Re-summoned Hero Episode 77

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Lunch, troubled choosing their orders.
Ask both cakes.

Returning to the library, greeting them from the receptionist desk are piles of books, the result of the two librarians competing with each other to find information.
「Err, this is…….」
With Dina’s voice as a sign, the two librarians finally notice Souta and Dina.

「Ah~, I have been waiting!」
The female librarian rushes out of the counter before approaching the two.
「Welco- Ah!」
Not wanting to lose, the male librarian also leaves the counter, but he knocks over a pile of books, making them fall to the floor. And so he gathers them and then puts them back on the counter.

「Ah- Is it fine to leave him alone like that?」
Answering Souta’s question is a nod and the refreshing smile of the female librarian.
「It is fine, that is what he got from handling the books roughly.」
Despite her expression, it’s clear that her smile doesn’t reach her eyes.
「Errr, here is the book you are looking for, and also this…… and I believe this will also help you.」
She takes some books and hands them to Souta. The books that were loaded in large quantities at the counter were ones that were checked to find these materials.
「Thank you, this helps us a lot. I seem to have increased your workload too, my bad.」
「No, finding books that the consumer wants is also a job for a librarian, so there is no problem!」
She answers with confidence while puffing out her chest, implying it’s a matter of course.

「I-I believe you should also do your work other than that.」
Just when the male librarian comes over after being delayed from tidying the books, he makes a complaint to Rena.
「Or so you say, but I believe Gai-kun needs to treat the books more carefully.」
Rena looks away while warning Gai in return.
「No, it was just a coincidence while I was in a hurry, normally such a thing is…… More importantly, in your case, Rena, don’t you stop doing whatever work you need to do to look for the book. Certainly, helping the consumers find the books they want is important, but your actual work is also as important. Once you’re done, you need to do your original work.」

For every one of Rena’s words, Gai returns five or six words. Knowing that her remark invited this, Rena hangs her head.
「In the first place Rena…….」
Dina, who feels that she can’t keep still and watching them, interrupts their conversation.
「U-Ummm I apologize for interrupting your conversation, but we want to check the material, so may we go?」
Gai remembers that he himself was also looking for material after listening to Rena’s explanation.
「M-My deepest apologies. I was setting a bad example as a librarian for using a loud voice in a library.」
When Gai apologizes, Rena also lowers her head, looking dejected.

「It sometimes happens even for a librarian. Fortunately, there are no other guests coming other than us, so as long as we don’t mind, there is no problem. I’m also indebted to you for looking for the material, I won’t complain about this.」
「That is right! Ouch.」
As Rena raises her head with a glad-looking expression, Gai pokes her head lightly.
「Don’t get carried away, what you did is still a bad thing regardless.」
「Geez, it hurts Gai-kun. Raising your hand toward a woman, how terrible.」

Even though they can see how close the two are from such exchange, Souta and Dina would still prefer to continue their research.
「Ahh, you can continue your banter. We’re going to read the books she has provided. Well then, thank you.」
Souta tries to move on from that place quickly, but another voice stops him from doing so, again.
「Oh, please wait.」
After slightly looking up from annoyance, Souta turns around.
「What is it? I’d like you to let us continue our research, but…」

「I’m sorry, this is the last one, I also prepared some material for your investigation, please use it.」
On Gai’s hand are several books, that’s received by Dina.
「Thank you very much. Now then, let’s go?」
Dina holds the books with one hand, while she uses the other hand to push Souta’s back as she moves to the table.

「Now then, Souta-san, they already spend great effort preparing these books so, let’s read it .」
After setting up the books they received from the librarian, they start reading them.

The sound of pages flipping over echoes around. However, unlike before, Souta’s hand stop halfway. It’s the same for Dina, she stops her hand and then read the page over and over again. After taking note of point of interest they find, they move to the next book after they finish one. By the time the repetition of those had finished for all the books, the time has already indicated that the sun has almost set.

「Fuhh~ Looking at the progress we’re making right now, it feels like the time we spent this morning were wasted.」
Turning his shoulders around, he speaks to Dina.
「Right, as I thought, a pro is amazing.」
Dina, who had finished reading a while ago, piled up the books they’d finished reading by size.

「So, did you get any information from those?」
「Of course, Souta-san too?」
Answering Dina, Souta nods.
「Yes, I found some points of concern, though I can’t really talk about it and analyze it here, right? Let’s go back to the mansion before talking about those.」
Considering that they will talk about the story from a thousand years ago, to avoid being overheard by others, Souta decides to go back to the mansion to discuss the investigation.
「You’re right, then the books…… Where should we take these? I guess for now we should take these to the receptionists?」

Dina takes all the books they borrowed, stands up, and heads to the receptionist table. Souta, a bit behind her, catches up with her and takes half the books Dina takes, then they head to the receptionist together.

While they head toward the reception, how about the two librarians? It seems they heard Souta and Dina and are watching h them come over.
「「H-How was it?」」
They ask the question at the same time.

「A-Ah, that was really helpful. I was able to extract the information I want.」
As the two asking while lean out of the receptionist table, Souta draws back a little before answering the question.
「So which book did you find useful?」
Rena leans further and asks that.

「Hm, I only read the books prepared by Rena. You read the books prepared by Gai right, Dina? As such we can’t really tell which one is more helpful, I guess?」
Hearing Souta’s answer, Rena looks dissatisfied.
「Ehh~ Then we cannot tell who wins.」
Pouting, she asks for approval from Gai.
「It is as Rena says…… Can not you decide one of them somehow?」
It seems they made this a contest, and it seems he wants to make sure the game doesn’t end unsettled.

「As I thought, you two are on good terms.」
Dina honestly says her impression about them.
「Who is on good terms!」
「Yes, who is on good terms with this man!」
「You really are close after all…」
Souta has the same impression as Dina.

「T-There is no such thing. Gai is, his mouth is bad, inflexible, he is really an unpleasant person.」
「What did you say! You are immature, a selfish person who doesn’t take her job seriously.」
With the two starting to fight, to not get caught up in it, Souta and Dina put the books softly on the counter, and then leave the library.

t/n: very sorry, I can’t get my motivation up for some reason, even this chapter which already finished quite a while ago is just posted now

on a side note, I might just do self-edited chapter for re-summoned hero just like goddess’s suffering, reason being I translate willy nilly now, and I can’t expect others to do the same as me, and waiting for the edit might also kill my motivation again so yeah

expect lower quality translation next chapter, sorry for this

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