Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 3

Goddess-sama, Explaining

My 6-tatami room was what you describe as “Simple is the best.”

There were only a low table in the middle of the room, and a freezerless small refrigerator installed in the corner of the room. That’s all.

Because the room was compact, the only lighting needed to be changed was the ceiling light.

Futon, clothing, and all the small items such as books and notebook PC were stored in the closet.

Well, with this much space, you could also say it was too small to put more things in the first place, but this was enough to live a comfortable life.

However, unlike usual, this place felt a little narrow that there was this small guest.

Sandwiching the low table, me and the girl were sitting face to face.

Beyond the steam that came out from the two cup noodles placed on top of the low table, the girl impudently surveyed the room and said,

「…… Umm, are you living in poverty?」

「I’m not poor, but I will take your portion for calling me poor.」

I robbed the cup noodles from the hand of the rude girl, and downed half of it in a go.

「Ah… Ahhh-! A joke, it’s just a joke! This is a room without waste! Right, it’s ecology! So please return the noodles!」

It’s good that you understand.

I will return the noodles to the girl who understands the goodness of this room.

「Ahh~… it decreased so much…….」

The girl looked into the cup noodles with the eyes that looked as if she saw the end of the world.

「It can’t be helped, I will give you a little of mine.」

After saying so, I put some naruto and menma one by one into her cup noodles.

「Tha-…….Thank you.」

While giving a sidelong glance to the girl who gratefully accepted my kind gesture, I quickly ate my own share of meals and then asked the girl to cut to the chase.

「So? Didn’t you say you want to tell me the detailed story?」

「Ah, yes. B-But first, I will introduce myself.」

When I urged her to start talking, the girl who was sipping the noodles one by one, put down her chopsticks and fixed her sitting posture.

「I’m one of the goddesses of the 『Realm of Soul』 that manage and maintain the 『Reincarnation System』 which is one of the elements that make up the world. My name is Amaletta. To be better acquainted, please call me Letta.」

The chuuni girl tilted her head and said so with a smile. I tried to keep my irritation in check while I urged her to continue.

「Yeah right. Then? Why does Ama-chan keep following me?」

Hearing that, Ama-chan showed a sour look on her face. Is she doesn’t like the way I call her?

「…You…… You’re not deliberately being mean right?」

「It goes without saying.」

I answered immediately.

At least it’s not as mean as someone who set the trap this morning.


「Yes, let’s keep going won’t you.」

After I urged her who was taken aback by my attitude to continue, she resumed her explanation with a sigh.

「… M-My job is to reincarnate the soul from every world. The lifetime deeds of the spirit of the deceased person are examined using the Reincarnation System, and then catalogued with the six realms as a basis. And then, we, the goddesses of the Realm of Soul, guide the soul to be reincarnated in any form either in the same world or different world.」


「Ah! You don’t believe me!」

Looking at me who was picking my ear with my little finger and gave a careless answer, Ama-chan lifted her eyebrows.

No, really no, isn’t it more natural to not believe you? I’m a working adult you know?

However, in this situation, I can see us going around in circle trying to justify our stand on the matter so I,

「No no no, I believe you. Belibu. Turasto.」

Respected her claim and urged her to continue, but Ama-chan puffed her cheeks, not believing my word.

「I’ll tell you this, the reincarnation system plays a very important role in every world you know? Even the breakthroughs of the history in this world are all happened because there are reincarnators from another world via Reincarnation System.」

「Wow, that’s so amazing.」

Listening to Ama-chan’s bizarre way of thinking, I applauded while praising her.

But instead, she raised her hands, protesting on what I said, I could hear the sound effect of 『Mukkiiii~!』 came from her.

「E-Even you, I’m planning to reincarnate you in different as a hero who will save the world you know? You will also be given max stats, moreover, you will be a handsome man, and as a hero, you can also make a harem you know? In the first place, if you don’t reincarnate, that one world will be destroyed you know? Please understand the severity of the situation! 」

Even if I have a regrettable brain, I still understand that this is pretty serious.

I mean, I only planned to have a meal with her, but now I get a headache and feel tired.

Let’s call it a night soon so I can drink beers.

「Yes yes, that’s really bad huh… But still, I don’t want to be a hero so goodbye. You should request a pinch hitter.」

After I said so, I carried her under my armpit and walked toward the entrance.

「Wa- wait, my explanation is still not finished! Reincarnation system is delicate and precise! It doesn’t have that kind of flexibility even though this situation is irregular!」

Don’t care.

After I threw the girl, who was crying out, outside, I locked the door and then blocked my ears.

『Ahh- Wait? It’s locked? Do you want me to camp out again? This is heresy! Brute! Devil!』

I heard something at the entrance for a while, but eventually, it got quiet.

Good grief, at last, I can drink beers.

t/n: I said I will finish yesterday, but it becomes this late, read all the note so you understand

actual note:

  • “Right, it’s ecology!” – I don’t get it wrong, it really is ecology on the raw, I’m pretty sure she means economic or minimalist, or maybe some other words I don’t know that fit more to the situation with reading close to ecology
  • “Naruto and Menma” – japanese food, just google it
  • Reincarnation system – 輪廻システム, it use samsara (輪廻) instead of reincarnation (転生), so it’s probably more like rebirth system instead of reincarnation system, also, I’m not that familiar with buddhist reincarnation system, so it’s great if someone can correct me somewhat (some difference will still exist)
  • Six Realms – also buddhist stuff, google it for better understanding
  • “Belibu. Turasto.” – Believe and Trust. He said the first part in japanese, while this part is said in english
  • Pinch hitter – baseball stuff, from quick read, it somewhat means change of player, well basically he asks her to look for another guy instead of keep stalking him

now this is not part of the note and more like an explanation to the translation

転生界 read as tenseikai, literally mean reincarnation realm, but then I realize that, ten (天) can also mean heaven, so this can also mean ten-seikai, or ten sekai or heavenly realm instead of tensei-kai or reincarnation realm, my point is, what I translate as “Realm of Soul” might just be a simple “Heaven”, in fact, just think that Realm of Soul = Heaven

Now for my ramble, sorry for the note, I can explain them without telling you to google some stuff, but it will be too long, and as after checking, a simple keyword (other than naruto and menma for obvious manga reason) will lead you straight to the wiki page of them, so I think, yeah, just google them then

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13 thoughts on “Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 3

  1. hmm…. that ecology thing.. probably because even though its small , the place perfectly support the livinghood of the MC, economic in price, enough room to sleep, placement of his belonging and do his stuff like working, etc
    for samsara, its reincarnation sistem base on Karma in which if you have lots of good deeds you will reborn in a good environment, while if you have lots of bad deeds you will be tortured first in hell and then reborn in bad environment and could also be reborn as animal (since Hindu and Buddha come from same root, only differ in the gods name)


  2. Umu kind of feel bad for her but I love this so far. Dunno where it’s going though. Will it keep being at each other throats? I wouldn’t mind Romance lol. But I like this Mc

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