Re-Summoned Hero Episode 96

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Result of the lottery.
Bet on Grey.
Baked salt wrapped dish.

★ Next day, Arena waiting room

The Participants are already gathered in waiting rooms. There are two waiting rooms, and the participants are separated so they won’t be in the same room with their opponent on the first match. Tennessee, Grey, Santana, and Gargis are in the same room.

Because there is a chance that they would battle each other later, they don’t converse at all, however, three pairs of eyes are now gathered on Grey. Santana and Tennessee are from the knight order, so they know Grey’s true identity, as for Gargis, he is trying to see through how Grey pull off what he did on the group D match.

After the opening greeting for the second day is done, the announcer calls the name of the two participants for the first match. Tennessee exchanges look with Santana, after nodding at each other, she heads to the stage.
Although the first match has a low level of popularity based on the previous rumor, the two’s ability which rival each other makes the match deserve to be called a good match. Reyshaw prepared different weapons from the one he used in qualifying match, this results in Reyshaw victory.

For the second match, the popular belief is Carlos, someone who people believe will become the champion of this tournament, is obviously would win this match especially against someone as mysterious as Grey who always using a mask, so people don’t really pay attention to the match.

Just like the audience, Carlos too, thought that he would finish this fight quick, but he gets impatient with the situation he’s currently in and shouts unintentionally.
「Why my…! That’s!」

At the beginning of the match, Grey seems to be pushed by the continuous swing of Carlos greatsword. However, Grey actually just trying to grasp Carlos’ movement. In the momentary gap of Carlos’ attack, Grey wraps Carlos’ sword with the water magic from Undine’s blade and then flicks the sword out from Carlos’ hand.

His prided flame magic is also offset by water magic released from Undine. Carlos’ greatsword has the ability to increase its user physical ability by severalfold. Deprived of his sword, Carlos’ movement becomes duller. And now that he lost his weapon, his magic that’s his last hope also blocked by Grey.

When Grey offset the magic, he scatters the excess water around them. By the time Carlos gives up thinking that shooting more magic would just end up in vain, his feet are already submerged. And when Carlos realizes this, the water starts to gather around Grey.
Following the movement of water with his eyes, there is Grey with what appears to be a dragon made from water magic.
「This is the end. Go! Water Dragon.」
With Grey’s command, the water dragon attacks Carlos.

Carlos lost the support from his greatsword, but he’s still enduring the water dragon’s attack just with his non-empowered ability by cladding himself with flame magic, it takes all he has to resist though and so he can’t move.
「I’ll show you- only this much- I can endure!!」
He endures with his willpower and pride that doesn’t let him lose at the first match of the final round of the tournament. As a clan leader, and as an S-rank adventurer.
「That’s it.」
Grey follow along from behind the water dragon, and then struck the wide-open Carlos with Undine, he also shot water magic at him.
That’s Carlos’ last scream.
Carlos who is blown off the stage fainted. The medical team rushes to do their treatment. The damage on Carlos is quite deep and serious, but he still survives thanks to his tempered body.

「…… Hah-! The-The winner is Grey!! I can’t believe it, Participant Carlos is defeated in the first match!!」
Although the announcer misses his timing due to the unexpected result, once he comes to, he announces Grey’s victory. And then with the announcement, the venue is engulfed by the biggest cheers ever. Grey goes back to the waiting room, Carlos is brought to the medical office, while the announcer tries to start the next match, but he can’t as the clapping and cheering don’t stop until a while later.

After that, the third match also doesn’t let the excitement cools down. Overcoming the prediction, Elf wizard Plum is giving Santana, another participant that was forecasted to become the overall champion, a good fight. Plum increases her physical abilities using magic to respond to Santana’s movement, in addition, she uses various magic to lead him around by the nose.
However, Santana destroys each of the magic with one blow from his fist. Plum who thought to be the dominant one has an expression of exhaustion on her face because her magic doesn’t work at all.
Considering her situation will only get worse as it is, Plum takes a distance from Santana to prepares the large-scale explosion magic that she used at the preliminary round. Santana is capable of stopping the chant, but he instead waits for the magic to be cast.

「It’s the magic you used during the preliminary round. That’s great, Go on, Use it!!」
He thought that he would prove his strength by letting the enemy use their ace-in-the-hole skill and then defeating them after stopping it head on.
Plum’s magic power continues to increase, once it reaches the limit, she releases the magic.
「Burst Bomb!!」
The magic that leaves her hand shot toward Santana. No matter how strong Santana is there is no way for him to bear this much magic power. Plum, the audience, and even other participants seem to think so.
When the magic contacted Santana, it explodes with much more power compared to the one in the preliminary round. It even makes the barrier protecting the audience rattling and shaking resulting in the screams of audiences.

「Everyone, please calm down! The barrier used is a powerful one and stacked multiple time. Magic will never be able to reach the audiences!!」
In the panic, the management side announces so.

The smoke makes the stage not visible, but Plum blows the smoke off using wind magic. There, the figure of Plum who cast the magic and Santana whose body is fully covered in armor could be seen. Everyone is surprised by Santana whose appearance changes compared to the when the battle started.
「That was quite powerful magic, unfortunately, it seems to be unable to break through this armor.」
Santana’s high magic resistance armor is normally stored in his tekkou, but it can transform to cover the user’s entire body at their discretion.
「This time it’s my turn.」
Santana returns the armor back to his tekkou and then tries to shift to attack, but he’s stopped by Plum’s voice.

「…… I give up. I have no hand to play anymore.」
Since Plum uses her last bit of magic power to use the wind magic, she is barely standing even now.

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