Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 33

Goddess-sama, Be Kind To The Air

Now then, today it was decided that we would go out not only with Amaletta, but also Fellrose too, but it was already full of problems even before we left.

First of all, Fellrose who told us to just think of her as air and live as usual, unfortunately, didn’t know how to act like one.

It was when we had breakfast with leftover from last night.

Even when we were being stared intensely at by Fellrose who stood straight near the entrance like a statue, we were trying to spend our time like usual as best as we could, however…



Even if she didn’t open her mouth, her stomach kept on appealing for her hunger. Amaletta also got restless every time Fellrose stomach rang, she couldn’t eat in peace.

「…Amaletta, please give the breakfast to Air-san too.」

「Yes, thank you!」

As soon as she said that, Amaletta took off to the kitchen like a dog that had just released from the wait command, she then put rice, miso soup, and vegetable on the tray and brought it to Fellrose.

「Air-san, please eat if you like!」

After Fellrose received the meal from Amaletta, she began to eat while shedding her tears. Is she just that hungry?

「No way, to be able to eat Amaletta’s home cooking like this…… I’m glad I come here!」

Just starve to death, you.

「This is strange, I can hear the voice of the goddess who should have been just air. Is it an illusion?」

Irritated by her, I sarcastically said that, Fellrose just glared at me silently while gnawing her chopsticks. Wait, what are you doing with other people’s house tableware!?

Seeing Fellrose like that, Amaletta returned to the low table with a wry smile and started explaining.

「I’m sorry. It seems our body needs food to maintain in this world.」

Well, from my viewpoint, to be able to live with only breathing is stranger, maybe this is why Listy always come when it’s time to eat. What an impudent person.

That was when I realized something.

「Wait, does that mean I have to take responsibility for this person’s meal for the entire day today?」

「Errr…… I guess you can say that, yeah.」

I let out a deep sigh when I heard Amaletta’s apologetic remark. I had to handle the meal cost of someone who saw me as her enemy. Moreover, thinking about it, we’re going out today. No matter how I think about it, my wallet is guaranteed to scream.

———Is my only salvation is that this happens right after my payday?

After finishing the breakfast under the heavy reality that could crush my heart, we got ready to go out.

Even when I said get ready, it was just shaving my beard and making my hair for me. Amaletta didn’t even use makeup, so she just needed her hair combed.

In front of the mirror placed on the low table, I combed Amaletta’s hair who occasionally fiddled her bang, and once again, a disturbing and muddy atmosphere came from the statue of the goddess installed near the entrance. I see, air nowadays has a presence, isn’t it?

「…Amaletta’s hair is… Amaletta’s hair is! So unfair! So enviable!」

You don’t really plan to try to act like air, don’t you?

As Fellrose who complained while bitting the hem of her robe out of habit was annoying, I decided to relieve my stress.

「I always think about this, but combing your hair always feels nice. It’s glossy and beautiful, it feels so smooth the comb would go straight easily, I want to do this all the time.」

I said so loudly to rile Fellrose as I combed Amaletta’s hair. Glancing at Fellrose, I could see her stomping her feet like a kid. What is this? This is so interesting!

「So jealous! so hateful! Just reincarnate quickly and leave this lifestyle behind!」

No, you said that out loud again. I guess you’re disqualified from being an air.

When I turned my eyes back toward Amaletta as I smiled at the angry yuri goddess, her face was reflected in the mirror. For some reason, she kept fiddling her bang pointlessly while blushing.

———What? Are you embarrassed because I praised your hair?

Well, I flattered her hair mainly to make fun of Fellrose, but I did think of her hair as nice hair. I have touched my little sister’s hair, so I’m sure of it.

「Look, it’s nicely combed now.」

「T-Thank you.」

I thought about how she was still a maiden no matter how long had she lived when I saw her thanking me with blushing cheeks, and now I finished combing her hair with a smile on my face, we just need to bring our necessities and we were good to go.

I put my smartphone and wallet in my jeans pocket and looked back at Amaletta.

「Are you ready?」

「Ta-da~! Tanaka-san, look at this! This is a camouflage item for going out! The name is 『Angel Rucksack』!」

Like she was some kind of school bag maker, Amaletta showed off her bag that was a modified rucksack with holes which her wings could pass through as if it had wings decoration.

「This looks quite good, isn’t it? This doesn’t look out of place at all.」

「Fu~fun. While surfing around in the sea named internet, there was a person carrying rucksack like this. That was a good reference.」

Amaletta who had received a warning from Listy seemed to reflect properly, certainly, this way we wouldn’t be regarded as someone who had a cringy hobby. This could work as camouflage. However, today we have another person.

While I glanced at Fellrose who was still glaring at me from the entrance, I beckoned Amaletta and whispered at her.

『Your camouflage is good and all, but what about her? As expected, she is too noticeable……』

『It’s alright. There is also a camouflage item I prepared in case the rucksack plan is not good.』

After proudly saying that, Amaletta took out a certain item from the closet. It’s a party item sold at the 100-yen store, it was composed of a ring with gold plating, wire to support it, and band to equip it on your head, or in other words, it was a mock angel halo.

「For Air-san… please use this to disguise yourself.」

Saying so, Amaletta put the halo on Fellrose’s head. From a Goddess of Reincarnation who wouldn’t be an embarrassment when put into any banquet hall, she turned into a fine angel cosplayer. It was so perfect I want to retort at it.

While I desperately trying to stop myself from laughing at the ring wobbling on top of her head, she looked at Amaletta with a loving gaze as she fixed the ring in place.

「Thank you. I will make this into my treasure.」

It went without saying all that effort to hold my laugh was wasted with those words from Fellrose.

It was finally time for us to leave, but I had yet to know that our journey would be more difficult than I had imagined.

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