Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 22

The Party’s Bond


Looking closely, I noticed there were some other men looking at me.
Those men were in the same party, all of the other besides the one that grabbed my shoulder were behind him.

「I don’t have anything to say to the like of you.」

Considering those men appearance, I decided it would safe either way, so I started walking.

「Hey, wait!」

One of the men raised his voice towards my back.
As if I didn’t hear that commanding voice, I kept moving.

「It’s just for a little bit, we have something you must hear.」

…However, even when they were ignored, they kept shadowing me.
Seeing their persistent advance, I was involuntarily frowning.
After all, no matter what, being seen by those vile gazes while being followed closely like this was mentally straining, no wonder my face would be distorted from the displeasure.
It would be no surprise that I was about to kick the man who came too close to me reflexively.

「Look, we’re just want to invite you to join our party.」

However, I desperately kept my calm and walk away.

Just a little more, if I can reach the back alley, I’m confident I can get away from these guys.
The men who followed me look to have various occupations, two warriors, a magician, and a healer to be precise, none of them look to have a speed enhancing skill.
On the other hand, I have a skill that can accelerate my movement, if I can reach a place with complicated paths like the back alley, I’m confident I can get away from them in no time.
The same if I run right after passing this alley, or so I judged…

「Just little up damn it! We’re doing this for your sake! I’m saying if you leave that defect healer’s party, we will put you in our party, Wolf of Calamity!」


…… But when I heard those words, I stopped.

Wolf of Calamity, that name brought back the memory of Onii-san’s lamentation he told me several years ago.
That was the party that used to use violence while oppressing Onii-san, also the party that set up those newbie adventurers to kill Onii-san, a party where Morzeral belonged.
And now, I just noticed the characteristics of Morzeral Onii-san told me was the same as the warrior who seemed to be the leader of this Wolf of Calamity party.
These men were undoubtedly the men who oppressed Onii-san.

The moment I realized that, I was attacked by a fury that seemed to turn my sight red.

「Are you just realize now? Yes, we’re Wolf of Calamity, the party that was said to be the closest to the lower-layer…」

Seemingly misunderstanding my appearance, Morzeral said that with a proud smile on his face.

「So what if you can go to the lower-layer? Even Onii-san, the person you make a fool of can go to the lower-layer, what is to say you’re not defective yourself?」


Without waiting until Morzeral finished talking, I said so.
The men stiffened from my words, but I didn’t care, I left myself to my anger.

「Or what? Are you so incompetent you can’t do what my defective Onii-san can do? In fact, what did your self-introduction said again?」


After I said so, the men’s faces turned red in anger.
Morzeral, however, didn’t turn his anger on me.

「…That guy is just lucky. He was invited to a first-class party by chance, and now that he was kicked out from that party, he still able to make money from the lower-layer thanks to talented person like you.」

With a trembling voice, Morzeral said so while desperately suppressing his emotion.
Inside, he was getting agitated and his words were getting heated.

「That’s why, it’s unfortunate that you’re on his side. You will never play an active role with him being your fetter. But no need to worry. From today onward, you who have ability equal to our party is…」

「It seems that all of you are under the impression that strength is what makes you first-class. So? Is that all?」

However, I wasn’t influenced by Morzeral’s invitation.
Conversely, I scoffed at his words.

「Even if you think you’re a first-class party, you still can’t go to the lower-layer, right? Oh my, pardon me for being rude, but it doesn’t look like you have the character to become one anyway. Such is the fate of such small-minded people who can only look down on another. Can’t even admit that the person you make a fool of is now already a first-class adventurer.」


Morzeral kept his mouth shut from my words.
At first glance, he looked to be calm compared to his previous response, but the anger in his eyes was a different matter, it was much more intense than before.
Apparently, being pointed to the truth hit them much more than I could imagine.

「…Don’t let her escape you guys!」

And then, enraged, Morzeral clenched his fist and leaped toward me…

◆ ◆ ◇

「…Hahh~ It’s not good for adventurers to fight in the middle of the city.」

Seeing Morzeral who came at me, I let out a sigh.
Although it was just for show, that was actually written in the guild regulation.
But, Morzeral likely didn’t hear me.
That was how much his anger consume him.
Even the hateful glare he sent me was full of his killing intent.

However, seeing him like that didn’t overwhelm me at all.

「Didn’t what all of you did to Onii-san worse than this!」

Because I was more furious than him.
And then, I sent that feeling to Morzeral who was charging into me with my fist.

I sent my fist to his abdomen while slipping through his.


At that moment, one of my skills was activated.
The impact of my fist was sent through his armor, skin, and muscle straight to his internal organ.
That was a characteristic skill of the martial artist.
Originally, martial artists didn’t have physical strengthening skills and needed magic tools to support their physical ability.
But even considering the costs involved, martial artists were still useful.
The reason was this skill that could sometimes put down a monster that was far robust than human in a single blow.
Besides, my skill was special, it had the effect of raising the power of my fist too.


And so, Morzeral who took my fist was writhing on the ground.
I didn’t attack him with all my might because it was a bother if I accidentally killed him.
But, seeing his current state, I judged he wouldn’t get up for a while.

「…Only to this extent, huh?」

Knowing he was weaker than I thought, I muttered that.
Certainly, Morzeral was said to be the closest to the lower-layer, he had a physical strengthening skill and quite agile too.
However, he was too reliant on his skill that his basic movement was like an amateur.
If his party members were all like this, I could even handle four or five people simultaneously.

With how I took down their leader in one blow like this, I assumed the Wolf of Calamity would run away somewhere.


……However, when I raised my face, I was at lost for words from the action the Wolf of Calamity took.

「Spirit of tree-!」

After all, the magician of Wolf of Calamity was chanting, while their warrior was pointing his sword at me, they were clearly combat-ready.

I couldn’t hide my agitation seeing the action they took.
The adventurer guild certainly didn’t raise their hand just for adventurer’s quarrel.
However, killing was a different matter.
If there was anything the adventurer guild being strict at, it was the rule about murdering each other, and the Wolf of Calamity was clearly going over the line now.
On top of it, seeing them taking those actions without hesitation making agitation worsen.

After all, the Wolf of Calamity was obviously taking advantage of the gap of when I was relaxed after I took down Morzeral.
Those were not an action they could do without deciding them beforehand.

Seeing the action they took, I had a conjecture.
Maybe, Wolf of Calamity intended to attack me like this from the start.
Regardless, I had no time to think slowly about this.
Whether it was a shortened chant, the magician was about to finish chanting.
Unfortunately, this was a narrow alley.
The activated magic extended its power and range to cover the entirety of this place.
I had no time for leisurely looked for a way to escape anymore.
Also, I had no confidence I could escape from the range of the magic.


That was why, judging I still had enough time to cancel the magic instead, I charged forward.
Compared to the distance to escape, I believed the distance between me and the magician was closer.
Among the physical strength enhancement skill, my other skill was one that specialized more in increasing speed.
Strengthened by that skill, I closed the distance between me and the mage.


And then, whether it was because the magician faltered from my advance, but he made a slight gap in his movement.

At that moment, I smiled, confident about my victory.

While I was kicking the wall to zoom the distance between me and the magician, even a slight gap was fatal.
I tried to attack the magician over the head of the warrior of Wolf of Calamity who stood there to protect their magician.

… However, a sudden misfortune struck me.



When I was about to go over the head of the warrior, he reflexively lifted his sword above his head, hitting my abdomen with the grip.
My speed fully feeding the force of the impact, slowing me down.


Even so, I still reached out.

Alas, my hand never reach and the magic was completed.

「-bind my enemy!」

And then, the ivy of some kind of plant the magician conjured wrapped me from my feet to my body, losing my balance, I fell to the ground.

◆ ◆ ◇

「This, ugh, release me!」

After being restrained, I tried to remove the restraint of the ivy desperately while lying on the ground.
However, with my physical strength, I couldn’t even make the ivy stir.
I still didn’t give up and tried to move my body, but it was a useless struggle.

「Looks good.」

Words laden with mockery resounded from behind me.
Reacting to that voice, I turned my head around, there was Morzeral, laughing at me while holding his abdomen, face still cramped.

「There is nothing scary with your glare that you’re in this sorry state.」

I glared at Morzeral as a sign of resistance, but all it did was making Morzeral more elated.

「No way you really fall in love with that defect healer, what a fool!」

「His only good point is his face!」

「I heard that defect bastard foolishly cut off one of the receptionist, I was making preparation to catch that guy if that rumor is true, but it looks like I’m right!」

The Wolf of Calamity was all sneering at me.

「If you’re not here, that defect bastard would finally know his position!」

「Ahhh, I’m looking forward to it… also, it’s fine to do anything to this one as long as we separate her from the defect healer right?」

「Wait, don’t leave me out!」

「It’s okay, in the end, we will sell her as an illegal slave, but there is no definite time for that. We have plenty of time.」

「Great! Ohh, if this adventurer suddenly missing, wonder what kind of face that healer would make!」

What they started to talk about was something I couldn’t bear to listen.
My face distorted from the chagrin and humiliation, however, I still looked around desperately.
To overcome this situation somehow.

However, when I looked up, I gave up my resistance and smile.

「Hey, you.」


The Wolf of Calamity didn’t notice my expression, but knowing instinctively I already gave up my resistance, one of their warriors pulled me up by hand to force me to stand.

「.. What are you planning?」

And then, Morzeral asked that with a low voice and a glare.
It was a threat filled with killing intent, but I only smiled at him.
With a smile so bright it looked like I made fun of them instead.

「All of you can’t beat Onii-san.」


At that moment, it was clear that Morzeral face was cramped.
Despite his overwhelming advantage, it looked like he felt frustrated he was being looked down upon.
Then, Morzeral raised his fist and opened his mouth.

「That guy’s just a shit-…」

「No, the shitty one is you.」

However, Morzeral couldn’t finish his line.


Because before that, he was knocked down by someone who fell from above.
With the leader of their party attacked by the unknown man, the rest of the party tried to size up their opponent, but the intense killing intent radiated from the man made them faltered.

However, the moment the man turned to see me, the intense killing intent disappeared like it was a lie, it was replaced by the deep relief on his face.

「Sorry for being late, Narsena.」

At that moment, I felt like my eyes were tearing up.
If I was asked whether this was a dangerous situation, then I probably would only tilt my head, even still, the moment I saw Onii-san, I realized I was more nervous than I expected.
But now that I had Onii-san with me, all my tension was blown away, to let him know, I smiled.

「Thank you for coming to help!」

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!!

    So it was the guy who planned to kill him, huh… hope he suffers a lot! But wow, really, it’s really not good to encounter a jealous person

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    1. I you know they are going to suffer. They are going to get the beat down of their lives by who they think is incompetent. They told her they were going to sell her, who is a lady of a powerful house, as an illegal slave, Not to mention that healers master is still in town and she is a top ranker from what it sounds like.

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  2. Sadly, I doubt they’ll suffer enough. This doesn’t seem like the kind of story where a bunch of minor players get crippled for life or killed, or even suffer complete destruction of their careers as adventurers, just for assaulting a couple of adventurers who the guild deems insufficiently well connected to care about. And I doubt Narsena will be willing to involve her family in guild matters, or that either of them would involve Ralma. More likely, they’ll beat the heck out of the idiots and then Raust and Narsena will be disciplined for “attacking” Wolf of Calamity, because the other party has more people to make the accusation and thus will be believed.


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