many different kinds of people. I who like to be tied is just a tip of the iceberg. Tana-… Papa is just listening to my selfish demand. So please, don’t report him…… I… I feel aroused!」

——— Amaletta! …… I will surely carve you brave figure in my heart!

Listening to Amaletta who accepted her pervertness openly, Sunaho’s face blushed either because of shyness or too strong of stimulus. Alright, I will do the last push!

「… and that’s that Sunaho. That’s why, you will be just bothering the police if you call them, so for now, put back your smartphone.」

I don’t know whether we successfully cover our foolishness, or this is just surpassing the limit of her understanding, but, Sunaho put back her smartphone inside her pocket even though her face showing a bitter expression.

「…I-I understand. It seems like I’m overstepping on your family circumstances. Therefore, I won’t report you.」

「T-Thank you for your understanding.」

To personally persuade Sunaho with a smile even when shedding tears. No matter where you look, there’s only a pervert who is not embarrassed anymore. I felt like crying when I remembered the figure of the brave Amaletta from before.

「Ah, h-here, I want to share this. If you’re fine with it, then please eat it.」

Sunaho said so and then put the saucepan in the kitchen next to the entrance, after that she lowered her head and then left the room in hurry.

After I locked the door, I heaved out a sigh of relief now that we already prevented the crisis and then put my hand on Amaletta who was collapsed on the low table.

「…… I… I want to just disappear.」

She said so as she was unable to suppress the feeling of shame.

t/n: let’s just jump straight to actual note

actual note:

  • Goddess-sama, Coming Out – chapter title is in katakana, I’m half sure this one has sexual connotation tacked on it
  • Let’s go with this – this is connected to “didn’t you said something before you start your explanation?” originally it’s just えーとな, roughly translated to umm, or err, or let’s see, but all of those doesn’t really suspicious or anything, hence the change and the removal of sunaho mentioning the えーとな on the latter part
  • At Amaletta’s reveal – the reveal on this is actually katakana for coming out, the same one used in the chapter title
  • I… I feel aroused! – there is a pause and an actual period here in the raw, so this might be an entirely separated sentence which is not connected to all previous line

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Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 7

Goddess-sama, Feeding

「No more of this… I… can’t become a bride anymore… I came here to reincarnate him, and yet… Why these kinds of things happen instead… Rather than him, I want to be the one who is reincarnated instead.」

Even though she finished flower picking safely, for some reason, she was lamenting and sobbing on the corner of the room. Even though we successfully prevented your blunder, what are you depressed about.

While making a sidelong glance at her, I microwaved the meal that I bought at the convenience store. I had dropped it at the entrance, but fortunately, I bought gyudon and oyakodon, if I bought lunch boxes, then the content might become a mess.

However, I don’t know how long this will continue, unless I kick her out as soon as possible, the food expense will become stupid high, I mean, it simply doubles. I have to keep my living standard to fit my salary, more specifically, by switching to low-malt beer from draft beer and cooking by myself instead of convenience store meal.

Ahh~ what a grave situation. Poor me… Unlike the chuuni girl that, at best, only feeling ashamed about her lower half, I suffer from realistic damage.

——— Ding♪

I fell dispirited from the unreasonableness that happened to me, but, hearing the sound of the microwave, I returned to my sense. Umu, for now, meals comes first, I’m going to satisfy my stomach.

After I carried the oyakodon and gyudon to the low table and putting straws on the tea cartons that came as extra, I beckoned Amaletta.

「Here, it’s dinner. Fix your mood and then come here.」

「…… Don’t need. I have no appetite, or rather, please don’t talk to me, I might get pregnant from talking with you.」

Even though I especially prepare this meal for you, what kind of comment is that! Rather, how can you get pregnant from only conversing.

「Be good and come here now for the sake of the roundworms in your stomach. There there, isn’t it smells good?」

I fanned my hand over the oyakodon to let the sulky Amaletta smelled its scent. Although her head was turned away, the scent still reached her nose. As she sniffed the smells, her stomach made a voice signaling her empty stomach. Looking at her blushed cheeks, I triumphantly smiled.

「Fufufu~ your body is honest huh…」

「Kh- such a cowardly act. Like this, you’re just trampling all over my dignity……」

Even while she was insulting me, she was still slowly approaching the table. I guess, despite her complaints, she still can’t go against hunger.

「Ummm, this might be an obvious question, but how should I eat in this state?…… Don’t tell me, you want me to put my face on the bowl and eat it directly like that?」

I felt her resignation as she didn’t ask me to undo her restraint. Knowing that in her eyes, my personality was akin to demon or something vile, my cheeks cramped. Heck, I know making you eat like a dog is simply too much.

「That’s a bad idea manner wise. Rest assured, even only for a bit, I did have some experience at nursing grandmother. I will help you properly.」


I moved next to Amaletta, scooped out the oyakodon with a disposable spoon, and then brought it to her mouth.

「Here, aaaa~」

「Umm, can I just eat directly from the bowl instead?」

With her face went beyond shyness and turned pale, Amaletta turned her head. However I shook my head and said,

「I won’t accept such a bad manner of eating in my house.」

「Kh- Such humiliation. After months and years being a Goddess of Reincarnation, the day when I receive such humiliation comes……」

「I don’t understand what you’re saying, but if you have time to say all of that, then just open your mouth. The food is not as tasty once it’s cooled down you know?」

Even if it’s just convenience store meals that don’t have any merit other than its ease to prepare compared to self-cooking, it should at least eaten when it’s still warm.

「Here, aaaa~」

「……. A-Aaa~」

Resigned, Amaletta opened her mouth. I gently inserted the spoon with the white rice covered in syrupy egg and tender meat and after making sure she closed her mouth firmly, I slowly pulled out the spoon.

「Is it delicious?」

Amaletta nodded while she was chewing. I didn’t know her preference, so I planned to give her the gyudon if she didn’t like the oyakodon, but it seemed like she was fine with it.

I scooped out the oyakodon again while she was still chewing. After I cooled it down properly, I carried it to her mouth again, and now, she opened her mouth without resistance. Hmu, it’s good that you’re docile.

When I watched Amaletta who pecked at the spoon with utmost effort, I felt like I was taking care a little bird instead, and that was making me smiled. Amaletta who noticed it became embarrassed and turned her head. Don’t worry, I will nursing you like this every day.

In this way, it became the time I was pseudo nursing Amaletta.

「Good evening…… Ahhhh-!」

When I and Amaletta looked back at the entrance after we heard voice came from it, there stood Katsuragi Sunaho, the substitute manager of this apartment. She had a saucepan in one hand for sharing her food with me.

Ah- Remind me, I forgot to lock the door……

「Wha- What are you doing!?」

Taken aback, Sunaho shrieked while looking at us. I turned pale and drenched in cold sweats.

——— I need to take care of this unexpected situation ASAP!!

t/n: my grandma is hospitalized, it’s fine now that she’s already in hospital, but because I was taking care of her when she was still at home, on top of still not finishing my majikoi marathon, the translation also a bit neglected, next chapter is almost finished though, so for now, I will post this one first, expect next chapter in 1 hour, also I’m sorry if the quality dropped

actual note:

  • Realistic damage – literal translation, instead of realistic, materialistic might be better as his “damage” comes from money problem, while her damage is mental one
  • Nursing grandmother – I don’t whose grandmother he was nursing, might be his, might be he worked as elderly caretaker before I don’t know, so I leave it like that

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Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 6

Goddess-sama, In an Emergency State

After I fully enjoyed my day off at the Cat Cafe, I bought foods for two people from the convenience store, and then came home.

I tried to escape reality too much that I played with the cat until the sun almost set. However, with every step I took when I went home, my feet grew heavier.

But really, who actually is that girl?

When we first met, I thought it was just a strange television project, hence why I don’t take her fantasy explanation seriously. But so far, there is no sign of contact made by the television station.

Maybe she’s just a run-away girl? She said and did all those weird remarks and behaviors because she doesn’t want to talk or want to hide her family circumstances……. Scratch that, she was seriously trying to kill me after all.

That means, the girl is just someone with a delusional disorder. In that case, until the misunderstanding with Sunaho resolved, she will spend her daily life bounded. At the first glance, it seems like she’s forced to live like that, but it’s all for the sake of my own safety.

No, she’s just a stranger so it’s probably the best to just report her to the police, but, I want to make this the last resort. It’s troublesome to involve the police.

As I arrived at my apartment in a dark mood after considering the future, I took a deep breath in front of the door of my room and strained my ears. There is a possibility that her restraint has been released, I don’t want to be surprise attacked once I open the door.

While holding the feeling of distrust in the fact that there was no sound nor sign of movement from beyond the door, I unlocked the door slowly, trying to make as little sound as possible, and then put my hand on the doorknob. For some reason, this feels like opening the lid of the trash can that has cockroach confined within.

Fearfully opening the door, the first thing I saw was a girl lying at my feet looking up. No emotion could be seen in her eyes.


Suddenly and unexpectedly trusted into such horror development, I dropped the convenience store bag in my hand. I never thought a girl with both hands and legs tied in a dimly lit room looks so eerie. Though looking closely, it’s just Amaletta, and I was the one who tied her.

——— Rather, why are you lying down right at the entranceway?

While I was taking damage from the unexpected mental attack, emotion slowly return to Amaletta’s eyes as she noticed me, and at the same time, she looked at me with teary eyes like she was trying to appeal something.

Are you by any chance, feeling lonely being left alone in the room, and so you end up in entranceway as you wait for me to come home?

「Hmmpp~~! Hmphhhh~~!!」

Though, looking at her, it doesn’t look like it’s for such a cute reason. Her expression was colored with despair as if she heard the sound of the horn that marked the end of the world. Immediately after I gently peeled off the gum tape blocking her mouth, she let out an urgent plea.

「The restraint…… I beg you, please release my restraint! Umm, that’s……. I’m at my limit!!」


Not quite understanding the meaning of her words, I tilted my head and looked at her: She was twisting her body and her legs fidget around. Is her body become numb from being in the same posture for so long? But if I release her, she might attack me.

While I was wondering what to do about her request, she blushed and said,

「I-I beg you, this will be my lifetime request, please release the restraint! If not… that… might leak!!」

——— Ohh I see… Wait, this is not the time for playing around!

I finally understood what she meant, and at the same time, I shuddered as I realized the seriousness of the situation. If, if such blunder happens in my room, then I need to spend my days surrounded by nice scent.

But really, the other party is someone who has the track record of launching a couple of surprise attack. I’m not sure what she will do if I just carelessly undo her restraint.

「It can’t be helped, I will take you now, so, just hold on a little bit more.」


After thinking calmly, I stumble upon the best move. While she was still dumbfounded, without undoing her restraint, I gradually lifted her body.

「Eh? Say… What are you planning to do?」

「Don’t you hear what I said, I will take you myself. After all, it’s not good if you stain the room.」

As I answered her question while facing the bathroom, Amaletta, who guessed what would happen, opened her eyes wide. Her face was dyed with shame.

「Ehhh-!? It’s a lie, right? You’re joking right?」

「Keep still. It might leaks if you don’t.」

She must have held it since morning, her dam must be on the verge of breaking now. Fortunately, Amaletta currently not using her robe that I don’t familiar with that she wore when we first met, instead, she’s currently wearing the Sunaho’s hand-me-down pajama, so it shouldn’t be hard and take too long.

「No-no-no-nooo! At least, please remove the restraint on my hand! That much is fine, right? Right?」

「I’m sorry, but I don’t trust you, so it’s rejected. You don’t need to worry. I used to take care of my little sister. You can do your business in peace.」

「That’s not the problem! Ahhhh-!! Stop! Please stop! I’m sorry so please!! Molester, pervert, brute, lecher!!!」

I frowned as I saw Amaletta struggling in my hand. While I recalled the past where I was forced to take care of my far younger little sister, we arrived at the bathroom. Even if I said this myself, that was really a good assist from me.

t/n: just fyi, the scene is not detailed and end in this chapter, sorry if you guys disappointed, or rather, the author is the one who said sorry. It’s not hard to imagine, but please imagine a normal scene instead of urination play scene

Actual note:

  • the girl is just someone with a delusional disorder – raw doesn’t actually say delusional disorder, it says “a girl with a head full of delusion”
  • she heard the sound of the horn that marked the end of the world – funny how he uses this comparison but calling her delusional, also, I kind of forget the name of the horn, it might be mentioned in the bible or other kinds of mythology
  • I need to spend my days surrounded by nice scent – the nice scent is a literal translation, I don’t change anything. I’m torn between he referencing the smell of pee as “nice” or referencing the air refresher that he will use regularly to hide the smell for a while
  • I stumble upon the best move – as in chess move or the like

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Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 5

Goddess-sama, Decide To Do an Early-Morning Attack

Next morning.

With the sound of bird’s chirping and morning sunshine that came through the gap between the curtains, still laying down on the futon, I woke up. Anyway, today is a day off, it’s my belief that one needs to take a good rest on the day where one can rest.

But why? My body feels very heavy. This feeling is a physical weight on my abdomen, not something caused by the hangover.

When I slightly opened one of my eyes reluctantly, I saw a silver-haired girl riding me like a horse holding a kitchen knife and was trying to swing it downward.

——— Wai-!


My consciousness aroused in an instant. While screaming, I thrust away the girl. She dropped the kitchen knife as she screamed and rolled until she hit the pillar head first.

「Aaaaaa…… My head will crack……」

After I recovered the knife that pierced the futon near my crotch, with a rough breathing, I looked at the state of the murderer. The murderer, clad in pajama, flopped down on the floor as she held the back of her head. Looking closely, the murderer was the self-proclaimed goddess, Amaletta.

「Wha-What are you thinking!? Have you lost your mind!?」

「It’s nothing like losing my mind! I’ve thought about this seriously!」

Seriously thinking and decide to do this this early in the morning means that you have lost your mind!

While my mind was still in chaos from the anger and fear, Amaletta, with her hands on her chest, appealed,

「I-I feel that currently, I’m just a bother to Tanaka-san, so I thought how to solve it overnight. And my answer is… Once you fall asleep, I will attack you, liberating Tanaka-san from the ties of this world, then I can also reincarnate you, it’s two birds with one stone! But I was afraid to stab someone to death, and so I couldn’t do it until just now!」

「Stop being so loud!」

Listening to Amaletta who shouted out a flimsy excuse, I stabbed the kitchen knife into the tatami floor in anger. Amaletta, who saw this, made a small 「Hyiihh!」 shriek and curled herself, feeling extremely scared of me. Seriously? just because of those two reasons, I was almost stabbed to death!?

But still, with that strange misunderstanding with Sunaho, it will be hard to throw her out. If a rumor of a heartless father letting his daughter die on the side of the road spread, I might be evicted from this apartment. Can’t be helped then, I have no choice other than taking care of her until I solve the misunderstanding with Sunaho.

「Hey, come here.」


Amaletta who was completely frightened by my anger nodded, and obediently crawled on all fours to me.

「Turn around and then put your hands behind you.」


I took out a PP tape for packing from the closet behind and then bound Amaletta’s hands.

「U-Ummm, what are you going to do?」

「Shut up. Now lay on your belly.」


Feeling scared of my tone, Amaletta obeyed me teary-eyed and threw herself belly first to the futon. I quickly and easily bound her legs.

「There, it’s good with this!」

「Wha-What do you mean good!? Wha-What are you going to do by tying me up!?……. Hahh-! Are Tanaka-san, by any chance, a lolicon!? Now that you finished restraining me, you’re going to make me an outlet for your lust!? This pervert! Brute!! Pedophile Paraphilia!」

I was rained by a storm of unreasonable words. To say all of that even though I restrain you to protect my own safety, what a terrible fellow.

In order to heal my dispirited heart, I sidled up to her while showing a sadistic smile.

「S-…… Stay away…… Please stay away!」

Trembling in fear, Amaletta tried to escape by crawling like a caterpillar toward the window. I easily caught up and closed her mouth with gum tape.

「You know? That mouth is the source of misfortune?」

After I petted Amaletta’s head who nodded teary-eyed, I put the futon in the closet and the knife in the cabinet. After that, I wore my coat, put my wallet and smartphone into my pocket, then put on my shoes. After I was ready, I waved my hand to Amaletta who only silently looked at the situation.

「Well then, I’m going, be good and house-sit for me.」


Satisfied by the shocked expression of Amaletta who was in a situation akin to neglect play, I left the room.

For now, let’s go to the cat cafe to heal my spirit.

t/n: Loli bondage abandonment play, hardcore. Next chapter is worse than this though

actual note:

  • she hit the pillar head first. – the pillar mentioned here is not a pillar in the middle of the room, if you watch plenty of anime, the pillar mentioned here is the wooden pillar on the wall, or in this case, near the closet (I’m 70% sure his apartment use modern wall which is standard cemented brick wall, which means the only place for “pillar” to exist is the closet)
  • Paraphilia – a condition characterized by abnormal sexual desires, typically involving extreme or dangerous activities.

I feel like the quality of this chapter lower somewhat, not sure though, I just do my best and hope that the quality is good enough for release, sorry if it really does lower, not at home right now

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Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 4

Goddess-sama, Fill In the Outer Moat

Night of the next day.

Today too, I worked hard. In a good mood, as I walked down the street, I bought a little more expensive beer at the convenience store to reward myself.

Today, there was no trap from morning until now, there was no sign of the chuuni girl too. This one day was a peaceful and calm day.

Moreover, it was holiday tomorrow. I could let loose and drunk beers until midnight without fear of the hangover.

I got back to the apartment while I made sure I was not skipping in delight. Just to be more certain, I checked for the trap on my feet and overhead as I went up the stairs. And I found nothing.

I also checked the second-floor aisle for the presence of people, and I also found nothing. Perfect.

「Fuufufufufu ♪ ♪ Today~, Ebisu-sama~ ♪」

Unable to hold my delight, I walked down the aisle while I sang random beer song with a low voice.

Daily live without anything out of ordinary, I’m fine with such day! Peaceful banzai!

I arrived in front of my room with a fresh feeling. But, when I took out the key, I noticed something out of place.

——— Eh? There is light leaking out from the window?

Maybe, I forgot to turn it off. I thought positively and inserted the key into the keyhole, but the key didn’t turn the right way. In other words, the door was… unlocked.

——— No way, there is no way right……

Maybe I just forgot to lock the door before I went to work. As I wished that it was just my own mistake, I opened the door…. and lost my words from the sight in front of me.

「Ah, Tanaka-san, welcome home.」

「Ah, Welcome home…….」

In front of me, there were two girls sitting across the low table.

——— Calm down, me.

With the unexplained development in front of me, I tried to think how it could happen.

First of all, one of the girls is Amaletta, the regrettable cosplaying girl who came from the self-described Realm of Soul.

This person entering my room should be because she wants to reincarnate me for reason I don’t understand.

The problem is the other girl who might have guided her in.

With short bob hair and wearing the brown blazer which is the assigned uniform of the nearby elite middle school, she has unyielding look that suits her appearance.

Her name is Katsuragi Sunaho, she is the granddaughter of the manager of this 『Tsunoura Manor』. Besides living here while her parents are on business trip, she also helps with the administrative work, replacing her grandmother who got back pain.

She’s the person in charge of the management of this apartment, There should be no reason for her to enter the room of someone who only rent here. I only have a bad feeling about this.

「That is… What does this mean?」

Squeezing out the question from my front door, I felt like a bird who dove and crashed to the ground with wings still spread wide. Amaletta was only shrinking further hearing that, while Sunaho bared her anger with both eyes looking like an inverted triangle.

「Nothing much. But in my opinion, while Tanaka-san might have various circumstances, you shouldn’t outright deny this miraculous encounter.」

「… Hahh?」

——— Was she told her something?

While I was flustered by Sunaho’s unusual threatening attitude, I threw a glance to Amaletta. She averted her eyes. As I thought, she must have told her something.

「It’s surprising that Tanaka-san has a daughter this big. But to throw out a daughter who had walk all the way here to meet Tanaka-san, I can’t overlook this.」


——— D-D-D-D-D-D-Daughter? EHHHHHHH?

When I threw a glance again at Amaletta who spouted out this absurd lies, she, not only averted her eyes, but also her entire head. What on earth do you plan now?

While I was at lost for words, Sunaho stood up and head towards me. After she wore her shoes, she whispered,

「I found her this morning, hungry and crying, so I brought her to my place. From now on, however, I hope that Tanaka-san will protect her properly. Originally, we don’t allow for one or more people to move in, but circumstances are circumstances, as the manager of this place, I will allow this specifically.」

Such allowance is unnecessary.

「Well then, please get along well won’t you?」

After she said that, she moved pass me, trying to leave. Not good. In this case, where the landlord approves, this means this girl I don’t know can follow me along in the house.

「Wai- Wait a moment…….」

「If you refuse to do so and decide to throw her out again, then it means that I misjudge your character, and I will point finger at you in contempt. Understand?」

Just when I tried to stop her, she put the nails in the coffin and left without giving me a chance to explain.

Turning my head with an awkward movement like an unoiled machine, I saw Amaletta giving me a bitter smile.

「Um …… I’m sorry… This morning, she asked for my identity, and I answered that on a whim, for that to become like this…….」

I was holding my head after I listened to the excuse that I didn’t know whether It was said because she was serious, talented, clumsy, or just a fool. This must a dream, yes It must be it. I decided so.

「Ohh, Tanaka-san, here is a surplus futon and my old clothes for her. You can use them freely.」

Sunaho who suddenly came back unnoticed, brought a paper bag filled with clothes and futon and then handed it over to me.

「T-Thank you……」


———The reality was cruel.

t/n: I don’t know why, but this author’s Japanese seems uncommon (not bad nor unskilled, just unusual), I’m at lost a couple of time in this chapter alone (only 50 lines), machine translator doesn’t help me is normal, but for online dictionary to fail too, this novel is actually the first out of 3 titles I translate

actual note:

  • Goddess-sama, Fill in the Outer Moat – I believe this has more or less same meaning as “to take the general’s head, slay the horse first”, which basically means doing something by proper step to increase the chance of success, or making a foundation before going in for real, also I found an article about Osaka castle that might be where the idiom comes from
  • The beer song – I don’t actually translate this and just put down the easily recognize word into the dialogue, I only cut 1 or 2 words though, I kind of remember an anime, manga, or VN mentioning beer song, which might actually real, but after looking around, I can’t find it, nor do I found anything on google
  • Banzai – I don’t translate this, and I don’t plan to add this as a note, who don’t know what banzai mean anyway, at least who comes here to read this kind of novel doesn’t know, but then, uhh why not. Well banzai mean hooray or something like that, basically celebratory mark, though in this case, FTW should be a better translation

Kind of forgot to say this, but it’s been a couple of days more than one year since I start translating, so, happy first-year aniversary

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