Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 17

My Audacious Master


At the sudden appearance of my Master, I lost myself for a moment.
I couldn’t hide my surprise that I was reunited with the benefactor that taught me a new power several years ago.

「Hahhh~ Seriously, Master like to show up out of nowhere, don’t you…」

「That’s my line, you, foolish disciple.」

「… Eh? Master, foolish disciple?」

… However, fortunately, or unfortunately, I, who was already accustomed to my master’s unexpected action, could recover myself fast.
After all, I was able to obtain my current strength because in a couple of months I was under my master’s guidance, I was dragged to the various quests abruptly without any reason, my master being unreasonable was something that I already familiar with.

「No way, Master and Narsena are an acquaintance? Seriously, what is the chance…」

That was why, I said that while implying if it was just the usual Master’s doing.

「… Like I said, that’s my line there.」


… However, Master’s reaction was unlike the Master I knew, her expression was terribly weary.
I felt a sense of discomfort when I saw her sighing deeply, distorting her usually determined beautiful face.
After all, the image of my master was someone who was strong, someone who would say “keep pushing forward instead if you have time to think.”

And that was not only my image of her, but it could also be said that was the general public image of her.

A world-class magician, Flame God, Ralma.
That was my Master’s second name.
Voluptuous body and beautiful face, her appearance looked like she was in the late twenties.
But her appearance didn’t change at all compared to when I trained under her a few years ago, so her age might not be what her appearance suggested.
I heard it was harder for excellent magician and warrior to age, so that was not strange at all.
I didn’t know how old she was, but from appearance alone, it was true that she was a beauty.

However, the most eye-catching appearance of my master was not her appearance, it was her flame-like red hair.

I once heard from Master that her red hairs, the origin of her second name, was a sign of a person having a great deal of magic.
Considering Master tremendous ability, that saying seemed to be true.

She had an exceptional number of 4 skills including the one that she acquired by capturing a labyrinth.

Only that alone, Master already had more ability than a first-class adventurer.
But that was not her only ability.
Right, it was a talent that let her cast magic without relying on skills, add to that, while being a magician, she had enough ability to fight in close combat and easily win against normal warrior.

And that was the technique I learned from my master, the technique to handle magic without relying on skills.
I was under her guidance for several months.
During that period I somehow managed to learn how to handle magic without relying on skills.
Without that technique, it would be impossible for me to reach my current height.
No, not only that.
Maybe I should say my master was someone with a personality which couldn’t be respected at all.
…… Honestly, violence that was more than what the other adventurers did to me was a daily occurence.
Even still, Master was one of the few people who didn’t despise me.

…… Although I’m reluctant to say this, she certainly saved me.

That was why, I was thankful to my master.
However, the image of my master in my mind was already solidified as someone with annoying self-confidence.

「… Errr, did you hit your head, Master?」

…… Hence why, when I saw the sight of my master sighing with that expression, I asked that unconsciously.

「I think I really need to have a proper talk with you…… whose fault do you think I’m sighing?」

While scowling at my attitude, my master muttered that under her breath.

「Raust, you’re her acquaintance?…… Or wait, don’t tell me you’re Narsena’s pr-」

「Aaaaaaaa! Ralma-san, what are you trying to say!?」


… But before Master could finish her sentence, Narsena who should be in a shock since a while ago suddenly recovered and, while blushing, shouted to hide what my master said.
I was startled when Narsena shouted.

「Seriously, what are you saying! What are you trying to say!」

Hearing Narsena screaming, my master realized what was up without noticing my state.
Apparently, what my master trying to say was something that Narsena wanted nobody knew.

「Hooo, this is getting interesting.」

「—— Kh!」

… However, taking such an attitude against Master would just give the opposite effect.
A big smile shown on my master’s face seemed to be a sign of her considering Narsena’s reaction interesting.
A soundless scream came from Narsena’s mouth when she realized that what she did just backfired.
Narsena was teary-eyed now.

「Seriously, stop…」

「What do you mean? I just want to say how fun it is to talk with my disciple from way back.」

Maybe Narsena’s reaction tickled her heart, but her teasing escalated further.
What a bad personality, Master being an S means she won’t stop at getting Narsena teary-eyed.
It would escalate rather.
Thinking so, I decided to throw Narsena a lifeline.
It didn’t mean I wasn’t curious about whatever Narsena was hiding, but I didn’t want to force it out from her either.

「I’m coming here only as Narsena’s escort, so I will be waiting outside.」


Hearing my words, Narsena raised her voice in delight.


… Though, there was one person who clicked her tongue instead.
It seemed her personality was bad like usual.
Not only that, but my master asked me to match what she was saying with her eyes, I pretended to not notice and ignore it, however.
This time, I was determined to not betray Narsena.

… However, my attitude further angered my master.


The next moment, my master activated certain magic toward me.
It was a magic that only used magic power which could be used without skill, my face stiffened when I knew what magic my master sent toward me.
By attack power alone, it was a magic that couldn’t kill or wound someone, but it was devilish magic that if hit by it, you would be attacked by intense nausea for several days.
A few years ago, I had terrible days thanks to this attack.


I didn’t have any desire to taste that hell of pain again now.
I successfully dodged the sphere after my desperate attempt, and then I immediately returned my posture so I could be ready to react to the next attack and look at my master.

「… Huh?」

… But when I saw the expression on her face, I stopped moving.

My master was smiling, a really cheerful smile.

「I see, so that’s how it is.」

Even though I already resigned to be one-sidedly attacked by my master, she suddenly in a good mood which gave me an uncomfortable feeling.

「I change my mind. Get out from this room you foolish disciple. I want to talk with Narsena.」


… For this reason, while I wondered about the reason she suddenly changed her mind, I still left the room without talking back.

Just a simple explanation on Ralma’s second name

Enshin Ralma = En Shin Ralma = En Kami Ralma

En = Flame

Shin = Kami = God

Kami = Hair

so while the kanji and the reading said Flame God, by the reading of each kanji it could also mean flame-haired

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
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