Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 30

Goddess-sama, Flag Increased

The unexpected guest…… The self-proclaimed flag merchant from the realm of causality, the beautiful boy Listy.

His green-haired red-eyed appearance dressed in a clown costume was still looking strange as ever.

「Pardon my intrusion~」

Even with Amaletta was napping, Listy who didn’t know the meaning of the word restraint intruded cheerfully into my room without my permission. And then, he sat in front of the half sleeping girl who was rubbing her eyes, with a big smile on his face.

「Oy, give me tea you useless goddess♪ I’m the guest you know♪ Guest is the king, I learned this in this world♪」

「That’s just plain rude!」

Listy who behaved with insolence lightly slapped Amaletta’s cheek for his request of tea. Amaletta awoke with a start, then escaped to my back to hide.

「Y-You’re from the realm of causality!? …… How long have you been here?」

「Now♪ Now♪ Nevermind that, get the tea out quickly you useless Goddess♪ Or I’ll mess up that cute butt of yours♪」

「Y-Yeshh! I will bring it right awayyyy!」

Amaletta went into the kitchen and started preparing the tea for Listy who had such a charming smile despite the horrible things he said. Watching them like that, I just let out a sigh.
After that, just like before, Amaletta asked: 「Do you want dinner today too?」 Listy nodded as if it was a matter of course, and now as well, three people were surrounding the dining table. Every time it’s dinner time, he’s just intruding without an appointment, who are you? Yonesuke?

On a side note, today dinner was a beef steak curry cooked slowly with Amaletta’s homemade roux. The fatty beef steak gave bliss to the tongue, and the vegetable that was already softened to its core was superb. The spiced roux that heated your body from the inside was an excellent choice even in this time in the summer.

As I ate the curry that made me sweat a bit from the little spicy taste that was added for my taste, I asked Listy to sit in front of me.

「So? Why are you here again today?」

「Oh, this curry is super delicious♪」

Oh? Is this kid ignoring me again?

「Now now young man, how about listening to other’s question for now, I know it’s delicious.」

Beads of sweat that showed diamond-like radiance flowed on this beautiful boy’s cheek, with a refreshing smile, Listy wiped the sweat with the back of his hand.

「It’s fine♪ I will properly explain it to the slow Tanaka-san♪ But, for the time being, give me another helping♪」

This guy, should I make this guy face like it has a broadcast accident? It’s true that I’m slow on the uptake but… wait, you don’t seriously come here to just eat, right?

「How much do you want?」

Looking at Amaletta who devoted herself bravely to serve the clown’s demand that answered the question with 「Super large♪」 without any restraint whatsoever, while grinding my teeth, I thought,

The last time he visits, Listy told us that because I failed to reincarnated, it causes a sign of harm to the causality, and he came to give a warning.

And if left as it is, one of the other worlds will be ruled by the demon king, furthermore, he said that Amaletta would become my wife. It has been a month since then, maybe some new signs have appeared.

「Now that I think about it, the smell that drifted after an old man eating curry, I’m not sure if the smells come from old age or the curry♪」

「Don’t worry about that. Everyone equally smells like curry now. More importantly, are you come here just for eating, or you come to talk to me?」

After receiving a large serving of curry from Amaletta while saying an extremely rude remark, the clown bastard, Listy started to enter the main topic with an innocent smile.

「Well, to put it plainly, that useless goddess over there is stupid, blockhead, useless other than for her housework skill. We from the realm of causality are going to have wrinkles♪ I have to cancel my flight to spank your butt with a bat♪」

It was terrible name-calling. Amaletta hid her butt from Listy who swung the spoon as if it was a bat. That’s a bad manner geez.

「That… It’s true that I keep failing to reincarnate Tanaka-san, but does the current situation is that bad?」

When Amaletta timidly asked a question that implied that her job bore no fruit at all, the smile on Listy’s face disappeared as he answered the question.

「It’s not just bad♪ really, it’s really bad♪ if you only failed to reincarnate him, then it’s still fine, but this useless goddess even did a stupid stunt like that♪」

「Have I done something more stupid than failing to reincarnate him?」

「If in this world, significant erosion of the interference rate is confirmed, can’t you imagine how it could happen♪」

Amaletta seemed to be aware of what Listy’s remark signify, her face turned pale. Seeing her unusual manner, I suddenly remembered her explanation.

Interference rate … it’s a phrase that Amaletta sometimes said. Speaking of what time it was, it was when I tried to report her, in other words, something related to public institutions. At that time, she was even willing to play her part that label her as a pervert by Sunaho to prevent being reported.

I didn’t really understand at that time, but now I do, a little. The risk of Amaletta who is not from this world to have any public institutions set eyes on her is immeasurable. Not only for ID, but also things like her wings on her back in particular……


With all that in mind, I now knew what Amaletta’s 「stupid stunt」 was.

「Across the whole world, there is no way to show your appearance and have no one being suspicious. There are severe quakes in the various realm that responsible for taking care of the reincarnation system♪ That’s seriously bad♪ 」

Yes, despite avoiding much publicity, Amaletta not only debuted in the internet through the virtual reality game called 『.Hacking』 but also leave a large amount of data over the internet. That’s no wonder it would be bad. Seeing Listy who was full of negative aura, Amaletta cowered in fright.

「Was it so bad?」

I don’t know things like their circumstances, but this time, it’s not Amaletta herself that was being spread. It’s her persona. The only one who knows the real identity of Amaletta who has become a legend in the virtual reality should be only me.

Listy seemed to show some veins on his head as he responded to my question.

「That’s still standing out you bastard♪Don’t make me say that again♪ Well, that’s our frank impression♪ So I guess, it’s barely safe♪」

What are you, Showa Yankee? However, that means there is really no change to the dangerous situation. While Listy was shoving the curry to his mouth, Amaletta suddenly fell prostrate.

「I-I’m sorry! I’m really sorry!」

How do I say this, she really is a useless goddess.

After Listy finished cleaning up his plate and put it down, he made a gesture to make Amaletta raised her head. He burped right after that. What is this no-good beautiful boy.

「But you know, I was able to predict new trouble from this♪」

「A new prediction?」

When I repeated what Listy just said, the no-good boy erased his smile. After taking a closer look at everyone, he quietly opened his mouth.

「That is……」

「That is?」

Listy left a gap before continuing his prediction,

「If this continues, the demon king that ruled the different world will exert its power to the other worlds, and Tanaka-san will be bestowed with a twin with the useless goddess here♪ That’s seriously funny♪」

Then, like a girl running in the middle of a field of rapeseed flowers, he said so with a full smile on his face.


Not only the marriage flag, but now it seemed even stork flag had stood.

From the impact of the announcement, Amaletta lost her words and turned into ashes. Well, that’s just natural.

After receiving an unfortunate announcement from the clown who was a flag merchant, while I was overwhelmed by the future development——— at that time,

「I’m not going to allow that!」

Along the suddenly opened entrance, that line entered the room.

When I turned my head to look who the rare visitor was, there stood the blonde Goddess of Reincarnation who used to guide the soul of the schoolgirl who committed suicide in front of me.

This chapter is longer than usual (next chapter is even longer)

  • Changed Listy’s title in chapter 14,15, and 29 he is not someone from a flag store anymore, but a flag merchant (it was my mistake)
  • Yonesuke Katsura, not sure if I got the reference right, but that’s the only name I found after looking around for a while, he is a rakugou actor btw (something like comedian)

Sorry for barely (none other than this actually) any chapter so far this month, I’m in a slump, have been working on this for days with barely any progress every day, I finish this after pushing myself a little bit

Seriously, I hate how Listy talk, some part of his dialogue is changed because I’m unable to find the English equivalent (sorry, I don’t know how a gangster talk) or it’s plain untranslatable without making it ugly

On a side note, Banished Healer (full title: The Healer Banished From The Party, In Fact, Is The Strongest) translation already started, only 2 chapters so far that’s already released in my patreon, I will post chapter 0 to chapter 4 here on my birthday (4th May)

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