Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 36

Goddess-sama, Secret Talk Leaving our tired body to the bus and train, we drowsily went back to my home town, we decided to went back to my apartment after buying food at the usual supermarket. Of course, during shopping, Amaletta and I went 「Not raw! Raw is not good! Just malt beer!」 「Give it back! … Continue reading Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 36

Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 31

Goddess-sama, Get a Helper Now, explaining the situation in my apartment objectively, surrounding the low table at the center of the room is a gathering of mismatched people. There is me, an ordinary office worker, then two Goddesses of Reincarnation with wings on their back, lastly, a pretty boy dressed like a clown. --------- What's … Continue reading Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 31

Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 30

Goddess-sama, Flag Increased The unexpected guest...... The self-proclaimed flag merchant from the realm of causality, the beautiful boy Listy. His green-haired red-eyed appearance dressed in a clown costume was still looking strange as ever. 「Pardon my intrusion~」 Even with Amaletta was napping, Listy who didn't know the meaning of the word restraint intruded cheerfully into … Continue reading Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 30