Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 31

Too Late To Regret


「…… Why, why is this happen?」

Inside the inn’s room, I hung my head while covering my face with my hands.
What was in my mind was the existence of that masked guild’s agent.

「… Why, why that guy need to come here!」

If only that man isn’t here, while thinking so, I bit my lips.
Because of that man, my position will drop further.
Given that my position is already dropped because of that defect healer case, this is fatal.

…… Despite that, what dominated my mind more was not my position.
After all, I had a bigger problem I needed to worry about incomparable to that.

「… Even though with that man entering the Sword of Lightning, they should’ve defeated the hydra!」

Actually, I hid the hydra’s quest for Sword of Lightning, my exclusive adventurers, in order to get more credit via their achievement.
I hid the quest to make sure that Sword of Lightning got the quest again.
If they killed the hydra, their name would rose and so was my name as their exclusive receptionist.

My evaluation lowered because of that defect healer, that was why, I was getting impatient and acted without hesitation.

「Why did I do that?」

…… However, I now regretted my action.

Hydra and other monsters with super-high difficulty could mutate after they lived for a long time.
They took the magic power from the surrounding and grew stronger.
Especially if they were injured, they would absorb the surrounding magic power at a higher rate, making them easier to mutate.
That was why, if an adventurer party failed in subjugating the super-high difficulty monster, the guild must immediately send another party.

… Also, the guild staff that broke that rule would receive severe punishment.

「What to do! What to do!」

Before, I was convinced that given time, Sword of Lightning would be able to defeat the hydra, so I hid that quest.

But now that I could no longer expect Sword of Lightning to defeat that hydra, I was getting impatient.

I no longer cared about the evaluation of the receptionist at all.
The punishment from hiding the hydra’s quest was much more severe than that in comparison.
I desperately think about what to do.

I had been doing whatever I could in my desperate attempt when I felt Sword of Lightning’s strength fallen.

For an excellent healer like Laila, I also made sure she couldn’t leave the party by making a false rule.
I also knew how excellent of a warrior that masked man was, the one who instigated Margulus so he took his party to fight the labyrinth boss was also me.

If it went as planned, then Sword of Lightning would defeat the labyrinth boss, and with the confidence gained from that, Margulus and Sarveria would recover from their trauma and went to subjugate the hydra once again, that was how far I had planned it out.

「Shit! Why!」

… However, the entire plan crumbled down.

Knowing there was nothing I could do in this situation, my face turned blue.
There was still some times until the hydra mutated.
Even so, it would happen one day, but I had no idea how I could handle this.
In this situation, my mind had reached its limit.

「That incompetents! What first-class party! Even though I was doing it based on my judgment!」

That anxiety turned into anger, and then I openly yelled my feeling of anger toward Margulus and the others.
But, no matter how much I yelled, the situation wouldn’t change, only emptiness spread in my chest.
After all, this was too late to even say all that.

… And so, I understood what caused everything to crumble.

「If only I could see through that healer ability…」

The healer who was known to be a defect came to my mind.
Now that I found Margulus and Sarveria were incompetent, I finally aware of the value of that healer.
Even so, I also understood that noticing that now had no meaning anymore……

◆ ◆ ◇


「…… Why did this happen?」

This was a day after we were demoted from being a first-class party by the masked warrior, the so-called guild’s agent.
Sarveria and I were leaning against the desk on the tavern attached to the adventurer guild’s building.
After fleeing from the adventurer guild, we were captured by the guild’s staff and deprived of all of our property.
Even the joint residence was sold off for the debt repayment, we literally lost everything.

Still, even after all that, we were a little bit short to repay everything.
In other words, from now on, we needed to go on a quest again to work.

「… I don’t have any motivation.」

「It can’t be helped, right?」

… However, we didn’t have any motivation at all.
A little while ago, Almast told us something and then went somewhere, but I only barely remembered the detail.

「I, I was a first-class adventurer…」

Until now, I had been a first-class adventurer, because of that, I felt even more emptiness.
Even the motivation to standing back up again was erased by the emptiness I felt.

「Raust, if we have him into our party again…」

… And I who couldn’t bear that feeling unintentionally muttered that.


Hearing my words, Sarveria’s face warped.
We didn’t even think about whether Raust was a defect or not.
There was only our attachment to the first-class position.

「… No way he would come back.」

…… However, there was no way we could ask Raust now.
Recognizing that fact again from Sarveria’s blunt remarks, I bit my lips.
Even if we ask Raust to come back into our party, I doubt the current him would agree.
I can only see the future where he’s getting displeased instead.

「If there is something we can take advantage of…」

After thinking that far, I muttered so.
What came to my mind was the figure of Raust by the time I called him out to deceive him.
After not being recognized by anyone, Raust, who at that time wanted recognition more than anything, entered my party while unaware of any fraud.
If there is something like that time, I absent-mindedly thought about that.

… It was at that time I heard the conversation of the people nearby.

「Hey, get ready soon. Didn’t we want to beat that cheeky defect healer up?」

「Wait, he fights that Wolf of calamity didn’t he? We should wait until tomorrow and collect more people first.」

「Tch! Well, it can’t be helped…… I never thought that guy is that strong…」

「Yeah, but no matter how strong he is, I don’t want to accept him. If he doesn’t do his role as a defect healer, then we’re the one who will be made fun of. We should do this thoroughly.」

It was the conversation of the adventurers that were hostile with Raust.
I who happened to overhear their conversation, immediately understand they were trying to attack Raust.

「This is it! With this, we can do this!」

At that moment, I forgot this was a tavern with many people around and shouted.
Seeing me, Sarveria showing a look filled with wonder.


The moment I told her the plan I came up with, her expression changed.
After seeing the change in Sarveria, I opened my mouth.

「With this, we can get Raust to return to the Sword of Lightning!」

As I said so, the expression shown on my face was one that was convinced of my success.

Translating Almast’s chapter is always a slog, I just don’t like her character at all, there are still 2 more chapters of her too later, sigh

On a side note, I actually wonder if Almast judgment about other’s skill being defective when it comes to Margulus and Sarveria, or they’re just too skilled at hiding their incompetence, probably both I think

Next chapter is Raust chapter, until chapter 38 iirc, and then we have 6 chapters of intermission, 4 Sword of Lightning’s chapters, 2 Almast’s chapters, and then epilogue, which marks the end of volume 1

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21 thoughts on “Banished Healer Volume 1 Chapter 31

  1. THanks for the Chapter!!!

    Oh that Hydra, I hope it invades the town and go to the guild first kill all the trash adventurers and guild staff. After that MC with the others kills the hydra. that would be a nice cleaning with one sweep.


  2. Thanks for the chapter!!

    I wonder when Zieg(?) or other guild agents will see Raust and make them a first-class party, or world-class party?


  3. Honestly Its only partly the guild staff fault by all standards of this world like it or not he is a defective healer being limited to only the one heal spell and it being a low end one at that. it doesn’t remove all blame since she did cheat with the hiding quests and the fake rule that you cant leave a party. But without seeing someone fight first hand(which she likely wouldn’t have) on paper he is defective.


    1. as his base ability, he really is weak healer but his effort make him strong by his own ability without rely on just [skill] and he could cover his weak heal with his technique so it become unbelievable stronger

      well, reason to why most people can’t acknowledge his abilities is mostly by that fraud pair, they keep blaming everything on him and make surrounding people think that way too


  4. Thanks for the chapter!
    Looks like Almast is starting to get what she deserved for her unwarranted venom against Raust and breaking rules to curry favor with Lightning party. Considering their bad rep among the adventurers what did she ever see in them to think they’d help promote her rather than crashing and burning as they did? Hopefully she bites the bullet and upgrades the Hydra quest to get it completed otherwise getting fined or fired is least of her problems if it mutates and kills someone. As for being deemed a 1st rank party Raust and Narsena need at least another member or two to round out the party more. Granted he’s a great all-rounder and she’s got talent for damage but they could still use a tank for drawing aggro and absorbing damage, a healer with a lot of the other heal spells Raust can’t use, and a mage for strong magic or AOE attacks for large groups or physical damage nullified enemies. As is they’d be in trouble if fight an enemy that has physical damage resistance or nullification or a large group of enemies that could surround and bury them with numbers even if weaker individually.


    1. I think that’s the thing though, Almast might be a calculating and bad person, but she could be another victim dragged into a sinking ship by Margulus, and now just do whatever she can to make sure she made it out unharmed, showing her true character in the process


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