Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 31

Goddess-sama, Get a Helper

Now, explaining the situation in my apartment objectively, surrounding the low table at the center of the room is a gathering of mismatched people.

There is me, an ordinary office worker, then two Goddesses of Reincarnation with wings on their back, lastly, a pretty boy dressed like a clown.

——— What’s with this chaos…

When did my place start to become a gathering place for circus troupe?

In this room which urged you to say a joke like that, I sent my gaze to the new visitor. She was someone I had already encountered even just once, the same existence as Amaletta who came from the Realm of Reincarnation. This woman had an appearance worthy of her title as a Goddess.

Long wavy blonde hair with azure eyes, glamorous body wrapped with angel’s raiment that exuded artistical beauty, and a pair of the wings on her back that was bigger than Amaletta’s. Or more like, everything except her waist was bigger. Everything. Big.

While I was thinking about my first impression of her, She took a sip of the tea that Amaletta prepared for her and then begin to talk.

「Let me introduce myself properly, I’m a Goddess that came from the Realm of Reincarnation, my name is Fellrose. please call me Fell with affection.」

——— Ehh? What? Is it a common thing for all the Goddesses there to recommend their own pet name?

While Fellrose bowing her head, the memory of my first encounter with Amaletta flashed in my mind. However, there was another thing I was bothered with.

「By the way, why are you so sweaty?」

For some reason, Fellrose was sweaty enough bead of sweat could be seen on her forehead. It looked like she was standing by outside of the apartment when we were having dinner. Sending her gaze to Listy, she answered my question.

「According to that person from Realm of Causality there, it was better if he breaks down the story first, so I was waiting.」

「I mean, if there are four people, the amount of food I can eat will decrease♪」

——— This guy, is he a demon? And you who just obediently obeyed him, are you stupid?

I didn’t know the relationship between the two, but for now, I understood quite well that Listy was a bastard. Also, I had another thing I was concerned with.

『Hey, Listy aside, can a goddess of reincarnation comes to this world arbitrarily?』

When I asked Amaletta about how Fellrose didn’t look like she came to guide another soul and came for her own reason, Amaletta nodded, affirming my doubt.

『It’s possible as long as it doesn’t affect the interference rate. Though, we fundamentally don’t leave the realm of reincarnation, because it’s unneeded.』

While feeling a premonition of the trouble what would come from Amaletta’s answer, I turned toward Fellrose.

「Well nevermind then. So, Fellrose, what purpose did you come here for?」

I didn’t want to be too involved so I asked Fellrose’s purpose to further the talk, she then gave me a sincere look.

「That is, obviously, to ask you to reincarnate as soon as possible to release Amaletta from being shackled to this world.」

——— So you too, Fellrose.

I hung my head low from the feeling of weakness I got when hearing her answer.

「Even if you say so…」

Why everyone wants to kill me who luckily survived? The cat was saved, the truck driver was exempted from the responsibility of killing someone in the middle of duty, but I’m still told to die. I understand their circumstance, but I can’t accept that.

As I lamented their irrational demand, Fellrose cleared her throat and continue.

「Before you misunderstand, I can’t do anything to you. You’re Amalleta’s responsibility, the only one who can lead you to reincarnate is just her.」


I who didn’t really understand the reason well only returned a half-hearted answer, and then the good-looking clown added some explanation.

「This is also the connection between causality♪ If any goddess other than this small one put their hand on Tanaka-san, it would become a problem♪ In the end, Tanaka-san’s choices are whether putting your hand on a small child or die voluntarily♪ 」

——— Way to put it over the line, oii.

I kept silent when I heard Listy said that savage line with a really wonderful smile. Certainly, Amaletta and I hold a cause and effect relationship concerning my reincarnation. If I follow the flow of causality that Listy said, I couldn’t really understand what Fellrose is saying.

「Anyway, it’s about you now. I think you already heard from this realm of causality person that many people will be troubled if it stays this way. Please make your decision as soon as possible.」

「… So, in other words, you want me to die quickly?」

When I asked Fellrose in a clearer way, she nodded repeatedly. Although I was dumbfounded by her eyes that showed no hesitation when answering my question, in the end, there would be only one answer for this.

「No. Fucking. Way.」

「W-Why!? Do you have no heart!? How fiendish!」

——— No, the fiendish one are you guys. Why are you treating my life like it’s yours anyway…

「Amaletta too, why are you holding back when you made to live an indefensible lifestyle like this? Isn’t it fine to just use magic to plunge this man to his own end?」


Fellrose shot me an insulting gaze as if seeing a stupid dog. Even though they were from the same place, Amalleta only flustered when she saw Fellrose’s enthusiasm.

「Don’t say such an unreasonable thing, you.」

「Be quiet! I am talking with Amaretta now!」

Ohhh, scary! It was said that there’s no rose without a thorn, but now it’s hysterical too, it’s completely out of my hand.

While I was shaken by the fury of this beautiful woman, Amaletta answered her question despite curling her body and stammering speech.

「Fell, I understand what are you trying to say, but I can’t do that.」


Amalleta answered Fellrose who was shocked from the unexpected refusal with a compassionate smile that felt like she was being thoughtful to the other person.

「I got down to this world and then unexpectedly bound here because of the reincarnation procedure. I started to spend time with Tanaka-san because of matching interest and from that spent time, I finally understand something.」


——— What did you understand from my life?

「No way……. Is it love?」

Not that, obviously.

While Fellrose looking at her with cold eyes and said her assumption that was leaping too far ahead, Amaletta declared with confidence:


「If I want to be honest…… I’m really afraid of dying!」



Fellrose showed a blank stupefied expression toward Amaletta’s declaration.

「We, the goddesses are the existences that surpass the concept of time, while we know the concept of dying, we never experience it. But…… while I was trying to reincarnate Tanaka-san, I learned about it. I was about to be drowned and poisoned to death and that was really scary! Because of that experience, I will never be able to force Tanaka-san to die!」

I see, so that’s why lately all you do is tempting me to reincarnate.

While the mystery of Amaletta’s recent conduct was cleared, Fellrose showed a bitter look while grinding her teeth, unable to accept Amaletta’s trains of thought.

「Then, are you saying you will stay in this world?」

「No, I will fulfill my mission. I just think that after I tell Tanaka-san all the charm of being reincarnated, he would want to die cheerfully.」

Die cheerfully? What kind of state of mind is that?

「Also…… he saved my life…… A-Anyway, please wait just a bit more!」

Amaletta lowered her head. When I thought Fellrose would keep silent, she turned to look at me, her shoulders trembled.

「… How dare you,」


「How dare you deceiving Amaletta!」


Surprised that Fellrose suddenly leaned forward while hitting the low table, I leaned back while wondered. Who? Did what? How?

「Aaa, my cute little Amaletta is giving her affection to something inferior like this!! How envious…… how loathsome!」

「The heck are you saying?」

Although I won’t deny we did have the same motive going on with the scandal of us and the landlord, calling it affection is too much. But Fellrose, making her own conclusion that seemed to inflate her own persecution complex, twisted her own body like crazy with a dangerous glint in her eyes. Ohh no, this person is scary.

When I drew away from this beautiful but crazy woman, Listy poked me on the shoulder and then whisper:

「Dense aren’t you, Tanaka-san♪ It’s love, L.O.V.E♪ This woman is a yuri lolicon♪」

「O-Ohh…… I see, so that’s how it’s.」

Never thought she has yuri disposition. Certainly, I can see that now. Or rather, this pretty boy face is too close. I feel sullied.

「No, ummm, I don’t have a special relationship with Tanaka-san, alright?」

When Amaletta said that to appease her, she came to her sense, slowly stand up, and went to the front door. And then, looking back, she shot a glare with enough force to kill and said:

「In consideration to Amaletta, I will withdraw today, however……… I will not give up!」

Then, like a child in a tantrum, she opened the door and ran out, leaving only those words behind. From inside, we could hear Fellrose crying 「Stupid, stupid, idiot!!」 below the night sky. What the heck? Also, what do you mean not giving up?

While I felt a premonition of trouble from Fellrose’s parting words, the pretty boy next to me stood up and tried to whisper me something. No, seriously, you’re too close!

「One piece of advice♪」

「……What is it?」

「In the case Tanaka-san didn’t die…… If you don’t give her gentle love, then surely she will break♪」

The rotten clown said so while pinching his thumb between his middle finger and index finger. I think it’s about time this rotten clown go back below the soil.

「Then, see you~♪」

With the old man in the pretty boy skin leaving the place gallantly, the curtains of night in this apartment room were drawn.

While feeling fatigued like a storm just passed by, I fell on my back.

Please, don’t come again.

There are many hard things to translate in this chapter including something my English skill unable to convey better (some part of Fellrose speech in this chapter should be a bit different compared to her usual way to talk), I know this has been a long due, but considering I never worked on it, yeahhh, sorry about it

Btw, this author actually use this kanji 嗚呼, really confuse me seeing a line opened with a kanji this complicated but doesn’t show in google translate result, I thought it was just usual GT mistake, until I hovered the kanji and rikaikun giving me the definition

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  1. Why does hearing “yuri lolicon” make me go “oh, is that so?” while hearing “lesbian paedophile” makes me disturbed? Whao, the power of language


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