Re-Summoned Hero Episode 76

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Continuation of the investigation at the library.
Speak with the female librarian.
The female librarian’s name is Rena.

They leave the library, and after walking for a bit, they find a cafe and decide to go in.
Although it is not a big store and lacks gaudy decoration, the atmosphere of the store is calm. The two like it at first sight.
They also decide to sit in the open terrace. On a sunny day like today, they hope to eat their meal while enjoying the gentle breeze and admiring the scenery outside.

After being guided to their seats, Dina groans while looking at the menu.
「I’ve decided on this hamburg lunch…… What are you desperately worrying about, Dina?」
「I’m not sure which of these two cakes I want to order……」
Dina is troubled with dessert.
「Both would be fine right?」
「No, it’s an attractive proposal … but I feel like I’m eating too much.」
She feels shaken for a moment by Souta’s suggestion, but she shakes off the temptation and continues to worry about her decision.
「By the way, have you decide on the main course for lunch?」
「Yes, I’ve decided on that one. I want this one.」
What she points at is a pasta-style noodle dish.

「I see… Excuse me, I’d like to place an order.」
Souta raises his hand and calls the waitress. Dina, who’s still troubled with choosing her dessert, begins to hurry when she notices.
「Yes, may I ask your order?」
「Err, I am…」
「I will have this hamburg lunch and this dish, one each. Also, I want this cake and this one, also one each.」
Souta orders fluently. Dina is still troubled, but he orders anyway, while Dina watches Souta with discontent.
「I will repeat your order: one hamburg lunch, one tomato flavored pasta, one white berry cake, and one white cheesecake. Is that all?」
「Ah, I’ll leave it to you then.」
Closing the order list, the waitress returns to the back.

「Geez, why did Souta-san arbitrarily order like that. I’m seriously troubled, you know!」
Dina puffs her cheeks and gives words of reproach to Souta.
「My bad my bad, but if you’re as troubled like that, doesn’t that mean you actually want to eat both?」
「That is! That’s… right.」
Wanting to reproach Souta, delighting in being able to eat both, and fearing eating too much, those three feeling mixed inside of her.
「Don’t worry, if you eat half of both, won’t it become only one cake’s worth? That means you can eat both cakes without eating too much.」

「A. Yes. That’s right isn’t it…… fufufu.」
At first, she’s surprised that she doesn’t realize that sooner and lets out a smile after understanding that she can eat both without hesitation.
「It’s good now that you realize. I should’ve explained it first, my bad.」
Souta apologizes to Dina for doing things out of order.
「No, me too, for getting angry without noticing that, I’m sorry.」
Dina also lowers her head. With both of them lowering their head, realizing how funny what they’re doing is right now, they burst out laughing.

With the dangerous atmosphere calmed, the two start to chat. Not long after that, the main dishes they ordered come at almost the same time.
They put together their hands and start eating after the Japanese style prayer. The guests that see that all look at them with a strange expression.
「Yeah, it’s delicious. I was slightly making light of the hamburg in this cafe, but it’s juicy, the meat is overflowing with juice, and more than anything, this sauce is good.」
Souta steadily eats the hamburg, the meat going into his mouth one bite after the other without stopping.

On the other hand, Dina is eating the pasta with a happy expression. The way she uses her fork so that the sauce won’t splash onto her clothes, coupled with Dina’s original aura, serves to show off her beauty. As proof, all the men’s eyes are glued to Dina.
Some also have their ears pulled by the women they were eating with.

「Souta-san, this one is also very good. Here, please eat.」
Dina takes her food with the fork and holds it out in front of Souta. When he puts it into his mouth, his expression changes into a smile.
「Yeah, it’s delicious. This hamburg is also delicious…… Here.」
This time, Souta brings a slice of meat toward Dina. The male guests who are watching them are now sending gazes full of jealousy at them.

「Tasty! I wonder, maybe I should eat that the next time I come …」
Dina, who usually talk in a polite tone, sometimes loosen up when she eats something delicious or gets excited.
「…… Dina feels more friendly with that way of speaking.」
「I’m sorry for my unpleasant wording.」
Dina is startled from hearing Souta’s remark and then corrects her sitting posture.

「Well, whatever, it’ll change before long.」
Looking at Dina whose way of speech is already back to normal, Souta decides to leave it without any further comments.

The waitress who measures the timing of when the food on Souta’s table has already cleared, checks on them and then brings out the cake they ordered.
「Excuse me, here are the cakes you ordered for dessert.」
When Dina’s long-awaited cakes arrive, Souta divides both vertically in half and then splits the halves between the two plates.
「This should be fine. Dina’s get the fruits that are on top.」
「Thank you!」
The cake is cut into pieces that are almost the same size, and Dina who gets both of the fruits lets out a smile even brighter than before.

「N~~, tasty!」
Even if her vocabulary to express how tasty it is is scarce, her fascinating face tells its taste beyond words. Feeling satisfied while watching her face, Souta has his piece of the cake.
「Hmm~ certainly, it has a nice taste.」
It is fluffy; the slightly moist dough leaves a comfortable texture in the mouth. The cream that’s not too sweet, the fruity flavor that spreads in the mouth, and the fragrance brings about an elegant flavor for the cake.
They’re immersed in the taste for a while, but they feel loneliness as the dish gradually becomes empty, and finally, they completely finish the cake.

After finishing the cake, they sit around while having a cup of tea. After a while, Souta asks her to go.
「…… Now then, shall we go back and continue our investigation?」
「I agree……」
The footsteps of the two who go back to the library after taking care of the payment are filled with reluctance.

t/n: it’s been a while, the check just completed 2-3 days ago, 77 is edited, now just need to be checked, in the meantime I will translate chapter 78 and chapter 9 of goddess’s suffering, also as for that novel, it seems like it’s going on romance route

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