Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 18

Goddess-sama, Try Changing the Approach It had been a couple of days since Listy's warning. We were still living our life like what it was before. I worked diligently for the household expense, Amaletta freeloading while taking care of the house. This while I still didn't give up on refusing to reincarnate. Recently, Amaletta seemed … Continue reading Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 18


Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 16

t/n: change realm of soul to realm of reincarnation, and then causality world into realm of causality Goddess-sama, Bewildered After the sudden appearance of the handsome clown youth called Listy, because Amaletta in her child wife mode suddenly said: 「After all the trouble you had to come here, how about having dinner here?」 Currently, the … Continue reading Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 16

Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 15

Goddess-sama, Frightened by the Guest 『Hey~hey~~♪ This is Tanaka-san residence right~♪ The residence of Tanaka-san, the corporate slave with meager wage right~♪ The residence of Tanaka-san, the pedo who do an unspeakable thing to a young girl right~♪ And you're playing dumb with me, I will fucking destroy the door, bastard♪』 Hearing the storm of … Continue reading Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 15

Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 14

Goddess-sama, Spoiling It's hard to believe, but apparently, Amaletta is seriously a Goddess of reincarnation. Although such thought would make me doubt my own sanity normally, the event the other day and her behavior so far let me draw that conclusion. Then, everything that Amaletta did in an attempt to kill me was serious, and … Continue reading Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 14

Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 13

Goddess-sama, Finally Get an Understanding Looking at the beautiful angel wrapped in the white light declaring something that I felt like have heard before, suddenly a pale flame appears in front of her. Like a will-o-wisp, it slowly took the shape of a person. It then extending something, responding to the beautiful woman stretched hand, … Continue reading Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 13