Goddess’s Suffering Chapter 34

Goddess-sama, Taking Care of Air

Today’s first plan was to watch a movie at the cinema.

That was because the movie of Amaletta’s favorite series 『Everyday Sex』 would only be screened until the end of August…… Never in my mind would I imagined the day that immodest series screened on the big screen would come.

Leaving that aside, the nearest screening place was inside the commercial complex 『Parking Place』. That meant we had to use public transportation, but this was really troublesome.

That was because Fellrose, who stubbornly trying to be air kept sprung up problem after problem.

「I will pretend to be stranger and monitor you from distance. That’s why, please think and act like I’m not here.」

Fellrose who told me so when we left the apartment was always following us at a certain distance, at a first glance, her action fit what a stalker do to a T, but she was free to do as she like if it was only this much.

First of all, we took the train from the nearest station, but while I and Amaletta completed our purchase of tickets (2 adults of course) and passed the gate, Fellrose stuck at the ticket office. Before this, she had already given cash, but apparently, she didn’t know how to use the ticket machine.

The person herself boasted about how she knew about transportation facilities, but the outcome seemed not good. Because this was a small station in the countryside, it wouldn’t get crowded like in the city, but since there were only two ticket machines, it was still a bother for others.

「Amaletta, please go and tell Air-san how to buy the ticket.」

「Sorry, I’ll be back soon.」

After a brief bow, she explained the circumstance to the station’s staff window and run back out to buy a ticket in Fellrose’s place.

「Air-san, now you can get on the train.」

「Whoa, you’re smart aren’t you, Amaletta? On the other hand, that man is so thoughtless.」

I don’t want to be told that by you especially.

As I sighed at Fellrose’s remark, Amaletta ran back once she confirmed Fellrose had safely passed the ticket gate.

「Sorry to keep you waiting, Fell is a little technologically challenged…」

———A goddess can be technologically challenged?

When I saw Amaletta with her apologetic look, I thought that there were many kinds of goddesses. I pat Amaletta’s lightly then put my hand on her back so I wouldn’t lose sight of her as we walked to the platform.

「Just forget it. More importantly, the train will come soon.」


Amaletta walked while responding to me. Occasionally, she turned her head behind. I guess it’s impossible to ask her to not mind Fellrose.

And so, because it took this much time just to ride a single train, naturally Amaletta was taking care of yuri goddess, the self-proclaimed Air, whenever needed.

Once we got off the train, we got on the bus, Fellrose who was at the distance, almost missed it, and because she didn’t know how to ride one, Amaletta went to give her a lecture again.

「Air-san, please take this ticket.」

「Whoaa, you’re so knowledgable aren’t you, Amaletta? On the other hand, that man is so useless.」

Amaletta also went to teach her how to get off because she didn’t know how.

「Air-san, please put the ticket and money here.」

「Whoaa, you’re so observant aren’t you, Amaletta? On the other hand, that man is—」

And then, after we got off the bus and walk through the commercial complex, we arrived at the cinema, but since there was no sign of the yuri goddess who was monitoring us in stalking mode buying a ticket, Amaletta went and helped her again.

「Air-san, you can watch the movie with this ticket. Also popcorn and juice. Also no talking during the screening okay?」

「Whoaa, you’re so kind aren’t you, Amaletta? On the other hand—」

And, in this way, the situation where it was arguable who was the monitor and the monitored continued until Fellrose lost when we needed to leave as the movie ended. Finally, Amaletta’s patience was exhausted.

「Air-san, as expected, this is getting tiring, so please get your act together.」


Maybe aware that she was being a nuisance, but she responded to Amaletta meekly.

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