Re-Summoned Hero Episode 95

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Group A settled!
Only one line for group B and C.
Group D also settled!

「I-it’s settled! The winner of Group D battle are these two!!」
Grey has knocked out every other participant while the smoke still remained. The cut magic also distracts the other participants, and so Grey makes it as if they’re knocked down by the magic. However, the skilled people, such as those who won the other groups qualifier, aware of what Grey is doing.

「After this, we will have the participants draws the lottery for the final round pairing. For the participants that are in the waiting room, please come to the stage. For the participants from the group D, please stay at where you are.」

Grey waits in the middle of the stage. The elf wizard, moves to Grey’s side, she looks distraught, her face reddens from the embarrassment. As for the fallen participants, they’re being brought to the medical office by the staffs.
The winners from each group qualifiers appear one by one from the waiting room and then gather around Grey and the elf. There is no conversation between them, instead, they look like they’re probing each other.
The man who is in charge of announcement approaches them.
「Everyone, congratulation on passing the qualifier! Without further ado, please one by one draws from this drawing lots.」
The draw is done from group A to group D in alphabetical order, Grey’s turn is the seventh.

The result of the lottery is as follows.
First match: Tennesse (Fifth corps’ knight order) VS Reyshaw (Dual wielding swordsman)
Second match: Grey (Souta) VS Carlos (S-rank adventurer)
Third match: Santana (Captain of the first corps of the kingdom’s knight order) VS Plum (Elf wizard)
Fourth match: Gargis (White tiger beastkin) VS Tobine (White tiger beastkin)
The result of the drawing is announced right away by the announcer and by the time the audience leave the venue, the matches pairings are not only already posted on the arena’s bulletin board, but also on the one outside.

Because the bet can be done outside of the venue, there are people who were unable to get the admission ticket gathers to try to predict the result in front of the bulletin board. For the first match, Reyshaw who was only being evaluated by Carlos is quite low in popularity while the S-rank Carlos has overwhelming popularity in the second match. The third match is dominated by Santana eight to two as he has a proven track record. The fourth match, as both are white tiger beastkin, the multiplier rate is evenly matched.

In the morning, the preliminary of the fighting king division is held, while the afternoon is scheduled for the preliminary of the monsters division and the group division. Because of that, the participants of the individual tournament leave the arena early.
Souta removes his disguise out of people’s eyes and then joining Dina to head toward the bet acceptance counter outside of the arena.
「I want to bet on Grey’s victory on the second match.」
Souta puts a bag filled with gold coins on the counter.
「Yes, we will pro-…… Ehh!? This, all of this?」
After opening the bag, the receptionist asks Souta for confirmation in surprise, to that, Souta keeps silent and nods.
「I-I understand. Please wait a bit as we confirm the number. Oi, help me a bit here.」
The male receptionist calls the staff that was taking a break at the back and then they count the coins together.

After that, they finish their second check after a couple of minutes.
「Yes, 200 gold bet for participants Grey.」
The receptionist says only the amount of gold in a small voice and then hands out the betting ticket to Souta.
「Ahh- thanks. Dina, with this, if Grey win then we will make a killing.」
Looking at the two talking, the receptionist thinks that there is no way Grey would win against Carlos. But at the same time, seeing how confident they are, the feeling of maybe also appears.

After seeing and listening about the matches prediction other than Grey’s, the two decides to fill their belly at the shop on the back alley like usual. They can go there without any problem now. Once they’re close to the store, appetizing smells could be smelled from the store. Entering the store, the waitress welcomes them. This waitress that has been talking with Souta and Dina so many time over the course of the week is called Zofi, while the chef is called Sylvan.
「Welcome, ohhh isn’t it Souta and Dina. You come again, how is the fighting competition? Is it interesting?」
「Zofi-san, good afternoon. Yes, it’s delicious so we come to eat here again.」
「The battle tournament is quite interesting, as many strong people are participating.」
While returning the greeting and answering the question, the two go to their usual seat.

「Now then, what would you like to order?」
Zofi already predicts the answer the two of them will say, but she still asks just to be sure.
「「Chef’s recommendation!!」」
Although they have been going there every day for a week, the chef’s recommendation is always changing every day and there is no miss at all, in facts Souta and Dina consider it to be a big hit.
「Fufu~ both of you really like his cooking, don’t you. Then I will tell him the order.」
After saying that Zofi goes back to the kitchen.

「I wonder what food will come out today?」
「I’m looking forward to it! The time spent waiting is also good isn’t it!」
While the two looking forward to it, Zofi comes out bringing one of the dishes.
「While waiting, you can eat this first, this is service.」
The dishes that are put on the table is warm vegetables and toasts, in the middle, there is a bowl filled with the sauce of bagna càuda. The two eat one bite, and then two, and then three, their hands can’t stop moving. It’s natural for the sauce, but the vegetables are also first-class items, while the toast is an item that royalty purchases every day from the popular bakeries in this city.

Satisfaction shows up on the face of the two who finished eating in no time at all. Once they finish, the next dishes are brought over.
「Here is today’s recommendation. Baked salt-wrapped Blueleaf fish and soup with 16 kinds of vegetables.」
Blueleaf fish is a delicate fish that’s hard to get and considered to be a high-class ingredient. This fish is wrapped with salt and then cooked in the oven. It’s normally a dish that is time-consuming to make, but as they expect Souta and Dina will come again today as well, they bought the fish early so it could be served faster. The soup is also already been prepared since yesterday, making the taste of the various vegetables seep to the soup.

Whether the dishes are bad or good can be known easily if somebody sees their face.

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  1. For a restaurant that doesn’t get customers, it’s a bit illogical that it would start cooking expensive “headliner” foods that take a long time to prepare. That expensive food would be wasted if no customer showed up much less within the time frame that the finished food had under the warmer.


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