Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 30



Zieg Stretas, he was one of the top adventurers in the capital city and also a guild’s agent.
He studied under Ronaldo, a world-class warrior, he was a genius that became one of the first-class in a few years.
And Zieg was my friend.
That was why, when I heard the masked warrior’s voice, I knew right away his true identity and called him out, however……

「… Zieg? Who is that? I…… I’m S-Sieg…?」

… However, he was desperately trying to hide his identity.
I was at lost for words seeing him trying so hard.
It was really terrible.
I understand you trying to change your voice, but at least decide first whether you want it to be higher or lower, not both.
In the first place, why, out of everything, you decide to change your voice…

「Well then, the capital city is already safe now, it’s better if you go to the capital city rather than here.」



… Zieg, who misunderstood and took my silence as me being convinced, tried to leave the place.
Why do you think there will be anyone fooled by that anyway……
I was almost holding my head reflexively from this.
However, if it stayed like this, we would just go around in circles.
Apparently, Zieg persistently insisted on hiding his identity.
That was why, I decided to bait him.

「Remind me, Zieg…」

「My name is not…」

Responding to me, Zieg tried to say something, but I ignored it and kept continue.

「That magic sword is Ronaldo-san’s right?」


From my remark, I could feel agitation spreading on his face.

「Did you happen to steal it?」

「That’s wrong!」

However, that agitation turned to anger once he heard what I said next.
Zieg took pride in being Ronaldo-san’s disciple, that was why he reacted sensitively to something that would defile that pride.

「This is something I formally received from Master! If you ask him, He surely will also say the same……… Ah-」

Midsentence, he suddenly noticed his verbal slip and stopped talking, his face turned pale.
Seeing his expression, I grinned.

「So, do you have anything you want to say?」

In response to my words, Zieg gave up as he hung his head.
Apparently, he gave up on trying to talk his way out.

「… When that incident happened, I was unable to help you, I feel like I’m not qualified to show my face before you, so I planned to immediately leave once I finished here.」

And then, what came out from his mouth was words from someone who seemed to regret something.
I immediately realized what Zieg was talking about.

I was once kicked out from the first-class party I belonged to in the capital city.
The start of that was when I was about to be assaulted by one of my other party members.
I barely escaped from that party member that attacked me, but that adventurer I rejected resented me instead, he then spread a disadvantageous rumor in the capital city.
And then, the city had become an uncomfortable place for me, and so I left, that was how I ended up leaving the capital.

… Also, at that time of the incident, Zieg was on his way to do his guild’s agent work and not available in the capital city.

「The party that tried to assault you had been demoted from the first-class treatment with my authority. However, I’m aware that even if I do so, it gives no benefit whatsoever to you………. Sorry. I wasn’t aware of my friend’s crisis at all.」

I understood Zieg’s regret as I saw him lowered his head.
But, I didn’t particularly remember any anger, especially at Zieg.
Certainly, I would like to see those people that drove me out got beaten up, but that was it.

Though, even if I said that, he still wouldn’t stop blaming himself.
…… Just because he didn’t notice, he felt more responsible for it.

「In that case, do you mind fulfilling one of my demand? If you say anything more after that, I will hit you with all my best.」

That was why, so he would forgive himself, I purposely gave him a condition.
Hearing my proposition, surprise showed on Zieg’s face.
Apparently, Zieg didn’t expect me who barely asked any favor to him to make such a proposal.

「Tell me whatever you want.」

But the next moment, Zieg, who seemed like already made up his mind, nodded with a serious face.


At that moment, I gasped involuntarily.
It seems I’m nervous considering what I’m going to say, I thought that as if it was someone else’s problem.
However, I knew this was a great opportunity like never before, and so I opened my mouth.

「Make me your partner.」


As I heard Zieg’s surprised voice, I was aware that heat gathered in my face.
My heart thumping so hard, I felt so embarrassed I was about to explode.
I thought that I was saying it in a roundabout way, but this was my limit.
It was impossible for me to speak words of love directly as it was too embarrassing.
Despite embracing the romantic feeling, spending so much time as Zieg’s friend gave an adverse effect, I became too shy to convey my feeling more.
「… No, I really meant it when I said whatever, but… are you really sure you just want to enter my party? Is it alright?」


… And yet, my feeling wasn’t transmitted at all to Zieg.
Zieg looked at me with a suspicious face, seeing his face, I felt like I was about to vent on how it ended up this way.
…… No, It was my fault for using such roundabout words to this good-for-nothing dense person.

Still, even though I knew that, I still couldn’t help but felt angry.
No, in the first place, this man beyond help’s denseness was decidedly too bad.
Zieg must not understand at all why I refused many party member invitation.
It was only because there was a person my heart already decided.

「T-That’s right! You’re going to hunt the phoenix again anyway! That’s why, I will go along with you!」

…… But, there was no way I continued my confession like this, so I shouted in abandonment.
Geez, really, how is it ended up this way……
However, Zieg laughed without knowing what was going on in my mind.

「Maybe I will be taken care by you again? Sorry…… but, with you with me, I can be assured.」


Zieg, who said that, was looking at me with a hint of guilt on his face.
That was how I knew his words that basically saying he could depend on me was his true feeling.
His words made my face a little red.

「… Hahh~… You’re being too straightforward.」

After I muttered that, I decided to stop complaining about Zieg’s denseness for now.
More importantly, I needed to think about the phoenix.
After all, due to a phenomenon called mutation, monsters with super-high difficulty like the phoenix might mutate if they live for a long time.
First of all, let’s end this matter and talk to Zieg about something, having decided that, I made my proposal.

「So you see, there is this magician I want to put into this party……」

A couple thing to note:

  • I don’t know how many party member trying to (sexually) assault her, it could be one, it could be the entire party, not that we know how many people in that party to begin with
  • Laila said she refused many invitations because the party are not good enough IN LABYRINTH CITY, in this chapter, we know she did the same in the capital city, just with a different reason
  • No, Laila is not part of Raust harem, evidently from this chapter, in the first place, this novel doesn’t have a harem tag, not now at least even in the raw up to the latest chapter, it could change in the future unreleased chapter, though I doubt it would change

Also, this is a couple of days late, I admit I’m pretty much just slacking, not even reading other novels which is both relaxation and learning material for me, I will see if I can release next chapter tonight, or a little bit after the day change in return.

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21 thoughts on “Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 30

  1. I dont really care if she joins his harem or not but if they’re not gonna meet up and join his party or even meet up with the main cast, what even is the point of this overly long side story? It’s been 5 whole chapters now this time alone.


  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    Good to see those two charlatans are not only losing their position and their ill gained loot, but both Laila and Armia are breaking off from them too. Hope Armia is able to apologize to Raust soon so can stop feeling guilty as I feel she’s suffered enough between her guilt and forced to be in a party with those two incompetent windbags thanks to that corrupt receptionist. Anyone know if receptionist said couldn’t leave party because trying to avoid paperwork, trying to get that idiot’s favor, or was receiving bribes?


  3. No, you’re at fault too. You can’t blame it all on him, yo bitch ass needs to be not round a bout and honest. You are as dumb as he is.


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