Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 16

Unbelievably, Another Reunion


Morning of the next day, we immediately went to the dining room to get breakfast.
The adventurer’s that had an appointment with Narsena seemed to be a busy person, they didn’t have time unless we went this early.
So, because we needed to hurry to the adventurer guild, we started to eat our breakfast right away.

「Come to think of it, I heard quite some rackets yesterday, did something happen?」

「Huh? Ehhhh~? O-Onii-san hear that!?」

…… Even though there was some slight time loss because Narsena was suddenly frozen on the spot because of my question in the middle of our breakfast, we somehow still able to leave in the early morning to head to the adventurer guild.

… But, as we were closing in to the guild, I started to feel dejected.

It was early morning now, still, while this was a time where there were no adventurers around, the guild’s staffs would be there.
I was concerned about the possibility of meeting the guild’s staff that treated me badly.
Beside Almast, there were quite a few guild’s staffs that treated me badly.
If the guild’s staff currently working there was someone who treated me badly, surely they would try to ridicule me now after a long time I didn’t go there.

「Hahhh~ …」

In that case, surely trouble would occur. When I imagined that, I unconsciously let out a sigh.

Current me aside, I just realized how hard it would be to deal with those guild’s staffs.

Certainly, it was also true a few days ago, but it was overshadowed by Narsena’s sudden outburst toward Almast.
Right now, I had enough self-confidence to ignore any insult thrown by those guild’s staffs.
However, Narsena would absolutely not just stand still if I was ridiculed by them.

… And if Narsena runs away from the guild just like last time, it would be really troublesome.

「…… Hahh~ what to do…」

Thinking about that easily imagined future, I was troubled at what I should do.

「As I thought Onii-san… If Onii-san doesn’t like to go to the adventurer guild, then let’s not go there unless it’s a real emergency.」

… In the meantime, Narsena whispered something to me, but I was too concentrated on the other issue that I didn’t notice.

After all, it was a really big problem if Narsena rushed out from the guild again.

If Narsena got too emotional and left the guild right away, we might not able to fulfill the meeting, and Narsena wouldn’t be able to report her survival to her parent’s home.
If so, her family might end up making Narsena quit adventuring.

I didn’t know about her family, but with how a really busy adventurer—implicating a world-class adventurer—became a go-between of Narsena and her family, Narsena might be a daughter of a big merchant or a daughter of one of the guild executive.
And such a wealthy family should be reluctant about letting their daughter working as an adventurer who risked their lives on a daily basis.
That was why, it was understandable that Narsena was obligated to report her survival to a first-class adventurer and failed to do so would be ended up in her quit adventuring.

I want to prevent that situation no matter what.
Narsena is my important party member, moreover, my benefactor.
I don’t want we become separated for such reason.

And so, I desperately thought about what to do if the guild’s staff was someone who treated me badly…

「… Ohh, we’re here already?」

「Onii-san, I’m here so everything will be alright!」

… However, we arrived at the adventurer guild before I reached an answer.
While regretting that I couldn’t come up with a good idea, I spoke to Narsena.

「Narsena, if the receptionist says something that insults me, please don’t mind…」

Narsena overreacted when someone said insulting things toward me.
It was her virtue that she was cherishing her friends, but this time, it backfired.
Even if I told her now, it didn’t matter if she ended up getting emotional anyway when it mattered.
Even still, better than saying nothing, I still told her to suppress her emotion.

「Just leave it to me, Onii-san! I’m here after all !」


But for some reason, Narsena, full of enthusiasm, went into the guild without listening to me.

「Huh? No, wait! Narsena!」

…… Seeing her, blood drained from my face.
I didn’t know why Narsena was so motivated, but this became the worst development thanks to that motivation.

In this situation, I no longer worried about her action.

Please let the guild’s staff that receive us one who doesn’t treat me badly… I prayed to the omnipotent Creation God who gave skills to the human and followed Narsena into the guild.

「Narsena-sama, and her companion, Raust-san. Please come this way.」



… When I saw that the receptionist was not one who treated me badly, I gave my gratitude to the Creation God.

◆ ◆ ◇

From there, guided by the receptionist, we went to the inner part of the guild.

「I had prepared myself, but nobody makes a fuss…」

During that time, Narsena was dissatisfied by something, while I was deeply relieved.
Even still, it had been a long time since my emotion was shaken that far.
Until now, I have tried to suppress my emotion as much as possible.

That was how I protected myself in order to spend my days in this adventurer guild.

However, these days, I felt like I’ve been revealing an unbelievable amount of my emotions.
I think I care about Narsena so much I couldn’t suppress my emotion.
Thinking that, I was aware once again how strongly I didn’t want to be separated from Narsena.

Really, how much has she saved me?

「Well, I don’t mind being kept in suspense like this.」

Perhaps because I was thinking about it, but despite my worry, those words escaped my mouth in a small voice.
And I who noticed that, show a bigger smile.

…… However, at that time, I was wrapped in my sense of relief I forgot a certain thing.

It was Narsena’s adventurer acquaintance.
I didn’t forget their existence, but because various things had happened, my awareness of said adventurer had become so weak…

「We’re here.」

「Hmm? Ohh you finally here…… !?」

… That was why, when the receptionist opened the door, I was startled.

If I was a little calmer, I might have noticed the possibility.
Among adventurers, only so few of them could be called world-class.
In other words, it was not strange if that person was someone I knew.

I only noticed now that I saw the lady who relaxed gracefully on the opposite end of the door.


「Ohhh, isn’t it Raust!」

「………Huh? Ehhhh~!」

——— The adventurer in the room was no other than the world-class adventurer who became my master and trained me for a while.

Sorry, I went home from my Aunt’s house and, probably because of the extreme temperature different (it’s really hot here), I fell sick

I kinda have recovered this morning, but decided to just rest, this chapter is finished while I’m resting, just slowly going on each line while I read other things, unfortunately, it kinda ended up in a cliffhanger but I should be able to finish next chapter tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. Hope you feel better. Take as much time as you need we can wait a day or two with a cliff hanger.


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