Re-Summoned Hero Episode 109

Summary of the last chapter in three lines

Reading Grevin’s notebook? Diary?
Dina also read it.
Dina cries herself to sleep.

Dina returns to her room for a moment, after getting ready, she returns to Souta’s room.
「Souta-san, last night, I’m really sorry. I was, really upset……」
「Don’t worry about it, I too was clenching my fist so hard it was injured.」
After saying so, Souta shows Dina his clothed right hand.

「Geez, why don’t say that soon! Here, let me see your hand.」
Dina removes the cloth wrapper and cast recovery magic on the exposed wound. Under the teaching of Franchir who was called a saint, Dina’s recovery magic which she kept trained since then, has raised to the level where it’s comparable to Franchir’s.
「Compared to when I fought with Barza, your magic has become smoother.」
Seeing the activation of the magic, Souta is surprised by the speed of the magic to take effect that is faster than what he saw before.

「I’ve been training all the time until I was sealed, and my master is excellent.」
While praising her master proudly, there is a hint of yearning in her voice. Looking at the situation, Souta swallows back the words he was going to say.
There is nothing written about Franchir in the Elder’s notebook. Where and what happened with her at that time? Despite bothered by this, Souta judged this is not the right time to ask this unanswered question.

「It will help greatly if Dina’s recovery magic is excellent. It’s the only magic that I’m not quite good at…… Anyway, about our course of action after this.」
「Look for someone who knows the whereabouts of the dragonkins? Or will we look around for the gnome’s settlement?」
Dina put her finger on her cheek and the tilts her head as she asks that.
「No, I thought about going to a different place altogether as there is so little clue. To the country we haven’t been gone yet beside the two.」
「So……. dwarven country?」
After pondering a little, Dina answered. Satisfied with her answer, Souta nods.

「That’s correct. Elder said he showed us the way, but he also said to choose our own way wasn’t he? So I want to go to the dwarven country to make a weapon that I couldn’t make with that guy. Also, Elder might go to the dwarven country after this one, so there might also be information there.」
The second half is largely Souta’s wishful thinking, but that’s not entirely not connected, right? Such thought ran inside Souta’s head.
「Is that so? Then I will look forward to it, it will be my first time after all!」
As Dina enjoys traveling with Souta, she doesn’t intend to oppose where their next destination would be. Also, she doesn’t say this because she’s too optimistic, but she also agrees with Elder’s teaching.

「Then, let’s start preparing for our journey right away. Also, we need to give our farewell, mainly to the people in the castle and the restaurant.」
「Let’s go see the librarian after that. He helped us a lot in the archive, and if it’s not because of him, our investigation might still ongoing until now……」
「Now that you mention it, we still yet to say our thanks to Arnaud too.」
Souta nods vigorously, agreeing to Dina.

「Then, let’s go.」
After hanging her bag on her shoulder, Dina stands up.
「First, we will go to the restaurant, then the library, and finally to the castle. If the castle is busy, then I will just ask them to deliver this letter.」
「You’re prepared, aren’t you? Are you writing that last night Souta-san?」
Souta answers Dina’s question with a nod.
「Ahh, this is just in case of the worst-case scenario. The minister has spent most of his time with us, so I assume he will probably busy now.」
For the several days they worked in the archive, Rudredd and Arnaud have always been helping in the archive and went to the restaurant with Souta and Dina.
「Then, won’t Arnaud-san busy too now?」
「Ah- that’s also possible, huh? Well, we can ask other librarians to convey a message there.」

While talking the two also head over to the inn receptionist. Upon reaching the receptionist, they settle their check-out and the fee for the inn. Ed and the carriage will be kept there until the departure time.
「Thank you very much for staying for a long period of time. We will also devote ourselves to our best ability in the case of your future patronage.」
After saying that, the staff nearby are gathered.
「「「「「Thank you for choosing our inn.」」」」」
And so, even without bowing, they see Souta and Dina off with a perfectly synched salutation.

「That was, quite amazing.」
「Isn’t it?」
After they go out from the inn, the two look back at the inn’s door with astonishment.
Just like what they planned, they go to the restaurant to say their farewell.
「Oh my, welcome. Both of you are early today.」
As there is still a bit more time before noon, Zofi greets them with a look of surprise.
「We don’t come to eat today, we’re going to leave the country, so we’re going around telling the news to our acquaintances.」
「Oh my oh my, will you go far away?」
Despite her normal tone, her face shows a look of surprise as she asked the question.

「I’m thinking about going to the dwarven country.」
「T-That far…… Dear! Dear! Come here, quick!」
Zofi, surprised by the destination, goes to the kitchen to call Sylvan.
「What is it? It’s still early don’t be too loud, ohhh, isn’t it Souta and Dina.」
Sylvan who comes out from the kitchen to answer Zofi’s call, noticed the two.

「Nevermind that Dear, Souta-san and Dina-san are going to leave this country to go to the dwarven country!」
「Wha- Is that true?」
Surprised by Zofi’s announcement, Sylvan tries to confirm it from Souta. Souta and Dina both nod at the same time to answer him.
「Immediately after we tell all our acquaintance.」

Sylvan and Zofi are further surprised by Souta’s answer.
「Today then!? Isn’t it too sudden?」
「Not really, well that’s mainly because I have decided our next destination. In my country, there is a saying “There is no time like the present.” It means to encourage someone to do something immediately instead of waiting, so that’s why…」
Dina nods, agreeing with Souta. Zofi and Sylvan are still surprised, but Sylvan quickly gathers his thought and grasped the situation.

「A-Alright. Both of you are already decided to go on a journey. That’s fine, but if you still want to go around, you still have time then, right?」
「We do, we still need to go to the library and the castle after this.」
Dina answers Sylvan’s question. Sylvan looks like he’s thinking something.
「…… Okay, understand. While you go to the library and the castle, I will make foods as a parting gift for you. If I remember right, you have a magic bag with time stop function right?」
Souta and Dina’s eyes are glittering from the proposal.
「Seriously!? then, please! Yes, I have that kind of magic bag, there is still some space, so you can cook as many as you want.」
「I’m looking forward to it, please by all means!」

Seeing the joy in the two, Sylvan nods in satisfaction and goes to the kitchen to start cooking.
「Me too!」
Zofi also goes to the kitchen to make dessert.
「Ah, when you go out of the store, please hang this tag on the door with the closed sign outside.」
She requested them with only her face out from the kitchen, and then she returns to cooking.

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